1. says

    does this mean they’re going to start releasing ads that target the parents who are raising kids as single mothers or single fathers because their spouse was killed in Combat?

    because I’d like to know how this group feels about those horrible single parents who are raising a kid without a spouse who’s been killed in war..

    or their thoughts on Bistol palin.

    after your husband gets blown to bits in Afghanistan, how soon SHOULD one remarry?

  2. MMSlam says

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  3. Chuck Mielke says

    What kind of BS is this? Any mention of pride in one’s family is an automatic endorsement of inequality? That’s about as twisted as illogic can get. The anti-equality group may as well say, “No matter what you say, you support our position.”

  4. Bill says

    As a comment on “I’d expect the FEC to shut down the superpac that posted the ad due to libel.,” that won’t happen. It is not likely that they could run the bureaucratic process fast enough to shut anything down before the election, even if the FEC found some grounds to do that (libel BTW wouldn’t count as it is the person who is libeled who has to complain, typically be filing a civil suit or sending a “nastygram” threatening a law suit).

  5. Francis says

    The hate side is very desperate. They keep using photos and twisting words of people who didn’t ask to be associated with them. This ad should backfire on them.

  6. says

    No, libel wouldn’t apply here. They would have to make a statement about Mom-In-Chief that actually caused harm to her reputation. That didn’t happen here.

    What DID happen is they took her comments and used them out of context to what she was talking about during that speach. If they are guilty of anything it is likely to be copyright violation, as I think all footage of the DNC Convention is owned by the DNC… I think, but don’t quote me on that.

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