1. Caliban says

    @Jack. Yeah, not all like those oh-so-inclusive Republicans who welcome EVERYONE so long as they’re white, right-wing Christian, and believe the entire political system should be geared to benefit the very wealthiest 10th of 1%, that corporations are people, the minimum wage is too high and should be abolished, if you get sick without insurance you should kindly drop dead ASAP, and the 2nd Amendment means you should be able to own a rocket-launcher.

    A political party that doesn’t welcome people who are OPPOSED to its entire platform?! SAY IT AIN’T SO!! Why, those snobby jerks! What about the Robber Barons?! Who will look out for THEIR interests?!


  2. Caliban says

    Oh, and of course I left out an obvious biggie, the GOP also excludes you if you’re gay. If you’re gay you’re (literally) hell-bent on the destruction not just of marriage and the family but all civilization, you make the baby Jesus cry, you’re on a never-ending quest to diddle children, and you take your orders directly from Satan.

    But so long as you’re a straight white far-right Christian, they welcome everybody!

  3. Jack says


    So if one party does it, it’s cool for the other party to do it too? Awesome, didn’t realize that two wrongs DO make a right. Note I never claimed that Republicans didn’t do it either, but at least they don’t claim that they are “more inclusive than the other side.”


    I own guns, I guess the Democrats don’t want me. Oh well, I’ll cry myself to sleep…or just work to unseat them in every way I can.

    Way to make enemies out of friends. Let me know how that works out. I know a lot of gun-toting Democrats. I’ll make sure to pass this one along to them and let them know not to waste their time anymore.

  4. RyanInWyo (formerly RyanInSacto) says

    Jack, I have an assignment for you: Quote one speech from the convention that even talked about gun control. Because I believe in choice, I’ll give you an alternate assignment: Name one gun control measure that has been passed into law in the past 4 years. Heck, I’ll give you points for finding one that’s even been proposed in Congress. Even after the Gabby Giffords incident, there was very little discussion or debate about the issue. At most, a few mentions were made of making it harder to buy extended clips… a proposal which never even made it to the floor of Congress.

    The fact is, Democrats have essentially given up on the gun control issue. I’m not sure why you’re so fixated upon it and feel that the party does not want you because you own guns. Perhaps you’re with the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre, who believes that Obama’s disinterest in gun control is actually evidence that he intends to TAKE AWAY ALL YOUR GUNS! (Sorry, but all caps are important when quoting the Wayne LaPierre.)

  5. Jack says


    Did you watch the video? The D base clearly wants nothing to do with anyone who owns guns.

    And I actually have said the same thing to some of my friends, about how Obama has not been a major threat to guns (particularly if you’re a Mexican cartel…womp womp).

    But the fact that guns hasn’t been a big issue in the election is only because Obama has a shred of common sense. Smashing the NRA’s hornet nest would be an awful idea in an election year.

    My gun example was just that: an example. The Democratic base claims to be more tolerant and open-minded, but at the same time maligns and rejects anyone who doesn’t live as THEY think everyone should, and believe as THEY think everyone should. To say that only the Republican party is so closed-minded as to reject anyone who doesn’t toe the party line is to ignore reality. The Ds do it just as well.

    All this is to say, this is why I vote Libertarian. It’s the only party that thinks people should have the right to live as they personally think is best. THAT is what freedom looks like.

    Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same stupid coin: both presume to know what is best for you.

  6. Ali says

    Did anyone else hear more than half of the DNC vote to keep Jerusalem and God out of the platform. Is Villaraigosa, mayor of L.A., deaf? Did you ever see anything as awkward as calling for an affirmative vote that got progressively negative? Three times? Keep voting until you get the result you want? And pass it even if you don’t? How embarrassing for our entire country. I say, if you don’t want God or Jerusalem in your platform, take it out, then own it! Don’t pander to us!

    I must ask. If the Democrats won’t listen to their own people, what makes you think they will ever do a thing for the other half of the country? Their leaders will only follow their own agenda. This was NOT a democracy in action. And it is very clear that if Obama is re-elected there is no hope of bi-partisanship. Thus, no hope of anything being accomplished to save our economy.

  7. Caliban says

    “Did you watch the video?”

    You men the heavily-edited to make a point segment of a satirical TV program on Comedy Central? Yes, I watched it.

    Do you *really* think the people they used in that clip are a random sample of attendees at the Democratic Convention or just the ones they used to illustrate the point they were trying to make? Because I can guarantee you that if someone had an a reasonable answer they didn’t use them in that clip.

    And I’d be very surprised to learn the Daily Show didn’t do something similar for the RNC, assuming they were allowed in. Because I really doubt it would be hard to find RNC delegates who use derogatory words for blacks and Hispanics, insist the Earth is 6,000 years old, and use the word “fag” like it’s running out of style. Heck, more than half of them probably swear up and down that Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya so obviously there’s no limit to stupidity on display that could be exploited to make them look FAR worse than that clip did DNC delegates.

    No one at the DNC owns guns or hunts? I seriously doubt that. Hey, *I* own a gun, in part for protection against the mouth-breathing Christian Right homophobes who vote Republican! Do I feel in the LEAST compelled to be “inclusive” of their viewpoint? HELL NO!

  8. says

    Jack, don’t worry. With the Dem’s healthcare plans maybe one day you’ll be able to afford a pair of testicles, then you can be just like a real boy!

  9. andrew says

    Jon Stewart is outstanding. Funny and insightful as usual. And I’ll bet he even has two testicles. I just added that in case you aren’t tired of Little Kiwi and his testicle obsession.