Gay Obama Opponent Tells Tabloid That Obama Is Gay


Rumors that President Obama is gay are almost as persistent as rumors that he's a secret Kenyan socialist. The latest comes from the tabloid The Globe, which is running a story in which gay conservative and noted Obama opponent Kevin Dujan claims the commander-in-chief frequented gay bathhouses.

The paper's teaser, via Joe.My.God:

In a world shattering exclusive, a key
member of Chicago's gay community rips the lid off Barack Obama's
secret double life — charging that the President frequented bathhouses
and bars known for homosexual activities while he was an Illinois state

Get more about the shocking lifestyle sources claim Obama has
kept hidden from the public – and even his trusting wife Michelle – all
in this week's GLOBE!

Could this be a perfect example of when "shocking" news is really nothing? Also, thank goodness sensationalized stories aren't truly "world shattering" because we would have been scattered into space a long, long time ago.

Dujan is also responsible for stories claiming that slain U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was gay.


  1. says

    at some point DuJan is going to have to wake up and realize that making up lies about, uh, “liberals” will not get him laid.

    we get it, honey. you’re one more in a long line of miserable resentful homosexual republicans who needs to lie about others because you can’t tell the truth about yourself. and continuing to hate Obama won’t get you written back into daddy’s will so you can stop the begging already.

  2. Tom says

    The CIA use psychological warfare by using black propaganda to make people look bad. The anti-gay Christians who work in the CIA are trying to make him look bad so no one will vote for him and he loses his job.

  3. Disgusted American says

    the guy is built like a bell – no doubt with man boobs and a girlish lispy voice….the poor thing cant get laid….so he needs attention….and Belt in the mouth.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    Joe.My.God also notes that Dujan runs around whining that nobody will date him because he’s a Christian.

    Yeah, sure, that’s what it is.

  5. Caliban says

    The psychos at World Net Daily have been trying to polish this turd for months but it remains what it has always been, bullsh*t. Spend 5 minutes researching Lujan and you’ll come to the conclusion he’s in desperate need of psychiatric counseling and medication.

  6. Francis says

    Well, having been to the Chicago Bathhouses myself, all I can say is that I’ve never seen Obama there.

  7. anon says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a campaign stop there. Otherwise, he strikes me as very str8. I guess all the aliens abducted Elvis stories were wearing a bit thin.

  8. MikeBoston says

    The guy is nuts. But if I ran into Obama in a bathhouse, I would totally go for it. He is in great shape, great smile – and those ears make great handles. I might even talk to him after.

  9. Artie_in_Lauderale says

    I could just as easily say that Mitt Romney secretly had the hots for that blond high school guy whose hair he cut off–he was just repressing it. And I think my guess makes a lot of sense.

  10. David says

    The movie Slander 1957 is based on the real-life “Confidential” tabloids of the time. I watched it last night and while it is called a B movie it is moving and timeless.

  11. Johnny says

    He’s both! Go see the documentary film: ‘2016: Obama’s America’ and all will be revealed. He’s as anti-American as anyone can get.

  12. Johnny says

    And for the record my family and I are proud Confederate-flag waving patriots. You’ll know you’ve stepped onto our property when your nose catches the scent of racism and inbreeding.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “Go see the documentary film: ‘2016: Obama’s America’ and all will be revealed.”

    No, I’m sorry. I can’t go to see a movie by men who sleep with their mothers. Not that I’m prejudice or anything. I just don’t trust incestuous filmmakers.

  14. Jim says

    Good thing about presidents running for re-election….if there is dirt on them, it was shoveled 4 years ago

  15. Michael says

    Who cares??? 1st off, Obama might be bisexual??? What’s next? Headlines that most people to some extent are bisexual? Let me see, Obama is fit, good looking, smart, funny, articulate, witty with a pretty good job. If I saw him at a bathhouse I would most indeed do my best to get him to bend over.

  16. MaddM@ says

    Haha- unless he was wearing a hood, you’d think he was seen by a bunch of other people that would sing like striesand to the media if they’d been seeing the future POTUS at steamworks or wherever especially if they’d been tapping it.

  17. J.D. says

    Sexuality is so fluid. Contextualizing sexuality in this fear/ignorance-based way is so medieval — like the royal family. Barack Obama seems so well-adjusted and attended Ivy League schools and projects a charismatic warmth — like a lot of gay-friendly straight guys I know.

  18. J.D. says

    @MADDM: that would be so hot — Barack wandering around the baths in nothing but a hoodie … delicious …

  19. Mark says

    I am sick of the idiots who dont believe one negative thing about Obama. Kevis is gay himself. I am sure in his mind he is not slandering Obama since Kevin is also gay. WHen Obama ran for President he said his grandmother showed ‘typical white behavior.” What caucasian person with sense would vote for someone who made this hateful racist remark, or anyone else who wants to see the races get along? THere is a news article on the internet called the Prague, it is a Czechoslovakian newspaper. These people are saying in this article they cant believe what moronos americans are for voting for Obama, a blatant communist. There are many African americans worthy of the Presidency. Obama is a fruad, just like Kevin says. he is a radical who hates whites.. Joe Biden was just a tool for him to get elected since Biden is friends of the Kennedys. The Bible says when the anichrist comes, most of the world will be blind to him. and I am sick of Obama being called African American, he is half white. He is just as much white as he is black.