Faux-Christian Ministry ‘Mission America’ Publishes Hateful Guide to Homosexuality for Kids: READ IT

The faux-Christian anti-gay hate group Mission America and its leader Linda Harvey have published a Q + A for talking to kids about homosexuality.

HarveyNot surprisingly, it's rife with the worst kind of homophobia. You can read the full pamphlet below but here's some of its nonsense:

Gay is bad, bad, bad:

But once in a while, a man wants to date and love another man, or a woman wants to date and love a woman. Most cultures long ago decided this was very wrong. And they made rules against it, for a lot of good reasons (more grown-up stuff). First of all, two men can never create their own child. Neither can two women. And two men kissing– well, it just doesn’t seem right. That’s because it isn’t!

In fact, it's an abomination:

God had very, very strong words against homosexual conduct (Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:26-27). So even though it’s not the only sin, it’s still a very serious one.

When Jesus came, He repeated what God said about marriage –that it should only be one man and one woman (Matthew 19:4-6). And we should not forget that Jesus was really God on earth, so He should know!

Never tell a kid that gay is okay, even if they're being bullied:

…it’s not right to tell someone that being homosexual is okay. The person may be feeling sad because of being bullied, but never try to make him or [sic] feel better by saying “gay” is okay. Kids who are overweight are sometimes bullied, too. And we might want to make that person feel better. But it would be a mistake to say that overeating is a good thing, right? So tell your friends, in a nice way, that no one needs to be “gay” or pretend to be the other gender. It’s not the right thing to do.

And homosexuality is a choice, just "strong feelings":

Some people claim they were “born” homosexual. But there is no well-accepted science that backs up that idea. Strong feelings are not proof of anything.

And here's Harvey's suggested usage for the pamphlet:

"Have you wished you could find a
simple flyer for your older grade school or middle school children about
homosexuality? Well, Mission America has developed one. It's clear,
concise and provides a beginning basis for a more in-depth study later
on. You can read and download it below. Feel free to print this as
needed and give to your children, grandchildren, or your church group."

Read it below:

(h/t think progress)