News: Fargo, Kellan Lutz, Dr. Who, Polaris Prize, Jacob Artist

RoadKOS: Did Romney receive 'amnesty' from federal tax evasion?

RoadWhen will the media stop treating Family Research Council like a serious organization?

HeelsRoadTyrannosaurus heels.

RoadBeyonce and Jay-Z adding another member to the family?

RoadMy son is in love with another boy: "So here's how it happened…I was videotaping Twirl getting Tornado to talk. He was getting Tornado to repeat words. 'say C.J.' then he turns to me and says 'Mommy, do you know who I am in love with? … CJ!!" And I say "ohh you are?' and he says 'Yes, I have been in love with him since the day I first saw him on the playground'  Twirl had a huge grin and was almost squeezing his knees to his chest in excitement."

RoadFeist wins the Polaris Music Prizeo: "Feist beat out nine other Polaris short list nominees to win the award, including Cadence Weapon, Cold Specks, Drake, Kathleen Edwards, Fucked Up, Grimes, Handsome Furs, Japandroids and YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN."

RoadJust Jared interviews Glee newcomer Jacob Artist.

RoadVIDEO: Two men in suits fight over cab in Manhattan.

WhonipRoadIt's Dr. Who's nipple!

RoadSteve Jobs gets wax figure at Madame Tussaud's: "The model is based on pictures taken of the tech innovator during a 2006 Fortune magazine shoot, Madame Tussauds said. It shows the Apple Inc. cofounder in a relaxed position, arms crossed loosely over his chest, with a pair of silver-rimmed Lunor glasses perched on his face."

RoadThe Beckhams are all footballers.

RoadJake Gyllenhaal to co-star with Hugh Jackman in the thriller, Prisoners.

RoadTeen launches Gay-Straight Alliance in Columbus, Indiana: "Lexi has not yet had to use her new skills, as she has almost exclusively received support for her initiative. Although some of her organization's fliers were ripped off the school's pin boards or defaced, attendance at the three GSA meetings so far has steadily increased, Lexi said. About 20 attended the most recent meeting."

RoadPush and Shove: Here's the new No Doubt video!

LutzRoadKellan Lutz emotes for photographer Mark Abrahams.

RoadCoen brothers movie Fargo to become a TV series: "FX has closed a deal to develop Fargo, an hourlong project loosely based on the Coen brothers’ 1996 comedic crime drama. The Coens will serve as executive producers on the project, which will be written/executive produced by The Unusuals and My Generation creator Noah Hawley."

RoadABC News profiles gay Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei: "I feel like yeah I'm probably— I might be the catalyst because I'd be one of the first people to break through and I embrace that."

RoadDow Jones adds UnitedHealth to the index.

RoadPro-gay rights GOP Super PAC to support U.S. Rep. Judy Biggert with ads attacking Democratic candidate Bill Foster: "Ms. Biggert is one of three Republican candidates supported by American Unity PAC, founded last June by New York hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, who has also worked to legalize same-sex marriage in New York and other states. Ms. Biggert has voted for stricter sentencing for anti-gay hate crimes and to ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, which Mr. Foster also voted for when he was in Congress. In addition, she has a record as a fiscal conservative, a spokesman for the group noted."


  1. Diogenes says

    The problem with the Romney tax article is that the author tried to apply scientific reasoning to a legal issue. Those two modes of thought are diametrically opposed so I would say his methodology was quite flawed. A good read though.

  2. Chris K says

    Isn’t “Kellan Lutz emotes” kind of an oxymoron? One of the most vapid people in Hollywood, and couldn’t act or deliver emotion of any kind to save his life.

  3. Fruit-for-Peace says

    Having lived there for about two decades, I still tell people that Fargo was WAY better as a movie than an actual place to live. No matter how badly the TV show may turn out to be, it will still be better than actually living in Fargo. :-)

  4. EchtKultig says

    Diogenes – you hit the nail on the head. It irks me when leftists display the kind of intellectual sloppiness more typical of the right. That being said, legally speaking, there might well be probable cause for believing that Romney participated in the amnesty program.

