1. GLAW2014 says

    How is that oppressing religious freedom? You do not have a fundamental right to protest during the hours of sunset and sunrise. The city of New Orleans does not have to surpass some heighten level of scrutiny here. The interest here can just be, we want to keep the peace during times there is a significant amount of alcoholic beverages being consumed. :-)

  2. Mike says

    Nobody is oppressing anyone’s religious freedom. You have your right to practice your religious freedom anywhere you like. And the city of New Orleans has the right to protect their economic helalth, and quite frankly, the economic impact of the Southern Decadence weekend is measured at nearly $100 million. We (gays) spend money, and lots of it. The city will protect us. Deal with it, because you can preach all you want but this battle will always be won by the people who live and let live and mind their own business and spend money to help this city.

  3. ratbastard says

    Cool. I hate aggressive street pamphleteers. I wish the Planned Parenthood and various ‘Green’ so-called advocates who manage to find locations on crowded sidewalks for their aggressive in-your-face attitude were also arrested. You want to get the OK from a city/town for setting up a public location to advocate for your cause, fine, just as long as it’s in a discreet location, not on a crowded sidewalk or intersection. People shouldn’t have have to walk a gauntlet when going about their business on a public sidewalk or street.

  4. says

    ?, stop blaming the folks at Southern Decadence for the fact that your family loathes being related to you.

    This is no embarrassment to the gay community, the only thing that is embarrassing are the cowardly grown adult gay men who continue to live every day in crippling fear of “what straight people are thinking!”

    man up and stop being such a little boy.

    the only heterosexuals who cling to anti-gay bigotry are in NO WAY affected by things like southern decadence – no amount of “suitable for stupid bigotty idiot” portrayals or examples of gay people will ever change their minds. learn that, or kindly stfu.

  5. John Equality says

    “Events such as Southern Decadence are an embarrassment to the gay community. It’s no wonder many heterosexuals think gay life revolves around sexual activity.”

    Right, becuase heterosexuals never openly celebrate their own sexuality. It’s not like there are porn shops and strip clubs all over the place, heterosexual sex portrayed graphically in movies, heterosexual attraction used pervasively in ad imagery, sex and adultery as the plots of half the literature and television, and on and on. No, heterosexuals hardly show *any* interest in sex at all! /snark

  6. says

    heterosexual pornography has resulted in numerous TV shows – we have shows celebrating what it is to be a Playboy Bunny.

    there’s a restaurant chain that exists encouraging young men to ogle and objectify females.

    we aint the ones who are overly-sexualized, but i understand that for some of the weak-minded gays out there is a real fear toward gay men who don’t make apologies for who and what they are.

  7. ? says

    “This is no embarrassment to the gay community”

    Keep dreaming, buddy. Young gay men ages 20-24 are the nation’s most at-risk group for HIV infection. Why do you think that is? After all, this is the year 2012 and we live in the age of information. One would think they would know better.
    Might it have anything to do with the fact that they are exposed to copious displays of sexual activity within the gay community?

  8. FML says

    “After all, this is the year 2012 and we live in the age of information.”

    If we live in the age of information, you obviously haven’t taken much advantage of any of it.

  9. i could go on, but I won't says

    Oh, those poor guys! They desperately wanted to be there, to make the scene at Bourbon Street during Southern Decadence, but they had to go in under the cover of Jesus! Now, thanks to the law, the best they can hope for is to be kept overnight in the same cell, with really tight quarters, where you can’t help but rub up against your comrade in arms, your fellow crusader for Jesus! What happens in the overnight holding pen, stays in the overnight holding pen! Yippee, Praise the Lord! Homo Sex is Sin, unless you just can’t help it!

  10. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Young gay men ages 20-24 are the nation’s most at-risk group for HIV infection. Why do you think that is?”

    In general, 20 to 24 year old heterosexuals, bisexuals, and gays believe they are immortal. Young men that age take many chances. Just watch them drive.

  11. Steve Scarborough says

    If that’s all there is to the ordinance, it’s not close to constitutional. And that’s true no matter how obnoxious and wrongheaded the “preachers” are.

  12. Otkon says

    Cesar Chavez, Che Guevara, Jose Cuervo! Puta padre. Damn latin clergy all up in the grills of those partyin’ bitches. Well, I guess it’s better than nailing kids in the vestibule.

