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Timothy Kurek, the Christian Who Pretended to Be Gay for a Year, Appears on 'The View': VIDEO


Last week I posted about Timothy Kurek, the man who grew up a devout anti-gay Evangelical, and, after a friend confessed to him that her family had disowned her for being gay, felt such guilt that he decided to live as a gay man for a year to seek empathy.

Kurek appeared on The View today to talk about the book he wrote about his experience.


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  1. I just find this very insulting. What did he do? Stop listening to AC/DC? Can't The View put on some real gay men?

    Posted by: jason | Oct 16, 2012 8:08:31 PM

  2. Very demeaning! Of course he did it for a book deal/money! his Friend probably doesn't exist....Very upset with the View too!!!

    Posted by: Alan Brickman | Oct 16, 2012 8:13:09 PM

  3. Twenty or thirty years ago this might have been a "transformative" book. Today, it just seems like a stunt.

    Anyone feel like you need to read his book? I don't.

    Posted by: Daddy Todd | Oct 16, 2012 8:17:42 PM

  4. This is a rather empty-seeming stunt. Also, I am not exactly convinced this guy is even straight.

    Posted by: BGrey | Oct 16, 2012 8:20:23 PM

  5. his 'year of posing as gay' was really an exercise in do-ing rather than be-ing.... kinda reminds me of Elizabeth Gilbert's spiritual quest: "Eat, Pray, Love" which was paid for in advance with a book deal from her publisher.

    Posted by: my2cents | Oct 16, 2012 8:27:39 PM

  6. Whether he did it for the money or not, the book will be useful reading for people in the Bible Belt. He cited the book "Black like me", about a guy who pretended to be black by using drugs that temporarily darkened his skin. The reaction to that book might be good model - it became harder for people to deny how racism hurt blacks after reading it. It will be interesting to see if his book causes a similar reaction among fundamentalist Christians.

    Posted by: Bill | Oct 16, 2012 8:29:24 PM

  7. The View is not gay-friendly. This whole thing seems like a paid publicity stunt. Shame on The View and its hostesses.

    Posted by: jason | Oct 16, 2012 8:35:24 PM

  8. I'd be impressed if he'd bottomed a couple of times. Otherwise, he's just done a half-assed, scaredy-cat orientation minstrel show.

    Posted by: JG | Oct 16, 2012 8:45:11 PM

  9. What the hell. When did being Christian become the antithesis for gay? There's plenty of Christian denominations, including exclusively gay Christian churches.

    Utterly ridiculous. Not all Christians are crazy. Not all denominations are homophobic assclowns.

    Posted by: Bart | Oct 16, 2012 8:46:15 PM

  10. "Ya gotta get a gimmick ..." (a musical allusion)

    Posted by: Leroy Laflamme | Oct 16, 2012 8:49:08 PM

  11. "Ya gotta get a gimmick ..." (a musical allusion)

    Posted by: Leroy Laflamme | Oct 16, 2012 8:49:09 PM

  12. Profound observation, JG, with which I wholeheartedly agree.

    Posted by: Leroy Laflamme | Oct 16, 2012 8:50:26 PM

  13. From what I gather his book isn't written for the gay audience, but the Christian audience. He is a graduate of Liberty University, pretty much Fundamentalist ground zero, so maybe it'll have an effect with them. I hope so.

    I don't need his approval. But if it makes some Evangelicals question their beliefs, or just back down from their opposition to gay rights, it's a good thing.

    I have to say that without the introduction that he's a straight guy who just PRETENDED to be gay, I'd totally be thinking "That guy is GAY!" I wouldn't be surprised if this whole thing is some convoluted way of coming out.

    But uber-Christians really throw my gay-dar off. Some of them ARE gay and in denial and some are just prim and prissy and "read" as gay. Either ALL Evangelical men are gayer then pink ink or they're just really kind of fastidious and prissy and come off as stereotypically gay. Or both.

