1. jakke says

    I’m glad the Democrats are finally working to create these slogans and phrases that represent a larger message. Republicans have been doing this all along and its effective. The difference though is that the Republicans usually use lies. “don’t tax small businesses!” when they’re really talking about huge businesses. The Democrats will win because the truth can cut straight through the lies.

  2. C says

    Wow, I love that he said to compare the two plans and decide for yourself. Whether you like him or not, this is speaking truthfully and speaking TO people rather than talking down to them.

  3. jamal49 says

    @UFFDA I have felt this about Mr. Obama from the get-go. I am convinced, like you, that President Obama is a man of destiny, that he will have his great potential fulfilled in his second term to the benefit of all Americans.

  4. says

    A President who not only cares about the country and its people, but is aware of how history will remember him.

    Rather than, you know, caring about what a small circle of rich white business-owner friends can boast about on yachts with no awareness of how history will remember him.

    Team Obama. Term Two!

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