1. StevyD says

    Maybe if the military force is made-up of only robots instead of humans we won’t care about the death and destruction war causes in far distant countries. Oh right, we already don’t care.

  2. ratbastard says

    It is creepy,fascinating but creepy. Extensive studies have been done that clearly show most people are freaked out by robots that look too human-like, they’re more comfortable around less human looking machines. Maybe the same applies for robots that look like other animals.

    There are several pretty serious issues with these machines though, in my opinion, and one big one is the noise they make.

  3. AERES says

    @UFFDA – To the contrary. Its predicted that with the increased use of robots and other unmanned weapons systems that armed conflict is likely to increase as opposed to decrease.

    The theory being that leaders will be more inclined to resort to military options when there is less risk at putting their own military personnel at risk and in harms way.

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