1. Blake says

    Must people really make their opinion known, if they are just going to say / write something cunty?

    These three are adorable, with a lot of subscribers, and it would probably benefit most of their viewers to see some straight-queer interaction.

  2. Cburg says

    It’s nearly always the (same) bitter people and not all the nice ones that comment on these threads…

    I for one follow Tyler’s tumblr and find him very endearing. Regardless of the few negative comments here he has millions of views and 250,000 fans to back him up. Stop be hating bitches.

  3. Hugh says

    They are very pretty to look at, but unless you are a 16-year old girl, you’re going to find yourself rolling your eyes a lot. If you are a grown ass man, save yourself the trouble and just find some actual porn to perv over. These types of videos will bring out the jaded old man in you, and I’m 25.

  4. R8 says

    And “Twink”, seriously?

    This is what you label every young guy?

    This is why attractive young guys are quick to dismiss the over 30 crowd. Your attitude speaks alot louder than your physical appearance.Trust!

  5. 2 Dads says

    Good for them. Having fun, being silly, goofy, I know I was too at that age. I expect the comments on here to get brutal. If all gay men don’t act and look like a God dang roided out military serviceman, insecure gays will charge with pretty nasty viciousness. Happens all the time.

  6. says

    Calm the heck down.

    It’s three like 14 year olds being playful on camera. It’s teenage satire. It’s not meant to be a political statement, or represent gay rights, or be taken so seriously. I take gay issues as seriously as the next guy, but I swear, some of you TRULY believe that every single LGBT has a duty to constantly represent the community 24/7 with everything we do, say, think. No, YOU owe yourself that if YOU choose. Some of the rest of us just want to live our lives, and that may include meaningless youtube vids posted online. Although I’m too old to get some of these references, I’m glad our gay kids have an outlet to just ….be.

    Lighten the hell up guys. Only you are responsible for representing you. No one else in this society owes you anything.

  7. Duration & Convexity says

    It gets better: but only if you are “str8 acting”, machismo, hairy, shed every ounce of identifiable gay traits, are passable-hetero, and make a concious effort to not be who you inherently are (be it fem or masc)

    Hilarious to me that the gay community musters up this campaign of telling vulnerable gay youth how it’s going to get so much better, but let’s keep it real with ourselves now, *who* picks on gay kids and fixates on fem gay kids more than anyone else? Gays. You want people to stop judging you for being gay, but boy do the claws come out if you spot a seemingly feminine gay (child)
    Keep it up guys. It’s doing wonders for galvanizing the community.

  8. Steve-ATL says

    This made me smile, and was a fun watch. Bitter, nasty, jaded, older, angry queens, step outside your basements, take a shower, and go meet the outside world. We are living it while you are commenting on it.

  9. Hugh says

    I agree that some of the comments are bitter, but they come from bitter people who will make bitter comments regardless of the content.

    I’ve seen their videos, and it’s basically the gay equivalent of the “manic pixie girl” trope. Most of their appeal comes from the fact that they are so pretty to look at. Their “quirky” attitudes appeal to younger girls(gays) who are hooked on the visual eye candy, but let’s face it, if these guys were mediocre-looking, nobody would be watching.

    And there’s a reason. Grown men (of any sexuality) will find videos like these inane, b/c porn and actual sex has changed our attitudes. These videos are the equivalent of “training wheels” for teens and adolescents who are feeling the full effects of hormones without having any of the experience of sex.

    tl;dr – if you’re a grown ass man, don’t watch this video and be surprised that you found it to be immature fluff. Because my response would be “no sh*t!”.

  10. Real Talk says

    Their trying to have fun and be cute. I agree, some of y’all need to lighten up. No two people are made the same, learn to accept diversity, and laugh at life once in a while.
    SMH @ some of the comments on this site that take everything so seriously.

  11. Austinite says

    Awww. I smiled while watching this :) kind of adorable.

    You go boys! Be fearless, be you, and know your one life is meant to be lived for y-o-u; not what others think of you.

  12. says

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me how a video so harmless, and perfectly aimless is garnering so much passion from some of you? Does it really effect you on an emotional level that three 13 year olds make what appears to be an off the cuff, lively online video for themselves and others? Is that what gets a rise out of you? because if so, I’d say you need to do some soul searching.

    Learn to accept not everyone is like you, nor do they have a reason to, and that you should focus on like, you know, more important things? It’s fascinating that a community which demands to be accepted as much as gays do are the first to judge, ridicule, and hate on anyone, and I mean anyone, who is remotely different than their narrow box of ‘normal’
    Sorry guys, but in many cultures, us being gay isn’t normal, yet we’re requesting people atleast tolerate who we are. Amusing we can’t reciprocate that to anyone else, even those in our community who happen to be different {fem gays, butch lesbians, fat, different} For shame.

  13. Lipstick Diva says

    Love it. I’m a fan, and count me as a supporter.
    To all gay kids, effeminate or not, fit or fat, tall or short: make your presence known and be proud of who you are. Much like pollution in our environment, ignore the bitter voices of the haters, haters gonna hate, but ignore it. Be true to yourself and continue entertaining yourself and those around you in life. Trust me, you’ll be far far happier than those who are too miserable in their own existence to grasp that point.

  14. Duration & Convexity says


    we need to befriend each other, because sister friend, that was poignant and on point. Thanks for sharing that. Very refreshing and rare on a comments section where half the posters cream their pants over passing petty judgment on everything.