  13. vwdavy says

    big opportunity missed by us. we needed a sign held up next to the one in the photo, written as such: “Homo sex is a sin. a Deliciously Decadent, sinfully satisfying sin.”

  14. Icebloo says

    I wish Texas had similar laws. Here in Dallas we get gangs of people identifying as “Christians” who harass people as they walk around in the gay neighborhood. The police allow them to stay as long as they want.

  15. Eric says

    There is a gay subculture which glorifies unprotected, multiple partner sex. (There’s a straight subculture which does the same, but they’re not particularly well integrated.) Some of the people who go to Southern Decadence do so precisely because there are a lot of people concentrated together who want that kind of risky sex. Not everyone who goes is looking for that though.

    The existence of this subculture and events like Southern Decadence probably contribute somewhat to the high levels of new HIV infections in young gay people. However, ignorance, feelings of invulnerability, and bad judgement likely play a larger role, and do so in both homosexual and heterosexual communities (how many unintended pregnancies are there per year?). The reason HIV risks are higher among gay people is also in large part due to the mechanics of gay sex: both partners can penetrate and ejaculate in each other, which is hard to do in straight sex.

    So my message: don’t like events like Southern Decadence? Don’t go, and feel free to persuade your friends not to go either. Concerned about HIV risk? Educate people, either just among your friends or as a volunteer with an organization that does outreach to schools, colleges, and other area. Don’t stigmatize and judge and hurl epithets at people, and especially not based on events they go to. If you’re trying to get people to change their behavior, such tactics are just not effective. If you’re trying to be a jerk though…

  16. billyWingartenson says

    REligious freedom gave us , from various countries and times,

    the holocaust by the vatican who hated Jews for a millenia and set up the foundations of the mass murder

    The xtian crusades (actually catholic – they had murdered most of the ‘heretics”


    the “holy” Inwuisition of torture and burnings

    it goes on and on . Religion is about power and money

    Mary was virgin?

    She was raped by a roman soldier – in a society where women were stoned to death for sex outside of marriage

    she put her butt in a lake of warm water where sperm can survives for several days, always with one goal in mind
    BTW some swiming pool managers put speracide in the water

    She sold herself

    Jesus gave sight back to the blind – who actually had pscychological trauma that can make you think you are blind, but if you are led to an obstacle course, you if under this trauma, will inherently miss all the obstacles, walking around them

    Jesus came back to life – Well, we still, with modern med technology, send a handful of heart beating lungs breathing dead people to the funeral home

    the reason so many religions are evil is that they know its BS in their deep dark heart but want the money and power and prestige

    Consider catholic cardinals – a set of hteir dress and other paraphenalia costs about 30,000$

  17. Coffee&Chicory says

    Hahaha it’s so funny to see people who think Southern Decadence is an embarrassment for us. You’re clearly not from New Orleans, nor have you spent enough time there 😛

    laissez les bon temps rouler

  18. Francis says

    LOL. Looks like the gays got the last laugh in this situation!

    Goes to show that, as most already knew, that these anti-gays who say they don’t hate gays and simply “disagree with the lifestyle” in fact are very much hateful. These people go out of their way to attack us when we don’t do that to them. Oh well, their desperate actions knowing they’re becoming outnumbered is almost entertaining to watch.

  19. Mike says

    There is a God and God is bisexual and loves us all, as a gay Christian I approve of the police arresting these religious fanatics who try to force what they think on others. Sex is not a sin, gay or straight sex is between the people who love each other and it is not anybodies business but the people who are consenting to have sex, it is not the business of religion or governments or fanatics who think that it is. Thank God justice is being done to stop these religious terrorist who think our sex life is their business. What sex two or more consenting adults have is their business and nobody else.

  20. says

    Welcome to Americas South.. where the clansmen are alive and well . They jut re-branded themselves as ” Conservative Christians ” New name , same hate . They are all Mouth breathing , knuckle dragging , adult children with nothing going for themselves in life … working at Walmart and the local garage

  21. andrew says

    Little Kiwi is alive. Why hasn’t he commented on the Muslim atrocities committed in the name of Allah against that innocent Christian girl in Pakistan. Can you just imagine the hysterical rants he would have posted if the atrocities had been committed by a Catholic Priest or any Euro-American type white guy. Alas, Little Kiwi who accuses all his opponents of having no BALLS, HAS NO BALLS.

