Toronto Blue Jays Shortstop Yunel Escobar Takes Field with Anti-Gay ‘Maricon’ Slur in His Eye Black


Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar has some explaining to do after taking the field on Saturday with an anti-gay slur printed in his eye black, Yahoo! Sports reports:

The "tu ere maricon" (sic) can be translated to "you are a faggot"…

…there is some reason to reserve judgment. Former Jays pitcher Dirk Hayhurst believes it to be a clubhouse prank — which basically just means there's a different source for such blatant homophobia. There's also the fact that Escobar sometimes wears eye black with funny sayings, so this would be out of character. (These, for instance, read "CHILLING")

Here's the thing, though: Eye black now comes in a strip or sticker form and players can write motivational sayings (think Tim Tebow) before applying themselves. There would be no need for Escobar to ask another player to write on his face. The handwriting in the "CHILLING" picture also matches the handwriting from the photo above.

Major League Baseball is investigating.


  1. Rick says

    Oh no, our “oh-so-enlightened” resident Canadian will have to choose between criticizing someone who is not white (Is there anything worse?) or remaining silent in the face of blatant homophobia. Such a dilemna. LOL.

  2. Bill says

    Maybe a teammate was found out to be gay or came out and this is one of his ways of creating a hostile environment to get that player to leave the team.

    Major League Baseball was founded in 1869 and still no out player. Gay people are pacified by these occasionaly players saying “things are changing” and “we are fine with a gay players” without ZERO results. I want the results, I don’t want talk.

  3. Francis says

    In 2012, Toronto, Canada, and something like this happens with a professional player blatantly having an anti-gay message written across the eye black beneath their eyes? WOW. I’m honestly about speechless.

    Blue Jays fans are VERY unhappy about this. This dude’s career in Toronto is probably over after this season. The Blue Jays organization allowing Escobar to walk the field with this eye black have a lot of explaining to do as well. With Toronto’s gay population and affluent culture, this is going to be a severe problem for their PR.

  4. Michael says

    Hold on… So it’d be ok for him to go out with “you’re a n***”? How are they allowing him to get away with this? I thought Canada had laws against this kind of stuff.

  5. Bill says

    I believe the Royal Academy of Spanish should go after him for misspelling “ERES”. He has spelled it to reflect phonetically the aspirated “S” of his peasant Caribbean accent.

  6. epic says

    @micheal we have laws regarding promotion of hate(holocaust deniers, spreading propaganda/falsehoods that incite hate against a group), this is covered under free speech he is just being insulting and also is just plain stupid…there no laws regarding being dumb or insulting, however much we want it.

  7. Lane says

    What if someone wrote it on his face thinking they were being “funny”. It is calling the player the slur; I would think that if Escobar he would have spelled it correctly.

  8. Francis says

    Given how fast MLB began their investigation into the matter and the fact there is a video conference scheduled for tomorrow morning with Escobar, the Blue Jays manager and GM, looks like Mr. Escobar and the Toronto organization aren’t gonna get away with this.

    It’s annoying seeing stupid teenage boys laughing at this and thinking it’s funny but for the most part, people are perplexed and/or outraged. They’re not going to be able to move past this.

  9. catfreak says

    I think that the reason that he (?) wrote ‘ere’ instead of ‘eres’ is due to lack of space.

    From this straight male, I think that hate speech such as this has no place in civilized society . . . period !

    This man needs to be suspended immediately !

  10. John says

    I am just going to assume he is into sexual humiliation role play and still has this as part of his gear from his hookup. He probably spent the past couple of days in a sling in dungeon being degraded.

    I realize that it’s not safe to assume, but this explanation is far more plausible than an adult actually thinking this was acceptable in a public forum where he represents his team.

  11. says

    Just because he’s a MLB player does not mean he is smart. There has always been players who were anti-Semitic(Ty Cobb)and whole teams that were anti-black when Jackie Robinson broke the color-barrier. And of course a couple anti-gay players, John Rocker and Julian Taverez. And there was one OUT player,Glenn Burke who’s career was cut short by MLB manager’s Tommy Lasorta(who is in the Hall of Fame) and Billy Martin who introduced Burke to his teammates at Spring training… “oh, by the way, he’s a faggot!” Most MLB team’s have OUT Days at their ballparks… and Toronto has a large gay community. I am sure we will find out why Escobar decided to wear his stupidity on his eye make-up. At least there is an investigation going on, and I am curious as to the story behind the slur.

  12. hornlongjohn says

    He should study grammar better, kinda funny that he knows how to spell maricon but doesn’t know how to conjugate one of the most basic words in Spanish; it’s obvious what he focuses on.

  13. jamal49 says

    @HOMO GENIUS “Maricon” has many meanings. The most common is “faggot”. It also can mean “@$$hole”. It’s got a variety of meanings. It is a very insulting term regardless.

    I’d hazard to guess that Yunel Escobar was goading someone, perhaps a player on the other team.

    Escobar needs some remedial grammar lessons, since he misspelled “eres”.

    MLB also needs to investigate Escobar and how he got away with this.

    Anyway, if there is anyone who is a maricon, it’s Escobar.

  14. says

    The thing that gets me is that if he did something like this in corporate America (or Canada), he probably would be fired on the spot. There is no free speech issue. He is representing the Blue Jays and MLB.
    He should be let go and banned from the game for the rest of the year. (Mind you that with the Blue Jays out of the playoffs, it wouldn’t be that long a suspension.)

  15. ratbastard says


    100% correct. In the pathologically PC corporate world, this stunt would mean automatic termination. And anyone who did such a thing should lose their job. He of course is representing the Jays, and presumably they have a moral’s clause in contracts. Free speech has nothing to do with it.


    Where oh where is that pretentious Lil’ Canadian? Where is he hiding?

  16. Paula Gato says

    Friday, July 20, 2007
    What does maricón really mean?
    Q: Hispanic presidential candidate Bill Richardson was recently accused of using the slur against homosexuals maricón, faggot. He said he used it in a playful manner, that where he comes from it is not insulting. What does maricón really mean? What’s the etymology?

    A: It means homosexual. It also means lacking spirit or aggressiveness. Maricón derives from Maria. It’s the diminutive form used euphemistically for women. Since medieval times it has been used for homosexuals in Romance languages. Governor Richardson is partly right in saying that it’s not offensive in some Spanish-speaking communities. It all depends who says it, and under what circumstances. Playing soccer, for instance, if you miss a clear goal, your teammates will exclaim: Qué maricón, hermano! Literally: What a faggot you are, brother! But what they really meant was: how can you miss, brother? In this case it has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

    Do your research before you judge !!! He obviously has a poor command of English and made a poor judgement call himself. Look at the context.

    Gays… he did not mean YOU !

  17. basic standards says

    If it were “you are a n*gger” on his face he would be banned from baseball forever – and deservedly so. **The exact same standard should apply here.**

    Hate = not OK.

    To anyone trying to excuse this, or deny its seriousness: Shame on you.

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