1. Max says

    She makes no sense. Civil rights are not something that black people are owed because of the legacy of slavery; rather, they are owed civil rights because they are *people*. That’s how civil rights work, and that’s why women, LGBT people, etc. all deserve civil rights. The idea is not that you “earn” them by being treated horribly, the idea is that you should be granted them as equal members of a fair society. Jesus Christ.

  2. AJ says

    Yeah Andy. That’s exactly how I want to start off my morning. Watching this shrill hag talk about how I don’t deserve rights because I haven’t been treated bad enough. Thanks.

  3. Dan says

    This statement doesnt even make any sense, especially coming from a woman. If it weren’t for feminists, Coulter wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a TV set. Well, maybe the secretary pool. Her rambling diatribes are always as over the top as possible. She has to keep her name in the news in order to keep her appearance fee up so she can make a living showing up at events and repeating the same garbage. This seems like it should have been a political cartoon where her comment was made by an obese pig wearing a top hat and a monocle.

    I -think- what she’s saying is really her opinion on welfare? If you replace ‘civil rights’ with ‘welfare’ or some other meaning of ‘government assistance’ then her comment is just as terrible and wrong but at least it’s not an absurd jumbling of words. But then she gives an example or two of actual civil rights issues… Nope, that’s more than enough energy trying to understand her- moving on.

  4. Nick says

    Mr. Coulter needs to keep his mouth shut.
    Her only qualifications for talking about discrimination and civil rights is because he is an expert at practicing discrimination and ignoring civil rights -beside the fact he/sbe is subhuman.

  5. bambinoitaliano says

    We don’t owe this particular woman civil rights, so shut up and get back into the kitchen woman. It’s call selective granting of rights as I see fit. What a moron!!

  6. Pete N SFO says

    On Sunday, ABC’s This Week Facebook page was deluged w/ complaints about her mere presence. Most people asking, is there really no other person that can speak for conservatives?

    She’s one of the people that benefits from creating outrage and becomes more known each time she’s highlighted in anything mainstream, which she is not.

    Personally, I’d be happy to never have to see the woman again.

  7. thom says

    ….Ann? The stable called. They need you back.Oh, sorry, I mistook you for one of the residents..sorry.
    She is simpoly NOT QUALIFIED to speak for anyone other than herself and the idiots that buy her insane books. She is getting rich off the far-right, just like “Tubby” Limbaugh…I do believe they along with Beck and others are getting nasty rich off of their books, radio and television appearances.Note to George: Get someone more relevant to today’s world. She is a wheezing, staggering dinosaur darwing its last breath before wandering into the Tar Pits.Be gone, troll.

  8. Markt says

    She has a law degree, presumably, she thinks she can make a legal case for her remarks. One may guess she argues that the 14th Amendment to the Const. was passed in response to slavery after the civil war and therefore only those that could have been slaves are covered. Still, we have seen fit for over a century to include other groups.
    Human Rights have been honored and enforced by America internationally since WWII. Some of what she throws down the well (such as basic equality for immigrants) would fall under international standards for basic rights called Human Rights. However, sexual orientation and/or gender identity has had limited acceptance under international declarations. Without that acceptance LGBT inclusion as a Human Right is not possible. Acceptance as a civil right within a majority of countries is required before it can be asserted that we have, as a technical legal matter, Human Rights status. In addition, actual practice of granting such rights would be required as well.
    That being said, the US did support such a declaration proposed by France along with more than a third of the countries at the UN. Syria drafted an opposing declaration signed by all members of the League of Arab states.

  9. Alexx says

    So its not about equality, which is clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence, but its about owing a debt to certain people? What about Native Americans? The Japanese Americans that put in internment camps during WW2?

    Someone needs to go back to school or take a minuteto process what they are goingto say before they say it.

  10. Houndentenor says

    Don’t take the bait.

    This is Ann’s schtick. She says something ridiculous and outrageous, then decent people react, she plays the victim and laughs all the way to the bank.

    And shame on ABC for giving this bs a weekly platform. She’s not worth listening or responding to. She has noting of substance to say and it says something about the state of network news that ABC hired her to do “commentary”.

  11. jason says

    Ann is smart but I don’t agree with her that we owe people. Past injustices should not hang like a cloud over future generations. Once the laws were changed through civil rights legislations, it was time to move on.

  12. Caliban says

    That GOProud just loves her tells you all you need to know about GOProud.

    ALL people deserve rights because according to the Constitution we are BORN with them, they aren’t something that can be given or taken away. And though some people seem to forget this, suffering isn’t a competition and rights are not given after some quota of misery had been met.

    And even if that were the case, the history of gay people has mostly been a bloodbath so according to Coulter’s own “thinking” our rights have more than been paid for. If gays don’t have a Capital Letter event to point to like Slavery or The Holocaust (putting aside for the moment that gays were victims of the Holocaust too), it’s because IT’S STILL GOING ON! Those events have names because they are OVER and done.

  13. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Dan N: someone in the clip made precisely that point and addd that Native Americans were already here when we arrived.

    “Immigrants haven’t even been in this country.”
    Am I missing something? I thought the definition of “immigrant” means that they were in this country.

  14. anon says

    I think the key here, is that she’s hawking another book. On immigration there are several complications, such as Cambodians and Vietnamese coming here after the Vietnam war, or Jews escaping the Nazis, etc.

  15. zekeaz says

    Imagine what her life must be like. She has to pander to right wing lunatics and hang around with them pretending that she actually likes them in order to sell them her pathetic books. I don’t think she actually believes most of the crap that comes out of her mouth. How could you? You would have to be completely stupid. I don’t think she is stupid….she’s just a liar.

  16. Tre says

    Not sure who’s worse here – Coulter or Stephanopoulos. Of all the hatred she spewed, did he SERIOUSLY reply, “Immigrant rights are not civil rights?”. SERIOUSLY? What an ass.

  17. Lucas H says

    Ann Coulter makes me laugh in a good way. Like, she is someone who isn’t trying to be funny, but she’s hilarious! If she did standup, I’d totally watch it.

    The bad thing is, some people actually take her seriously.

  18. says

    This is why Gay Republicans love her, and think she loves them – she has the same disgust and disdain for gay republicans that their own parents have for them.

    their stockholm syndrome makes them think it’s love, and when they hear the insane and utterly bigoted comments of Coulter and the rest of the GOP they do “yeah! that’s what my fam says! that must be love!”

    yeahhhhh, we liberals don’t have that problem. we know how to discern.

  19. CMLion says

    According to GOP rules: shouldn’t she be married to a man? Why isn’t she barefoot and pregnant, cooking dinner for her man?

    Thankfully, she’s stopped wearing that damn black cocktail dress at 7:00am in the morning… It always looked like she stopped in the studio on her Walk of Shame.

  20. Alexander says

    ^_^ Let her and Mittens and all them crazy luney toons keep talking, I swear they’re practically giving the 2012 election to progressives…^_^ just keep talking hunny we won’t stop you ^_-

  21. Andrew says

    Coulter is just following the rightwing repubican play book; to drive a wedge between African Americans and LGBT Americans. It won’t work. With few exeptions the overwhelming majority of both those groups vote democratic. As I type “rightwing republican” it dawned on me that the present day republicn party really only has one wing and no center. The once GOP has been taken over by the wngnuts.

  22. George says

    I think she meant to say we owe Affirmative action for blacks not for immigrants.

    In other words why would immigrant children go to college for low scores. Ofcourse Asians have to work harder than whites.

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