Obama Battles Back, Takes Charge in Second Debate: VIDEOS

Candy Crowley fact checks Romney on Obama's Libya statement. Obama blasts Romney on the 47%.

Romney talks about being presented with 'binders of women' who wanted jobs in his cabinet.

Obama and Romney have a heated moment over energy, and Obama takes down Romney on coal:

Obama says Romney has doesn't have a five-point plan, but a one-point plan for unemployment, and says Romney is more extreme than Bush in many ways:

Obama hits Romney on China. And pensions.


  1. Polyboy says

    Obama threw the first debate to make the challenger so overconfident that Romney went full retard in the 2nd debate.

    Unfortunately, you never, ever go full retard. It’s the difference between “Forest Gump” and “Radio.”

  2. Polyboy says

    Obama threw the first debate to make the challenger so overconfident that Romney went full retard in the 2nd debate.

    Unfortunately, you never, ever go full retard. It’s the difference between “Forest Gump” and “Radio.”

  3. MarkUs says

    I love that the entire focus is now going to be Benghazi. As they ship Hillary to Peru. And fact checkers can easily play video over and over showing Obama and Crowley are liars, as we head into Monday night, the foreign policy debate. Love it.

  4. i could go on, but I won't says

    When asked what the difference is between his and Bush’s economic policies Romney tried not to answer because there is no daylight between them. I think most people will figure out what that means.

  5. Bill says

    Regarding Markus’ statement claiming Obama was lying: look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Nu6VZ9DeVc and skip to 4:17 into the video, where Obama refers to “acts of terror” a second or two later. Youtube dates this video as being provided on Sept 12, 2012, the day after our ambassador was killed.

    You don’t literally have to call the perpetrators “terrorists” – which by definition are people who commit “acts of terror”.

    The facts seem to be that the Republicans are lying and exploiting a national tragedy for political purposes. None of them will get my vote.

  6. Moz's says

    @ markus

    rose garden transcript

    “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.”

    game set match

  7. Leonard says

    Yes, cons like @marcus will try to twist Obama’s words in order to make a point, but wow, how wrong they are. Anyone can see that President Obama not only referred to the Libyan attacks as “acts of terror,” but linked the anniversary of 9/11 and those heinous violent attacks to the deaths of four Americans in Libya. One only has to read the transcript from that day.

    I was actually afraid for Obama when the question came up. Boy was I too pessimistic.

  8. MarkUs says

    @ MOZ

    He sent his Secretary of State out, he went to the UN, and he sent his UN Ambassador on FIVE Sunday talk shows to state it was a video, not terrorism.

    You think people are stupid? Even Crowley has now said she was wrong.

  9. says

    candy crowley just admitted Romeny was right about that. Obama was not referring to the bengazi attack as terror. He was talking about it and “acts of terror” NOT “OTHERacts fo terror”. No linkage. Obama lied and Crowley had to eat crow-ly.

  10. Leonard says


    Romney called the President a liar and said he did not refer to the Libyan attacks as “acts of terror.” That was a lie. Point blank.

  11. Polyboy says

    The appropriate remark starts at 4:17.

    “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.”

    Romney is a lying pratt.

  12. Pacwest says


    You’re incorrect. She did not admit she was wrong. She stated that she was right when she corrected Romney’s claim that Obama never called the attack an “act of terror” during his Rose Garden press conference, because she remembered watching him say it. And it’s obvious he did because it’s also on video… go watch it. But then she went further and tried to walk a tightrope between both sides. She claimed that the point that Romney was probably TRYING to make, about the mixed messages concerning what had happened in Libya that were coming out of the White House in the days that followed the attack, were probably justified. But that’s not what Romney said. He directly challenged Obama and claimed he never called it an “act of terror” in his Rose Garden press conference, but he clearly did.

  13. MIKE says

    Romney as a foreign policy leader? HA

    Obama ended the war in Iraq. Ending the war in Afgahnistan. Raised America’s standing among world leaders (after the Bush disaster). Killed Bin Laden.

    Romney made a complete fool of himself on his “foreign tour”. Even the Brits, our biggest ally, thought he was a complete bufoon when he came calling.

  14. MIKE says

    @PACBOY–Markus go back and review the video? Please! He has no interest in real facts. He just comes on here repeating his GOP master’s talking points. Meanwhile, he has already moved onto the next website to clog up with their “spin”.

  15. greg says

    I’m impressed how Obama could turn this around in a way that is authentic. As authentic as the reticent professor thing he did. I think that he will be included in the category of Clinton on this one.

  16. gr8guyca says

    Here’s the comment that Obama should have lobbed in at the end:

    “Governor Romney, many times you have referred to your successes in Massachusetts. So, why are you now 15 points behind me in the polls there? It seems that the people who know you best, wouldn’t vote for you again.”

  17. Moz's says

    @ Markus


    what followed after the rose garden “acts of terror” was days of talking about the tape because protests over the tape were erupting everywhere outside our embassies

    or have you forgotten? The condemnation of the video for 2 weeks was to try to calm the protesting down. Some of our embassies had windows broken etc

    within a day after the rose garden referring to it “acts of terror”, the WH let it be known it appeared an al queda group used protests in Lybia for cover

    have you forgotten everything that was going on?

  18. Randy says

    A solid victory for Obama last night.

    Romney looked pretty angry anytime they showed him when Obama was speaking. I think he was expecting he’d be able to lie his way through the debate again.

    I watched CNN after the debate though, to see how they called it. In a short fact-checking segment, they said one of Romney’s lies was “True but misleading”, which they presented on a green background (same as for True). Then they said something that Obama said was entirely true, but didn’t give him the green “True” at all. Viewers not focusing their full attention on the segment would come away with the idea that Romney said a truth, and Obama didn’t. CNN might as well be FOX, at this point.

  19. Bill Perdue says

    The sound and fury of a debate between a card carrying member of the ruling class and their Union Buster and Warmonger in Chief leaves something to be desired. It’s main effect is to enhance the sense of abusrdity that characterizes the twin parties of the .01%

    Democrts are Republicans in drag. Vote Socialist, write in Brad Manning or sit it out. Honest people don’t have a horse in this race,

  20. Johnny says

    Once again, the comments that are pro-Obama are laughable. You cannot win anything, including this debate, by telling lies for 90 minutes and that is all Obama did. When are you people going to learn that this country is worth nothing if it is bankrupt and the job market continues to shrink? Just because Obama is pro-LGBT does not qualify him to be President. He has clearly demonstrated that his ability to lead this country is nonexistent.

  21. the REAL johnny says

    Damn, I hate it when people use my name to spread crap.

    You have two choices, people.

    Vote republican for someone who has zero interest in protecting the middle class (which includes most of us here) or vote democrat for someone who looks at the entire populace.

    The debate showed clearly who is who.

    The rest is all a sideshow.

  22. Stefan says

    Set aside for a moment the debate and even the two candidates. The parties and special interests these men represent are what really matters. The philosophies behind the party identities are starkly different. Sure, that might not translate always into major differences in policy choice or policy outcomes. But this isn’t a football game or pissing contest. Think about the big picture. The only people who should vote for Romney are those who will gain by clinging to policies that can return us to some former glory that is simply never going to return fully–at least not in the ways we’re used to. I’d rather vote for someone who at least seems to acknowledge that we’re not going to be able to have any sort of future for this country unless we undergo some dramatic changes, and who surrounds himself with people trying to come to terms with this new reality. That would be Obama.