1. TonyJazzTon says

    I stopped watching the Simpsons in recent years, as I just find them boring.

    Their same-sex marriage episode was insulting, and made fun of our cause (and not in a good way).

    It’s a shame, as this was once an inventive (and a little liberal) show at one time…

    (I hate criticizing one of the few bright spots on Fox, but whatever…)

  2. tara17 says

    I enjoyed the promo, looking forward to new eps. Hey Tony Jazzton, ru refering to that episode where Patty married a woman who turned out to be a man? I’m pretty sure the episode wasn’t meant as an accurate commentary, but I would be fed up too if my relationship was often poorly represented. Not to mention a slew of people insisting I’m bad to share reciprocal committed love with another adult.

  3. says

    These earlier crises, however, were only overcome when each Crisis President became the men their enemies saw them to be. Lincoln achieved greatness only after the Emancipation Proclamation. McKinley became important only after Theodore Roosevelt took his flag and ran with it. FDR “welcomed their hatred” in 1936, confronting Republicans directly, and Nixon, of course, became the Nixon we all remember.

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