1. ChrisQ says

    Why do they insist on labeling religious fringe nutbags as “conservative activists”? In any case, praise to Carol. Rock on. And I wish she’d cut off more than his water.

  2. Djeip says

    Finally, an anchor on a cable news network points out the cracks in Brian Fischer’s pot. Bravo, Ms. Costello.

  3. Brian says

    Great job!!! I wish more anchors and news agencies would show the holes in their theories and show how closed minded and fear mongering they can be.

  4. Caliban says

    Honestly I think there was a different and BETTER way Costello could have handled this. I’m glad she’s an ally but basically what she said was, “He’s right and I’m proud of it.” That just gives Bryan Fischer and those like him more ammo for their “liberal gay agenda” meme.

    Instead she could have pointed out that the lunch event is NOTHING but anti-bullying measure that encourages kids to get to know others outside their usual group, to promote understanding. Gay kids are NOT the only bullying victims, so she could have explained the larger purpose for the event.

    She could have addressed his “gay health issues” charge directly instead of ignoring them. She could have quoted the lies and offensive statements Bryan Fischer has said over the years, and there are MANY to choose from, then explained why they are lies.

    But instead she more or less said, “Yeah, you got me,” which is a far less effective way of dealing with the Bryan Fischers of the world.

  5. Fenrox says

    Oh effing hell, LADY, THAT WAS WEAK.

    Useless, terrible follow up to a really important move. News organizations lie to us, it’s a reality that in some ways we will always have to live with. The lies that they tell through illusion of objectivity are the WORST. Finally, FINALLY, CNN is starting to see that they are the real contributing factor in these problems, that they can’t let jerks spew hate speech.

    PROBLEM IS: SHE IS A TERRIBLE REPORTER/TV PERSONALITY. What was that? “Hey guys remember last week when I did this? Well here is the same story with no insight but hey! we gave the bigot more time to talk!”


  6. Michael says

    It’s a step in the right direction but if every single one of can point out the lies then I don’t see why just one, any one, reporter couldn’t do the same.

  7. Michael says

    It’s a step in the right direction but if every single one of can point out the lies then I don’t see why just one, any one, reporter couldn’t do the same.

  8. bobbyjoe says

    The real question is why Bryan Fischer had been invited to appear on CNN in the first place. It’s not like it was some big secret that he’s an uber-bigot hate-group leader and CNN just– gasp– discovered it. CNN doesn’t go running to spokespeople for the Ku Klux Klan every time a racial minority question comes up, but damned if they’re not still doing it for gay issues. So for Costello to get credit for finally ditching a creep like this, we still have to ask why, in 2012, a guy like this had been invited to be on her show and on CNN in the first place.

  9. Alan says

    We were supposed to get cards? Mine must be lost in the mail.

    But seriously – I think BobbyJoe has it correct. Credible news organizations shouldn’t include hate groups as part of their general reporting unless its news about that hate group (like the FRC shooting).

  10. Diogenes Arktos says

    Bryan Fischer had been invited to appear because of the AFA’s very public objection to SPLC’s Mix It Up at Lunch Day. The SPLC-sponsored day encourages students to sit with someone at lunch that they normally would not sit with. AFA, no surprise, sees a hidden homosexual agenda here. They had an active national campaign to fight back, even encouraging parents to keep their kids home that day if they couldn’t force the school to kowtow to their bigoted wishes. Since this is its 11th anniversary, what took Fischer so long?

  11. morrally correct says

    This Carol person is your typical liberal gay supporting left nut case. Anyone who listens to her would be the same. Shameful!