1. ratbastard says

    Nice. We need more stories about all the various kinds of people who’re gay and fewer about only those who’re *’professional’ homosexuals, pretty, hip, etc., And that applies to all races, ethnicities, gender, so cio-economic background, and so-on.

    *Professional homosexual is a man/woman whose life revolves around being ‘gay’ and ‘advocacy’.

  2. RandySf says

    oh rat. That was so close to being a positive and constructive comment.

    I hope that I end my years with a family that loves me, but if not, I’d gladly settle for a dog. Dogs are the greatest.

  3. jtramon says

    Hopefully most of us are blessed with a partner, family, or the next best thing, a “family of friends” in our old age.

    The lesson here about curmudgeons is that, as they get older, they tend to get more and more bitter and difficult toward those around them. Their nastiness and intolerance is what ultimately leaves them isolated.

    Not sure that this is any different with straight people. Or if it makes it any sadder-but maybe the lesson is that life is to be enjoyed. Because at the end, we are what we have given.

  4. atomic says

    Okay, any movie that manages to inject a subtitle that reads “Maybe if Beyonce got run over by a steamroller!” has got to be an interesting watch.

  5. Antonio Carax says

    Oh but this is RICH. Eddie Garcia was a legendary womanizer in his youth, the Macho Man’s Macho man and the golden boy of 60’s and 70’s Philippine cinema.His granchildren are all gorgeous and obviously took their genetics from him. they also all run widely in gay circles. Philippine actors tend to be more relaxed about playing gay roles, it seems as a VERY strong undercurrent of bisexuality or fluid sexuality runs throughout all of society there. ANYTHING is acceptable after a 6 -pack of beer. ANYTHING.

  6. says

    It looks like a great film, but I’d have to know the ending before I’d be willing to see it. My threshold for depressing movies with depressing endings is long since been overcome. Happy movies with happy endings are the best, and I’ll take depressing movies with hopeful endings… but I’m no longer masochistic enough to watch something that will make me feel miserable coming out of it.

  7. Buckie Weston says

    Really, Ryan ?

    Consider the possibility that what’s “depressing” to you is actually just your own interpretation. It’s in your head, Ryan. Real life isn’t about making your fantasies come true. Real life is about you rising up to meet it’s challenges. Both physical and conceptual.

  8. says

    It’s one thing to advocate something. It’s something else to put your life on the line for it. That’s what Det. Pat did, and last week he nearly lost it. That’s a risk common to all our heroes, indeed to all of us, when the instruments of death are so common – cars, hard drugs, guns. Cops face these hazards every day, and the only people who have my contempt are those who claim these people just do it for the money.

  9. says

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