1. Strepsi says

    RE: “Brookings Institution study that Rick Santorum brought to my attention”

    Anyone who would actually listen to Rick Santorum loses 100 IQ points. Pathetic.

    BUT– what I’ve seen on the Brookings site makes no reference to same sex marriage, just points out economic advantages to marriage, and children of marriages.

    So if this is the case, why does Romney conclude that the best thing is to DENY this advantage to a minority of the population? The conclusion makes no sense whatsoever, unless you factor in anti-gay animus. Which of course you must.

  2. Lucas H says

    There are so many things wrong with this picture. Not just what he said, but the fact that he is even talking to the FRC.

  3. says

    Dear Tony Perkins, as a rich white Mormon (redundant, I know, but we Mormons like redundancy) I’m sure you’re aware that I have five sons. Five awkward money-draining sons. I’d appreciate if you could step up your anti-gay rhetoric a little more so that my sons can hear it, and maybe one or two of them will take your message to heart. I need to thin the ranks a little, if you know what I mean.

    Love, Mitt Romney

    Mittens went on to say that Hitler had some great ideas, the Klan make a mean potato salad, and that black people would be less threatening “if they just kept their hair neater.”

    This is 2012 and this man wants to lead the country? F***ing pathetic.

  4. Disgusted American says

    he’s a PIG who’ll do NOTHING for this country except GIVE it a BAD reputation for decades. F him and his magic undies

  5. says

    Good Lord . The thought of this Man winning brings tears to my eyes and not in a good way .

    Lord please dont let this man into power. Make sure you register , get friends and family to and VOTE .

  6. Mike in nyc says

    Always amusing to hear the Log Cabin self hating crowd spin this one.
    Are they water sports bottoms? Why do they love being pissed on so much? Perhaps they deserve more pity than contempt.

  7. says

    Actually, Mike, Watersports bottoms have way more dignity – they’re in on the kink and aware of the power-play. the LCR and GOProud are more like boys who lay on their backs so their bullies can wipe the dog s**t off their boots and onto their faces.

    other than that you’re spot-on. ūüėČ

    isn’t anyone else confused as to why the gay republicans were more upset by barney frank’s “uncle toms” comment than …well… you know, the actual honest-to-jah anti-gay prejudice and bigotry continuing to be promoted by the GOP in ads and campaigns.

    “Barney Frank called us uncle toms! that’s not fair!!”

    uh, and while you’ve been complaining your chosen leaders are out convincing more americans that you’re an evil end-of-america bringing Sodomite. care to work on that, wimps?

    mhmmm. ūüėČ

  8. says

    JHT, you’re asking from logic and reason from these plebes.

    for example, if republicans were ACTUALLY upset about abortions they’d:

    1. push for universal healthcare – a country where an uninsured woman has to pay thousands of dollars she doesn’t have to deliver a baby in a hospital is a massive contributor to women choosing to terminate.

    2. stop demonizing unwed mothers – the ones against abortions are also the ones who vilify and Scarlet-Letter young unmarried women who get pregnant.

    3. step-up the safe-sex education programs which are PROVEN to reduce the numbers of teen pregnancies.

    as we all know, this aint happening. why? because the GOP doesn’t actually care about abortions. they want to pretend that they do, in order to win the votes of stupid “i love jeebus and hate aborshuns” voters.

    same thing goes for education.

  9. e.c. says

    Excuse me Mitt, but I’m curious which version of marriage you’re protecting? The one all your Mormon relatives practiced (you know, with the multiple wives) or some other version?

  10. Tanoka says

    Protect marriage! End divorces!

    Oh, wait…

    Protect marriage! Villify gays who want to marry!

    Yeah, that’s the one.

  11. MaddM@ says

    how does being gay prevent me from finishing highschool, getting a job, and waiting to have kids? I’m 28, no kids, not poor, granted I haven’t been full time employed but that’s what getting a doctorate will do to your work availability…..

  12. Steven H says

    To paraphrase Romney: “According to studies, getting married is good for you, and improves your life…. Gays shouldn’t get married.” Why not? Well presumably because marriage is good for us and will improve our lives.

    Also, I love that dig he made against the VV crowd. Finishing your education and getting a good career before you get married and have kids is what Yankee liberals do… the VV folks get married at 18, and have 4 kids they can’t afford; they think education corrupts, and jobs are just for dad. But, as Romney says, culture matters…

  13. Jack M says

    Too bad Mitt doesn’t understand what being poor is. And really, only 2% of people who marry after they are 21 are poor? No fact checking going on here, folks.

  14. Dan says

    he has the nerve to say “culture matters”, yeah right.. yet he wants to cut all funding to the arts (PBS, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities) – flip flopping again Mitt?

    This is one of the many reasons we cannot have this man in the White House…

  15. Marc C says

    I must say that I am entirely TOO grateful to have had the Republican Presidential contenders that we’ve had this past year and especially that Republicans had the good sense to choose Mitt Romney as their nominee. Thank you Republicans. We couldn’t have done it without you.


  16. Andrew says

    I intend to vote for OBAMA/Biden not because of the hysterical rants posted on this site, but in spite of them.