1. Mike says

    The “Japanese Internment” was really Japanese Americans had everything taken away from them and they were put in America Concentration Camps in America. The only difference is the Americans did not put the American Japanese in gas chambers and murder them like Hitler and his Catholic Nazis did during World War II to the Jews and Homosexuals and gypsies in Europe. Note the America Germans were never rounded up and put in German Internment camps. Today the anti-gay Christians are saying and wanting to do the same thing, round up LGBT people and put them in Concentration camps to kill them. If you think it can not happen again you are only fooling yourself. It can and will happen if we do not stop these religious fanatics who are trying to destroy LGBT people any way they can.

  2. Mary in Austin says

    Actually, non-citizen Germans and Italians resident in the US were interned during WWII, but the discrimination against the Japanese was such that native-born Japanese-Americans were interned as well as non-citizen resident Japanese.

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