Maintaining Bounce, Romney Blasts Obama For Post-Debate ‘Excuses’

RomneyobamaMitt Romney continues to benefit from a post-debate "bounce," according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Their numbers show that 47% of likely voters prefer Obama, while 45% are backing Romney. That is the third straight day Romney has been a mere two pointds behind President Obama.

Prior to the debate, Reuters put Romney about six points behind the president.

Campaigning in Florida today, Romney criticized Obama's post-debate "excuses" for his perfomance. "We had a little debate earlier this week, and I enjoyed myself," said the GOP White House hopeful. Now of course, days later, we’re hearing his excuses, and next January,
we’ll be watching him leave the White House for the last time."

President Obama, meanwhile, held a fundraiser in Los Angeles this weekend. According to the Washington Post, 6,000 tickets starting at $250 were sold for the event featuring performances by Katy Perry, Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder.


  1. T. says

    Except that if the three tracking polls today didn’t move from yesterday, it means today’s numbers were similar to the other day of polling that fell off the sample on the other side which means Obama is probably back to roughly his pre-debate numbers.

  2. eric says

    There really is no excuse! He performed badly and deserves all the consequences from that lackluster debate. It feels like he did not even try at all. I hope he will wake up and do better.

  3. says

    I am just thinking out loud here.

    Can’t we assume that EVERY gay man and EVERY gay woman in this country will be voting for Obama? And that they will, along with our strong straight supporters, be a very powerful force in assuring a victory for Obama? Plus I assume that the African American vote will be very strong as well. Won’t these factors, just by sheer numbers be a tremendous asset to this important race and help it greatly?

    Do we need to call out to the LGBT community and start a strong push that they MUST vote for Obama because their future truly depends on this very election? Do they know that?

    How any self respecting gay man or woman could not vote in this election is way beyond me. However, I feel there are many gay folks that will not bother. Please make sure your LGBT friends get to the polls come November.

  4. gregory brown says

    Max: we can’t assume anything. The nooks and crannies of woodwork will empty on Election day and every fear-filled nut case, boob, yahoo and committed Theocrat intent on making a Christian America a reality will be out. So yes–anybody with any kind of sexual/social/political/religious deviancy MUST get to the polls.

  5. e.c. says

    Mitt, I wouldn’t be getting too cocky if I were you. The next debate is a town-hall style format and you have never been very good talking to real people (you know, those 47% victim types).

  6. uflyguy says

    @ Max- No I have friends who are not voting for Obama.

    Obama needs to not be Mr Nice Guy the next debate. Call Rmoney out on his lies. Dont wait for the press to do it later, put him on the spot right then and there.

  7. EJR43 says

    LOL@the bitter indignation of Resoffla and Alan, simply because I said I am voting for Romney. I’d rather be a “troll” than a mouse, who is paranoid that if Romney is elected that he’ll send you and your BF to the gas chamber, or something. Please. I’m not a one-issue voter who is going to throw my support behind a president that has had 4 years in office and hasn’t done a good job.


    My vote, my choice.

    When I go to the polls next month, Romney-Ryan has my vote. You go vote for Obama if you want to, that’s your choice and you’re entitled to it as am I.

  8. MikeH says

    This is all much ado about nothing. The majority of Americans aren’t so idiot to vote against their self-interests and the interests of the nation. No one in their right mind is going to believe the endless ridiculous flip/flopping lies of Mitt Romney.

  9. redball says

    Mikeh, anything can happen. The reelection–I mean, FIRST election–of Dubya in 2004 showed us that.

  10. Stefan says

    Many supporters of Obama/Biden–particularly those in the LGBT community–need to wake up and realize something: the majority of the people who will vote for Romney/Ryan can not simply be written off as wing-nuts, wackos, bigots, etc. Romney has been pushing a narrative that he’s the patriotic one–the one who is pro-American, who cares about the middle class and poor, and families. Obama needs to start figuring out why a strong liberal philosophy is the real pro-American, pro-family, pro-personal responsibility, etc. path for this country. He’s let Romney completely hijack that rhetoric. For a good chunk of voters, that type of language still means something.

  11. Zee says

    Yeah, the “outsourcing pioneer” who hides his money in the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes is SO pro-America.

  12. MarkUs says

    There are plenty of gays voting for Romney. Obama couldn’t manage a lemonade stand. The gig is up. The curtain’s been lifted.

    I told you MONTHS ago when policies result in the majority of the country stating we’re on “the wrong path”, the current administration is always replaced, no matter how loving the media. You should listen.

  13. Alexx says

    I was very disappointed by Obama’s performance at the debates. It hurt to watch, but despite his performance Romney still came off as frantic imo. I think the debate was poorly moderated, but I digress.

    The debate helps Romney for the undecided voters who don;t pay attention to the election until the debate, but if anyone has payed attention to Romney/Ryan then they know the majority of Romney’s talking points in the debates were lies.

    The debate doesn’t erase hos past indiscretions and the inconsistencies with his supposed plan for the country which he literally will not divulge details about, because he knows the math only makes sense under heavy cuts to the middle class and government programs.

    I know Obama was treading to carefully to avoid saying anything that can be used against him at the debates, but he needs to stop acting so presidential and be more aggressive. I think he was unprepared for Romney (lets face it, if Romney didn’t bring his game at the debate it would have been truly over for him) so he needs to bring some fire on the 16th.

    In the end, we can’t take these debates for granted. For the undecided votes the debates are possibly the first time they’re actually hearing about the candidates plans, criticisms, and the comparison of the candidates.

  14. says

    Hey MikeH: You said “The majority of Americans aren’t so idiot to vote against their self-interests and the interests of the nation.” Wanna bet? Remember, the Right watches (and believes) Fox Noise, Rush, et al! The Republican base, most of whom are middle class, vote against their own self-interest with gruesome regularity. It’s become socially acceptable to “hate Obama.” I hope there’s enough swing voters left who are still sane to give the Prez 51%.

  15. Aiden Raccoon says

    Why is everyone saying the president did terrible in the debate. He actually did well. Even all the analysts had them both doing about the same but just agreed that Romney did a little better. This doesn’t mean that Obama bombed the debate, but everyone is really over exaggerating this and making Obama out to be an idiot. I would be off my game too if everything Romney just flat out denied everything he’s been running on for the past 18 months. What would you have to president do?

  16. Luke says

    @Aiden Raccoon, really? What debate did you watch? I was waiting for Obama to collapse! I’ll still vote for Obama, but I really wish Hillary was running instead…

  17. Alan says


    So you’d rather pick a serial flip-flopper who’s policies would make gay people second-class citizens? A man who’s policies would increase our national debt even more? Just because you think Obama hasn’t done a good job doesn’t mean Romney is the answer.

  18. Peter M. says

    Gay people who are voting for Romney are truly depressing. How can they vote for a candidat (a party)who thinks they should be considered second class citizens, whose victory would push back gay rights for decades? It’s beyond me.