‘Gayby’ Clip Skewers Gay Republicans: VIDEO


Back in July 2011 I highlighted a Kickstarter project from filmmaker Jonathan Lisecki, who hoped to turn his award-winning short film Gayby (about a gay man having a baby with his best girlfriend) into a feature film. Well, the project is now complete and opening in limited release (it has had screenings over Pride weekend as well) over the next couple of weeks.

Here's a very brief scene the filmmakers sent over. It's the main character Matt (Matthew Wilkas) and his friend Nelson (writer-director Lisecki) musing over the variety of groups/communities/options on offer at their local LGBT (or in this case, LGBTQA) center.

Check it out along with the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

The movie opens at Cinema Village in New York on Friday (10/12) and in L.A. on 10/26.

And here's the trailer: