1. StillMarriedinCA says

    They all deserve each other. If Cohen didn’t give him a forum to spew his ignorance, we’d never have heard of him. Good work.

  2. Billy Crytical says

    Andy brings this issue up every year and they all mumble stuff out until another question comes up to move on. They don’t care. They will continue to use anti-gay slurs and make fun of gay people.

  3. jcmiles says

    What is all the disrespect about Andy Cohen. He’s out proud gay man who doing a job.You know you don’t have to him like, but to call him garbage?? your garbage for saying that. Too say he missing something.What are you missing.
    Look within people.

  4. Zola says

    Joe would probably know a thing or two about “loose buttholes” since the biggest one is on his wife’s face.

  5. RichB in PS says

    I watched this for whatever reason – wished I had not. I have not nor will I ever watch what is referred to as ‘Real New Jersey Housewives’ — in my opinion it is total garbage.

  6. Cindy says

    Cindy from Missouri…Very badly done Aviva, very badly done (of course accept for the Ramona comments).

  7. scotsyank says

    The ‘disrespect’ about Andy Cohen is that he hosts a show with ignorant morons as guests. And makes a living from showcasing idiots who would be avoided by the rest of us in any real-life situation.
    I get that it’s a good living, and congrats on the pay check, but why not try to do better; with your questions, your come backs, or even your research? All of these ‘Real’ shows always excuse themselves by saying that they’re ‘showing the real…’, but the whole franchise is just a modern day freak show. Look at the poor, hideous unfortunates, aren’t you better than them?
    Andy Cohen seems like such a nice boy. Surely he could find something more useful to do. Andy, if you’re reading this, find it.

  8. George says

    I really don’t get why so many people are so critical of Andy Cohen on this site. He’s a great host of a crazy popular show, and he and Bravo have made GLBT issues and characters very prominent in so many shows. He’s cute, funny, and nice….and he’s a big HRC donor.

  9. LincolnLounger says

    Please quit “helping” Andy. You are remarkably ambitious and successful in your career path. Good for you; however, please quit acting like you are doing the community some kind of favor by letting the likes of the Giudices spew their nonsense. It may be entertainment to some, but it’s validation to others. Make all the money you can make and drink all the cocktails you like, but you are no savior to the gay community.

  10. maddie says

    saying loose butthole is not a gay slur, he was calling him a whore. Andy does have a agenda, he hate’s Joe G. if you watch the show they all make comments but he is the only one called out on it. If we really want to stop bulling, we should start with Rosi Pierri (what a violent scary women ).I wish the GLBT community would stand up for straight people who are being bullied.