    F*ck if I know!

    Posted by: Caliban | Oct 16, 2012 8:52:13 PM

  14. This is like when skinny models wear fat-suits undercover to tell us how horrible big women are treated.

    Posted by: AngelaChanning | Oct 16, 2012 9:03:16 PM

  15. Okay, who caught this guy giving head? And where did he get the idea that telling his mother that he was just pretending to be gay to write a book? At least we have someone now to write the story of Michelle Bachmann's soon-to-be-divorce.

    Posted by: iewoodward | Oct 16, 2012 9:34:56 PM

  16. Okay, who caught this guy giving head? And where did he get the idea that telling his mother that he was just pretending to be gay to write a book? At least we have someone now to write the story of Michelle Bachmann's soon-to-be-divorce.

    Posted by: iewoodward | Oct 16, 2012 9:34:57 PM

  17. so he found out a big DUH , being gay is hard.

    and who is going to buy his book ? lol.

    Posted by: Malaysian Ho | Oct 16, 2012 10:32:51 PM

  18. Wow. look, there's a lot of disappointment and cause for cynicism in the world today, but reading these comments..... wow. Almost all of them were negative- this guy DIDN'T have to do what he did- and if its one more person on this earth trying to be understanding and loving to us, I'll welcome them.

    If he really did do it all for a book deal, or isn't interested in building bridges or helping out the gay community, time will show his true colors. For now, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt- he did a truly great thing- he reached out of himself and lived as another, more despised person. At least he had the willingness and charity of heart to do that- which is more than I can say for most people commenting on this story.

    Thanks Tim- for trying to understand others in this sad, dark world.

    Posted by: scott | Oct 16, 2012 10:41:34 PM

  19. and a point most of the negative commenters on here are perhaps choosing to ignore is that through his process, for whatever reason you feel he did it, he was able to turn his conservative christian anti-gay mother into a proactive and productive being who believes in Equality.

    so why are you so angry? he did what many of you continue to give excuses to not do.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Oct 16, 2012 10:52:44 PM

  20. maybe Brad Pitt can play him in the movie...

    Posted by: my2cents | Oct 16, 2012 11:03:20 PM

  21. My issue is not with his book, it is with utter lack of substance in the interview. Just when I thought a profound discussion might happen, the show ended. Sad

    Posted by: Sean | Oct 17, 2012 12:13:26 AM

  22. I hope that his book has a positive impact... But let's be clear, he always had the option of setting the record "straight" if things got too hard. Real LGBT people don't have that option. (Closets notwithstanding)

    Posted by: Mike in Houston | Oct 17, 2012 12:29:22 AM

  23. Has no one seen "Gentleman's Agreement" or read "Black Like Me?" This man took some very brave steps to walk in another person's shoes. The shallowness of the interview is second to the impact his experience will have on the Christian right. The more people who read his book, the better. I'd like to believe that he did this to shed light on the subject, and just happened to benefit from it. Not everyone is a shallow a-hole.

    Posted by: Brian | Oct 17, 2012 12:51:34 AM

  24. Hey you nay-sayers: I am a totally committed gay Christian (yes, there are many of us!) who loves Jesus as friend and Savior. What Tim did was out of real love and compassion. If you can't accept that, you need to examine the hardness and cynicism of your heart.

    Tim entered his journey knowing that God loves gay people, but also knowing that too many of those who dare to call themselves "Christian" are full of hypocrisy and malevolence. As a straight Christian, he wanted to taste that venom first hand, and to share his utter rejection of it. So give him the credit he deserves!

    Posted by: Paul in Honolulu | Oct 17, 2012 1:00:38 AM

  25. Hey Paul--there is no God.... so I don't really care if he loves gay people or not. I imagine Unicorns love gay people, too. Funny how people always know exactly how God feels about everything.... he feels whatever fits their agenda.

    Posted by: StillmarriedinCA | Oct 17, 2012 2:48:14 AM

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