  5. anon says

    How Romney could envision evading taxes is crazy. Such a well known person would have no chance of pulling it off.

  6. says

    The name Twirl is going to cause him the most hangups in life, not any crushes he has on classmates. Mommy and everybody else needs to back off a bit. Being in “love” at six means a whole different thing than it will 10 or 20 years down the line. Boys can have strong friendships with other boys without it being romantic.

    More importantly though, the name of the show is Dr. Who, but the character is just “the Doctor”.

  7. johnny says

    Twirl… ?

    Seriously… ?

    I’m all for inclusiveness and openness and all, but did they let that boy name himself?

  8. Uisce says

    Twirl is the child’s nickname. Perhaps she posts under pseudonyms because all her kids are under the age of six. She has three.

    girl – firecracker
    the little brother – tornado
    the big brother – twirl

    Twirl has liked pink since day one. She calls him her “gender bender”. He takes jazz dance classes and can accessorize. {These are her non-judgmental statements.)
    The best being: [On her son’s boy crush] “Actually two, today he revealed he also has a crush on Carter, good to see he is keeping his options open.” Greatest unconditionally-loving mom ever.

  9. Caliban says

    “Twirl’s” father has also written about their family at The Huffington Post. Neither of them is saying he IS gay or will be gay later. He’s only 6. But like several of the other “gender-varient” boys who have been discussed in the media he’s into the whole Disney Princesses thing, likes pink clothes, etc.

    In the past several years there have been other parents who have come forward about their sons who don’t fit the traditional mode. One mother wrote a book called “The Princess Boy,” one blogged at Queerty for a while, then there was the recent story about the father in Germany who put on a dress in support of his gender-atypical son.

    So far as I know none of them is saying their child is gay or will be gay, but that if he is gay it won’t effect how much they love that child, they support them completely.

    My only beef with that blog post is if that is an actual photograph of her son she’s using. If you want to be a blogger, have at it, talk about your family, whatever, but don’t put your kid’s pictures on the internet! It might not be safe.

  10. Duration & Convexity says

    Here’s my question…

    so what if his name WAS Twirl? Considering the backlash he’s getting from his name on here by adults, can you all really wonder why bullying happens? Or is it you feel a child SHOULD be belittled because of the name Twirl? Clearly you’re partaking in it by making the biggest stink over a name.

    I guess naturally my next question is, if we can make fun of people and belittle them for their name, then why can’t we belittle them for other things about them, like their sexuality? Or do you draw the line only when it affects you?

  11. Steve says

    Lisa G.

    Orrr you could just celebrate the fact that some parents are conditioning their own minds to accept and honor their child being gay. I knew I was at 3, expressed it at 5, and certainly knew what attraction meant by 7. So instead of the guilt trip for parents who are accepting (whether the end result is a gay child or not) let’s celebrate that , and acknowledge the world needs more of that.

  12. jamal49 says

    Lisa G. I’d say you’re the one who needs to back off.

    As with Steve, I knew what I was all about around 3 or 4, had my first crush when I was 6 and I had my first boyfriend at age 8. And, whether or not I was mature enough to “love”, those feelings for that boy were real and emotional and I felt alive and whole and complete.

    Of course, the adults got in the way and things got pretty nasty because, well, boys aren’t supposed to hold hands or hug each other when they greet or lay in the back yard side by side on a blanket facing each other talking and laughing and just hanging out, you see.

    So, who gives a rat’s wazoo if the boy’s name is Twirl or Trip or whatever.

    What makes my eyes moisten is that there are parents so kind and so loving that they are open to whatever their son (or daughter) might be at that moment. May the Universe bless them and all parents who love their children no matter what.

  13. JAMES says

    I love Feist and I’m happy for her win but I didn’t enjoy “Metals” as much as I thought I would. :(