1. anon says

    He always came across as jerky, but the titles should remain since the entire sport is dependent on steroid use. Who wasn’t doping? What harm did it cause?

  2. Paul R says

    Umm, it destroys the integrity of competition.

    No one is superhuman, and I’m surprised that it took them this long to figure that out. I think they gave him a pass for a while because of his cancer.

  3. RJP3 says

    I think at this point it is not the doping that is the issue to me – it is the PATHOLOGICAL LYING. He is still denying what we all know. Of course he will eventually tell all for CASH. Never bought into his BS, always assumed he was lying – and anyone walking around with his yellow bracelet thing always seemed to be major tools. The last straw for me was when he walked out on Sheryl Crow when SHE got cancer – after having made a career out of recovering from his own. Not a fan.

  4. ratbastard says

    ‘Doping’ is universal at that level of competition. In a sense, Armstrong was competing against others who were also ‘doping’, and he still beat them, so strictly speaking, he still won fair and square. He was also obviously better at ‘doping’ and getting away with it.

    I’d imagine his downfall has mostly to do with jealousy, him being on a personal level disliked by many, including those who work[ed] for him, and to a degree national pride by various national bike organizations, including French and the Tour De France organization, etc. who saw an opportunity to cut Armstrong down to size and took it, while at the same time making their own teams who lost to him now look better.

  5. i could go on, but I won't says

    Just a thought, but, I wonder if whoever gets the titles now has to worry about doping charges. Be funny if they went all the way down the line till the guy coming in last wins.

    We are close to the post-human or trans-human age when bodies made solely by genetic chance will no longer be the norm. It is just happening faster in the competitive sports arena.

  6. unruly says

    @ I COULD GO ON, Reading is fundamental. No one is getting the titles.

    @ PAUL R. They always suspected and never gave him a pass. He was just a few steps ahead of them in medical science and so they couldn’t prove it. Read the original article.

  7. JimmyD says

    Did I miss something? Hid he finally, after being tested repeatedly, suddenly test POSITIVE? Did he say he used?
    If this is the norm, shouldn’t Barry Bonds be stripped of his record as… oh… wait… that’s baseball. The most important sport in the history of everything.

  8. scott x says

    The bigger issue for me, too, is not the doping–although I don’t believe that it was made right just because a large number of competitors did it–but the racketeering level lying, intimidation, and efforts to destroy those who acknowledged the truth.

    He built his very lucrative career on a false facade of gritty determination and integrity. Meanwhile, he led an operation built on strategic falsehoods and avoidance. He threatened LeMond when he criticized his involvement with the doping doc, he and his cohort tried to destroy Andrieu and his wife, and libeled that team masseuse.

    This no-holds-barred Mafia-like intimidation and legal threatening to uphold the lies that created his income and his mythic persona are the real reasons he needs to be taken down. He’s not the “victim,” as his groupie defenders repeatedly cite; he’s the classroom bully doing all to maintain his status.

  9. ratbastard says

    @Scott R,

    I don’t know if I ‘d describe him as the ‘Class Room Bully’, but he and his team are certainly hardcore ruthless. Does this ruthlessness involve considerable hypocrisy? Absolutely. Human nature in general, all over the world not just our society, is full of hypocritical behavior and thinking.

    I personally have never admired the guy, always thought he was cheating [doping] and displaying a false front. And the fact he’s not a nice guy has been well known for a long time, but he’s not the only person who isn’t ‘nice’ at that level, and in that profession.

  10. scott x says

    Sorry Ratbastard,

    Widespread cheating doesn’t make it right. Should I be able to forge checks because others do it? Even so, you’re missing the point that he and his allies intimidated those considering telling the truth, held the threat of costly litigation over others heads, made public allegations of false motivations for lying (aka, telling the truth about the doping) such as alcoholism or jealousy that had real negative economic and public opinion effects on those who dared to not perjure themselves in legal cases or to tell the truth because they were tired of the lies.

  11. jamal49 says

    Not once in all the years that Lance Armstrong competed in the Tour de France did they ever find Mr. Armstrong had been doping. They took blood samples for crissake–repeatedly! Negative. Always negative. All this humiliation is the result of some turncoat, some twit alleging that Armstrong doped. BUT THERE IS NO PROOF! There are no blood samples to prove the charges against Armstrong. Yet, he’s been slandered, humiliated, and stripped of his rightfully-earned titles. The USADA is abusing its power. IT HAS NOT ONE CONCRETE PIECE OF EVIDENCE OTHER THAN HEARSAY THAT LANCE ARMSTRONG DOPED. This is scandalous and an outrage. The USADA should be investigated, not Lance Armstrong, for overstepping the bounds of proprietary and fair-play in its years-long vendetta against Armstrong. The USADA are the liars here.

  12. epic says

    @jamal49…the 200 page report is quite clear why they couldn’t detect anything, his techniques masked anything he took or he paid doctors and staff to work in concert with him and along with the whole team, and then with floyd landis downfall the wheels came off.

    Clean athletes also don’t spend nearly a million dollars to a foreign doctor whose career was built on helping athletes cheat, not speculation or hearsay, the doctor was proven and witnessed helping others cheat, and he’s on your dime.

    Did lance have cancer, at this point maybe…did he help others with cancer, you bet…did he also benefit from Livestrong? you bet…How many cyclists have their own jet?

    also sworn testimony of things you witnessed is not hearsay, its evidence, and with the number of people corroborating each other and also airing their dirty laundry…the only logical conclusion is Lance was dirty, and coerced others to partake or be complicit in this scheme for his sole benefit, and looking back was probably a big factor in the cancer of the organ that would be very sensitive to this activity…so really? should we be championing someone overcoming a condition they probably caused in the first place from their illegal doping practices, that they also forced on other teammates?!?!

  13. Billy Crytical says

    The public needs to appreciate HUMAN accomplishments not drug accomplishments. Sports organizations need to stop ignoring drug use.

  14. Laurie says

    I’m no longer an Armstrong fan, but it’s incorrect to say that he dumped Sheryl Crow after her cancer diagnosis. That’s not the sequence of what happened.

  15. says

    I feel betrayed by Armstrong. But at the same time, what he has done with his cancer foundation is in no way any less important; the foundation will outlive Armstrong and continue to do good work for cancer patients and their families.