1. HadenoughBS says

    While I’ve been a fan of Eastwood – as an actor and a director – for a long time, I’m not a fan of his politics. I do agree with his statement that “(Romney) could turn (the country) around fast” if elected Prez. It’s just that it’d be a turn to the past that I can’t and won’t support. We must re-elect Obama to keep the country going in a positive direction as well as to protect GLBT rights we’ve gained under his presidency.

  2. Paul R says

    His friends or relatives need to get him to shut up.

    In other news, Andy, I hope that you’re making a lot of money from the American Apparel ads. They’re on every page.

  3. andrew says

    @David: the “senility induced opinion” comment is an insult to all senior citizens. You do know that they vote in larger numbers than most other demographics.

  4. Dawson says

    Oh, those Republicans. How often do we hear them say that celebrities should keep their opinions to themselves or that they don’t pay attention to what liberal Hollywood has to say. One thing consistant about Republicans is their inconsistancy.

    p.s.–Jesus was a liberal. You might want to share that with the Religious right.

  5. Rrhain says

    OK…I’m confused. Didn’t Eastwood just do an ad for Chrysler that praised the bailout?

    So was that a good thing or a bad thing? Because the conservatives are wailing and gnashing their teeth about Obama’s assistance to the auto industry that saved millions of jobs not just for the car manufacturers but also for the entire chain such as auto parts, dealers, etc.

    So is Eastwood now saying that the bailout was a bad thing?

    Does Chrysler know that their spokesperson is actively denouncing their existence? I’ve done some work in commercials and there’s usually a clause in the contract that stipulates you are not allowed to make disparaging comments about the product or the company for at least a year after the broadcast of the ad.

    Perhaps someone should ask Chrysler and Eastwood exactly what is going on.

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    “‘(Romney) could turn (the country) around fast’ if elected Prez.”

    Hmmm. TR had a video on 9/28/12 about Romney in his Bain days, where he said that he’d wait 5 – 8 years “to harvest [a company] at a significat profit”. How about a country?

    @Dawson: In a previous post of mine (which seems to have been taken down) I noted that some of the Religious Right proof text from the Bible a whole megilla of unfettered free-market positions. So much for Jesus.

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