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Vancouver High School Apologizes to Man Taunted for 42 Years by 'Fag' Slur in His Yearbook: VIDEO


A Vancouver-area high school has sent a letter of apology and promised a face-to-face one to a man taunted by a printed anti-gay slur for 42 years, the CBC reports:

“I am writing to formally provide you with a sincere apology on behalf of the entire North Vancouver School District,” says a letter sent to Robin Tomlin on Oct. 4 and signed by John Lewis, the district’s superintendent of schools.

Tomlin says he's been haunted for years after his high school yearbook committee printed the word "fag" next to his picture in the 1970 Argyle Secondary School yearbook.

Tomlin isn't gay, but he says the slur stuck and he was badly bullied in school. He says he was even too afraid to go to his school prom for fear of being beaten up and eventually moved out of the area to start a new life.

"Well it made me feel like the whole school thought that," he said.

Watch the CBC's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Tom Ford and Partner Richard Buckley Welcome a Son


Fashion designer and diretor Tom Ford and his partner of 25 years Richard Buckley are fathers, according to NYT fashion critic Cathy Horyn, who tweeted:

"Congratulations to Tom Ford and Richard Buckley on birth of their son, Alexander John Buckley Ford!"

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'American Horror Story' Enters the Asylum: VIDEO


Atheists beware.

A peek at the upcoming Season 2 premiere, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Conan O'Brien Visualizes Romney's Takedown of Big Bird: VIDEO


These are Palin-esque tactics.


Sesame Street has responded:

Sesame Workshop exec vp Sherrie Westin scolded the next morning, on CNN.

“Sesame Workshop receives very, very little funding from PBS,” she explained.

“We are able to raise our funding through philanthropic, through our licensed product, which goes back into the educational programming, through corporate underwriting and sponsorship," Westin added.

Sesame Workshop, meanwhile, issued a statement Thursday: “We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. We do not comment on campaigns, but we’re happy we can all agree that everyone likes Big Bird!”

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GOP Congressman Breaks with Party on ENDA, Says People Shouldn't Be Fired for Being Gay: AUDIO

TiptonThink Progress caught up with Rep. Scott Tipton (R-CO) outside the presidential debate on Wednesday and asked Tipton about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which would prohibit workplace discrimination against LGBT people.

Tipton said he would support ENDA, which the GOP caucus has repeatedly voted down:

"I’m a businessman. When you walk in the door, if you’re able to do the job and you’re focused on your job, that’s all that’s important....I don’t believe we ought to be discriminating against people for their private lives."


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Jon Stewart Rips Obama's Debate Performance, Romney's Lies: VIDEO


Jon Stewart chewed up and spat out Wednesday night's presidential debate.

"There is no Red America. There is no Blue America. There is only the America that can agree on how bad this guy did in the debate!" adding, "I don't really get this Mr. President. You seem either annoyed to be there or reluctant to make your case. Because, I'm assuming you have a case, which would be a whole other issue."



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