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Barbra Streisand Thinks It's Going to Rain Today: VIDEO


We're having an appropriate day in New York City for this song, and for this new lyric video, Barbra-approved and photographed, edited, and directed by Matt Amato. 

The track was recorded in September 1970 for Streisand's Stoney End album but it wasn’t used because she already had two other songs of his on the album. Randy Newman wrote the song and plays the piano on the track, and his voice can be heard at the beginning.


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Texas Rangers Pitcher Derek Holland Doesn't Know How Someone Posted a Homophobic Slur on His Twitter Account

Someone with access to Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland's Twitter account tweeted the message "ur a fag" at a heckler on Sunday after the heckler directed a tweet at Holland calling him a "waste of space."

The AP reports: Holland

Major League Baseball is investigating the post, which was quickly taken down. Holland, a Newark High School graduate, said Monday in Oakland he was either pitching at the time or in the dugout and he didn’t do it. He added that his fiancée, Lauren, is the only person he knows has access to his account and she told him she was not involved. He also checked with family members, who said they knew nothing about it.

“I honestly don’t know. I know it wasn’t myself,” Holland said. “I’ve talked to my family and my fiancee and they all said the exact same thing: It wasn’t them. I have no idea. All I know is MLB is taking care of it and they’re going to help me out and figure out who it was. I was blindsided by it. I had no idea.”

Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels called it unacceptable: "It’s not a term or a sentiment we endorse in any way. We asked Derek about it. He was not aware of it happening. He had been out during the game. We alerted MLB about it so while we’re doing our own investigation they can do one as well. We continue to follow up on that at this time. Derek says he didn’t do it. He’s not sure how it got out, obviously. That’s what we’re looking into.”

Last month Toronto Blue Jays player Yunel Escobar faced a three game suspension and was ordered to pay lost salary to GLAAD and the You Can Play Project, as well as undergo sensitivity training after he took the field wearing an anti-gay slur in his eye black.

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Confessed Heterophobe is Sick of the Straight People Shoving Their Sexuality in Her Face: VIDEO


Students at Mt Allison University point out how ridiculous homophobia is by turning the tables.


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Pennsylvania Judge Halts Voter ID Requirement

Good news for those fighting voter disenfranchisement, the AP reports:

PennsylvaniaCommonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson said in his ruling that he was concerned by the state's stumbling efforts to create a photo ID that is easily accessible to voters and that he could not rely on the assurances of government officials at this late date that every voter would be able to get a valid ID.

If it stands, it is good news for Obama's chances in Pennsylvania, one of the nation's biggest electoral college prizes, unless Republicans and the tea party groups that backed the law find a way to use it to motivate their supporters and possibly independents.

Simpson's ruling could be appealed to the state Supreme Court, although state officials weren't ready to say Tuesday whether they would appeal.

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Brendon Ayanbadejo on Teammate Matt Birk's Anti-Gay Advocacy: His Kids Will Disagree with Him One Day


TMZ asked Baltimore Raven Brendon Ayanbadejo how he feels about his teammate Matt Birk's recent column and video advocating for the protection of marriage

Birk“We had a conversation about other things, about him and our relationship, not about us being on different sides,” Ayanbandejo told TMZ.

Brendon says his family and Matt’s family spend time together socially, and their kids like to play together.  That won’t change. But Brendon says he hopes to have a deeper discussion about the issue with Birk sometime in the future.

“Of course I disagree with his stance, but I’m not gonna tell someone how to raise their kids,” Ayanbadejo tells us.  “He wants the world to be a better place for his kids."

“I think just from where we’re heading, his kids will grow up to have a different opinion from him, I’ll just leave it at that.”

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'Pitch Perfect' Star Rebel Wilson is on The Edge of Glory: VIDEO


Actress Rebel Wilson demonstrates what got her a role on Pitch Perfect, performing a dramatically-building rendition of Lady Gaga's "The Edge of Glory" on The Tonight Show.


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