1. Jason M says

    I saw this movie last Thursday at the Out on Film Festival associated with Atlanta Pride. The audience (myself included) laughed almost non-stop. The writing is very tight. I’ll also say their choice of shirtless men is nice as well.

    If you get a chance to see it, do so!

    ps- And take a straight friend, they’ll probably like it too.

  2. josh says

    Gayby already went to SF for the screening, but should be back this weekend I believe. It’s a phenomenal film with super talented Matthew Wilkas. I think I love him. check it out.

  3. MateoM says

    I’m so glad ? is a Republican, because that means he hates himself enough that he won’t be on this Earth much longer. The world will be a better place without his femmaphobia.

  4. bcarter3 says

    “Jenn” in this movie is played by Jenn Harris, who has spent the last year or so playing “Clarice Staring” in “Silence! The Musical”, which is a brilliant parody of “Silence of the Lambs”.

    She’s wonderful.

  5. MrRoboto says

    The movie is hysterical, charming and if you see Jenn Harris’ wall-climbing sex scene without nearly choking to death laughing, you just aren’t paying attention.

    By the way, I’d normally fault a director for giving himself all of the best lines, but when you’re as funny as Lisecki is in delivering them, I’ll forgive you.

  6. RyanInWyo (formerly RyanInSacto) says

    ?: You act as if there aren’t “lisping queens” in the Republican party. Don’t tell me you’ve never noticed Senator Lindsey Graham, for one glaring example.

    At least *our* “lisping queens” aren’t closet cases who vote against us.

  7. i could go on, but I won't says

    Requirements for being a gay Republican:
    No lisping.
    No fats.
    No fems.
    Straight acting only.
    Straight appearing only.
    And there’s a dress code. If you can’t adhere to it, stay in the closet, and keep that door shut!
    If you don’t own a gun, pretend that you do.
    Never be obvious (you know what I mean).
    *(I was going to be satirical, but I think this is actually true.)

  8. foobar says

    Requirements for being a gay movie:
    No straight acting.
    No straight appearing.
    And there’s a dess code. If you can’t adhere to it, stay out of the village and away from the bars!
    If you don’t own a hag, have a nympho chick at least.
    Never be subtle.

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