  22. andrew says

    Little Kiwi, you are alive. When I didn’t see any of your intollerant rants against the Muslims who are persecuting that young Christian girl in Pakistan, I thought you may have died. I guess it is just a case of no BALLS. Why are you so fearfull of criticizing the barbarism of ISLAM? Don’t be so timid.

  23. andrew says

    @Mike: do you really believe that the creator of the billion gallaxy universe ( if there is in fact one) is limited by your silly earthly notions of sexuality? How absurd!

  24. andrew says

    Come on Little Kiwi we need you to tear these Muslim bigots a new a$$hole, like you do white Christian bigots. Why are you silent? Your people await your infallible pronouncements.

  25. william says

    hey that’s great news. i’m all for free speech and the right to protest, but when you do it aggressively, that’s not allowed. glad NOLA finally is cracking down on it.

  26. anon says

    While I’m sure this ordinance has the support of every major bar and business downtown, it’s probably unconstitutional. Time and place restrictions on protests cannot be overly broad, nor target particular categories of speech unless there is a public safety concern. It does not matter what people think about the virtues of the law.

  27. Rick says

    Kiwi and others are going to hate hearing this, but the reason this law was passed was because people like me have confronted these kooks at Mardi Gras directly and physically and the police in New Orleans were afraid that the tipping point had been reached where full-scale violent attacks on them would begin to materialize.

    At the last Mardi Gras, I saw a couple of guys “ramming into” these groups with their shoulders and I challenged several of them to start a fight with me and see what the consequences ended up being.

    Alas, other than me and one or two others, most of the guys going after them were….straight…..

    By the way, you “good liberals” might want to make note of the fact that half of the eight have Spanish names…….and I have noticed that Hispanic immigrants, most of them no doubt illegal, have formed an increasingly large percentage of the members of these groups over the last few years… this is one of the consequences of letting these people into the country, whether you want to acknowledge it or not…..

  28. says

    Southern Decadence is NOT a gay event – it has only been co-opted around the 90’s by lame corporate sponsorship. It was always meant as an excuse for downtown friends, GAY AND STRAIGHT, to dress up for no particular reason and have a blast. If you look past the boring shirtless throngs, you will see all the NOLA freaks in costume, who are more creative than as to wear a store bought leather harness.

  29. Rick says

    “Welcome to Americas South.. where the clansmen are alive and well . They jut re-branded themselves as ” Conservative Christians ” New name , same hate . They are all Mouth breathing , knuckle dragging , adult children with nothing going for themselves in life … working at Walmart and the local garage”


    Rolando Igleasias, Cesar Chavez, Danny Guevera, Montes Diego….

    Yeah, Mark, classic names for white Southerners and Klansmen, right?

    And if you knew anything at all about New Orleans, you would know that it is and has always been the antithesis of the Bible Belt that surrounds it.

    But instead, you demonstrate precisely the kind of ignorance and condescension that makes white Southerners and people in the Heartland in general despise New Englanders, especially “Massholes”.

  30. FunMe says

    It’s about time! More cities need to have ordinances like they do in New Orleans to keep these wierdos from attacking others. It’s not “freedom of speech” … they are actually spreading hate and inciting violence against other human beings.

    Glad their names were posted. Good to know who these FAKE christians really are.

  31. Bill says

    The New Orleans law has a good chance of being thrown out if contested in court, as it bans certain types of expression – religious, political, or social messages according the report above, but not other types of messages. If you have similarly sized and colored signs that said, “Eat at Joe’s”, you’d be allowed to carry those around under New Orleans’ ordinance. Generally, if you target one type of expression, instead of noise or some other impact in general, you end up losing in court.

    If the law simply said, “no bullhorns between sunrise and sunset,” that would be OK and would substantially mitigate the problem these “Christians” are causing.

    One thing I found curious about the video – some of the signs had the same wording as ones used by these nuts to protest the San Francisco gay-pride parade. Either these nuts travel around, or they are sharing the designs for their signs, or they have an organization that manufactures the signs for them. Does anyone know which it is?

  32. millerbeach says

    Why don’t they head to Chicago and protest the fact that dozens of people are being shot every single weekend? Many killed every single weekend this summer…is it like that in other urban areas as well? Why can’t they protest something that really needs protesting, like the murders of dozens of innocents…children, grandmothers, little old men? It’s safer in Afghanistan, for God’s sake! No, they are too concerned with what two grown men do in their own bedroom. Yeah, that’s smart.

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