Gay Obama Opponent Tells Tabloid That Obama Is Gay


Rumors that President Obama is gay are almost as persistent as rumors that he's a secret Kenyan socialist. The latest comes from the tabloid The Globe, which is running a story in which gay conservative and noted Obama opponent Kevin Dujan claims the commander-in-chief frequented gay bathhouses.

The paper's teaser, via Joe.My.God:

In a world shattering exclusive, a key
member of Chicago's gay community rips the lid off Barack Obama's
secret double life — charging that the President frequented bathhouses
and bars known for homosexual activities while he was an Illinois state

Get more about the shocking lifestyle sources claim Obama has
kept hidden from the public – and even his trusting wife Michelle – all
in this week's GLOBE!

Could this be a perfect example of when "shocking" news is really nothing? Also, thank goodness sensationalized stories aren't truly "world shattering" because we would have been scattered into space a long, long time ago.

Dujan is also responsible for stories claiming that slain U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was gay.

Posted September 20, 2012 at 12:26pm ETC by Andrew Belonsky
in Julie Bindel