1. Blaise says

    Mitt is so pathetically dumb that he doesn’t even realise the power and depth of media prosecution and thinks that he could easily get away saying anything ever next day without being accounted to anything whatsoever. I fail to understand that how is he even allowed to run for the election.

  2. Caliban says

    Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were brilliant last night, absolutely scathing in their condemnation of Romney’s speech.

    Since Romney said he stands by what he said but it was ‘inelegant,’ Colbert offered to repeat it in an elegant manner. He put on a top hat and tails then threw shrimp to/at a group of ‘Obama supporters.’

    Jon Stewart has great researchers working for him. Has anyone else used that clip of Romney’s mother saying George Romney was on welfare for a time? If they have I haven’t seen it. Over and over again The Daily Show shows clips of pundits and politicians saying exactly the opposite of what they’re saying now. I read an article about the guy who finds those clips for them and he has an almost “Rain Man” like recall of video he’s seen, not just what was said but when it was said and on which program.

  3. Rob says

    Agree James, the cadence of his speech reminds me of his mother’s, and when you compare his mannerisms to Jon Stewart’s very masculine bearing, Romney seems a little fey. Wouldn’t be the more dominant cellmate to almost anyone, if you like comeuppance fantasies.

    And yes Pomme, I agree. Stewart would be a blast in bed.

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