  15. Scott Johansen says

    I’m actually a little shocked and pleasantly surprised at so much support they are getting. I’m assuming some of the posters with an unhealthy obsession with masculinity/ or just plain mean spirited are either at work, or busy elsewhere, and haven’t logged on yet.

    Isn’t it sad that I can see a story on here, and without even clicking to read the comments, I already have an automatic hunch if they will be nasty or not? and usually my gut is right.

    Now post a pic of a straight guy, preferably ripped, and he could have killed kittens on his youtube video while beating his mom, and a majority of comments will defend him and comment on how hot he is. We eat our own first. Welcome to the gay community of 2012.

  16. Ken says

    That’s adorable and I loved it, although I admit to feeling old right now. They’re cute and it’s fun. Thanks. I’m glad I am not a bitter person like some of these other commenters. Sheesh.

  17. says

    People on this blog need something to complain about. I mean if this silly viral clip got some of the visitors on here being bitter, I’m pretty sure the general gay population is turning into a bitter mess. With a weird need to comment on everything, but only if they have something negative to say.
    Funny enough, the story about the number of LGBT fired for their orientation across the country got four….count em’…FOUR comments. And one of them seemed indifferent about the whole thing. Predictable at this point.

  18. Amir C. says

    Oh my God.

    Gay people need to get over themselves.

    This is three teeny boppers making a teen driven clip (which part of me found endearing, given the climate of bullying)
    What the HELL were you expecting? Socrates. Gay people can be so frigid and uptight. Yes, three teenagers on you tube are bound to act like , well, teenagers would. Stop being hoity toity, and move on to commenting about something that matters.

  19. Klien says

    When I was 14, I WISH I had two friends, much less straight friends, who would come over and make crazy videos and kick it with. I was too busy getting shoved in lockers, and called names, and having f-g painted on my bookbag. Hope to see more gay kids live in more accepting environments.

  20. Artie_in_Lauderale says

    No, it’s not a linguistics dissertation on American vs. British slang. It’s more like a Rorschach test: stupid fundamentalist Christians (and maybe a few uptight gay commenters) might freak out completely, others might just shrug and say it’s not their cup of tea, and others might say it’s cute and they learned some British slang. Wait. Did I inadvertently insult any commenters who are trying to kiss up to their stupid fundamentalist Christian parents?

  21. says

    I’m just happy for the gay kid in the vid. He looks so happy, and looks like he’s being raised in a loving atmosphere, and you can sense his joy. THAT’S what I personally take from this video. In a climate where 1 in 4 gay youth have either attempted or thought of suicide, I celebrate any gay child who can be happy in his skin and in a loving place.

  22. bcarter3 says

    I take back what I wrote above, when I told an earlier poster that opposing the pervasive bitterness and negativity in the Towleroad comments section was “probably a lost cause”.

    I’m surprised and delighted to see the many comments disproving my contention.

    Sweet videos, by the way. Pure charm.

  23. Kevin_BGFH says

    I’ve never heard of them before, but I find them all adorable. Then again, I *have* been called a 16 year old girl rather recently, and frequently, even though I’m nearly three times older than that.

  24. Caliban says

    It’s silly and inoffensive. Not my cup of tea, but whatever.

    OK, I *do* have one complaint. Tyler Oakley buttoning his shirt all the way to the top. It looks odd and uncomfortable. Stop it! 😉

  25. Nelson says

    This was a very annoying video. So corny, sort of the same feeling I get watching the New Normal. No irony to it whatsoever. Its just… there. I couldn’t get through the entire video.

  26. Covent Garden Martin says

    yeah, i posted this on my facebook. i’m a super old fart at 35+ but i found this video SUPER adorable. they are all cute and happy and having a laugh. i watched some of their others and the twins have some that have some suprisingly great lighting and camera quality. some clever bits but mostly kids playing about and having a laugh. was just shocked that within a year they built such a massive following but the tweens must love them! and theyre now making their livings of youtube videos so good for them.

  27. Jere says

    Young, cute and slim = twink?
    I don’t understand “gay slang”, then.
    It’s all silly and fun, but most gays I know don’t subscribe/are not even aware of the stereotype. Those terms are slowly dying out for the new generation. Good for him, though! He’s having fun.

  28. Andrew says

    How come the twins have such beautiful teeth? American comedians are always telling us that the Brits have bad teeth. The twins are both adorable. For me, Jack’s personality steals the show. He is a charmer.

  29. Yawn says

    The twins are extremely feminine looking. It is actually shocking if they are indeed straight. I’m in no way saying it’s good or bad, just an observation about how different young men are. wow.

  30. AngelaChanning says

    I learned some things today. Honestly, I was not sure what a Kiki was. I was thinking it was a hootenanny but I think I just showed my age. LOLs. Those boys are adorable. I will take them over Michael Buckley any day. :-)

  31. DragonScorpion says

    That was somewhere between awkward and cute. Somewhat informative. I learned some terms I was not familiar with. I thought it was nice to see “twinks” getting some attention for a change. Our culture is way too obsessed with bears, and as many of the comments here confirm, there is a lot of vitriol thrown at the young, skinny, non-butch types. I’m sure bitterness does explain most of that.

    I’d like to add that while the twins were certainly pretty boys, Tyler was absolutely adorable. But then I tend to have a soft spot for geeks.

  32. Gordon says

    Best ever – kittens wrestling under a moonbeam, straight into Cambridge/Oxford world… We’ve had labour twins bite it out, why not perfecty anodised titwanks – if they have money (lol)

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