1. kp05 says

    PS – the disrespect the First Lady has received should be enough to drive anyone away from the Republican Party until they start calling these people out. Anyone who attempts to claim their dislike for this President has nothing to do with racism need look no further than the treatment of the First Lady.

  2. PAUL B. says

    Well…I certainly want all those lovely “intelligent sounding” folks on my team. Did they look at getting a GED before putting their faces in this add…attached to that really smart-sounding dialogue?

  3. says

    well, this is the reality of the anti-gay side.
    you show me an anti-gay Christian and I’ll show you someone who thinks the more than 6 million Jews exterminated during the Holocaust are in Hell, with Gandhi, for all eternity.

  4. PAUL B. says

    @Kiwi…I think you reside in Canada. I lived in BC for about 10 yrs. (Vietnam era) and never remember “mean & dumb” being in fashion there.
    Am I forgetting something or are your citizens more kindhearted and intelligent by nature? That’s how I remember it but maybe I’m romanticizing.

  5. says

    we have our nutbags, Paul B. boy, do we have our share. i dare say it would indeed be “easier”, in many respects, to be an LGBT person in a Big American City than in some of Canada’s smaller cities or towns, despite the reality that LGBT people have equal rights and protections on a federal level.

    BUT….. our second largest religious denomination in the country is the United Church of Canada. It’s progressive, humanist, and has been on the forefront of LGBT Equality for decades.

    marriage equality was legalized under the watch and guidance of Paul Martin, our openly-Catholic former Prime Minister who made it clear as day that his own personal religious affiliation has nothing to do with how he runs a country full of people who do not share the beliefs of his own chosen religious denomination.

    Canada and the US are very similar, but the little differences make a big impact. we’re a country whose tax dollars go to the healthcare of all our citizens, so we all have a vested interest in preventive medicine, and everyone being healthy. a culture where everyone has each other’s back.

    and we don’t have a Fox News on the air peddling lies and distortions in an effort to keep people dumb, mean, and gallingly uninformed.

    I love Canada. I love the US. I don’t know that I believe that my home country is necessarily more kindhearted or intelligent, but we do indeed have laws and policies that put an emphasis on facts, empirical evidence, logic and reason and not Mob Mentality. With the implementation of those specific laws and policies, a culture of equality becomes a much quicker and smoother reality.

  6. PAUL B. says

    Thanks so much Kiwi. What you said makes perfect sense and explains the subtle… but important differences in our two countries. We do have a “wild west” mentality down here…a carry-over I guess…and it’s not really discouraged by most of the media. In fact just the opposite by some. Thanks again!

  7. says


    at the same time, all one need do is come to the bigger cities in Canada, like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, and meet the thousands of gay men and women who’ve fled The Prairies to see that my home country still has a long way to go :)

  8. RJ says

    This whole issue is moronic. Some loud mouth individual on FB spouts nonsense about Elizabeth Warren and it is Scott Brown’s fault? Dopey people who can’t think out of the box are the ones who believe this is a real story. Wake up people and get your heads out of the sand or out of the clouds, and get back to reality…

  9. andrew says

    the close MA senate race is coming down to the wire. so much money spent on ads.
    both sides are racheting things up.

    the brown side is coming across as more desperate IMO. and the people chosen for some of his ads are aiming to be provocative. amping up the anxiety.

    any respect i had for browns wife gail huff from her television days is gone now. and the whole “i couldnt possibly be against full equality for women since i have a house full of them” is bull if you actually look at his voting record.

    scott brown has never been a trusted voice for equality, since his local politics days. he never voted for marriage equality as a MA senator, and he actually yelled profanities at high school students at a school assembly in his district who had the gall to disagree with his positions online.

    scott browns bumper stickers say “hes for us”. dont believe for a moment hes for all of us…

  10. says

    Under the tent of the Republican Party you’ll find many groups who anti- this and anti-that! That’s their connection and contribution to the Grand Old Party. At 75 years old, the Democrats changed for the better… the Republicans never changed… one week it’s anti abortion, the next it’s Tax breaks for the Rich, and not funding PBS,Planned Parenthood,or Head-Start. The main thing the Republicans have in common, they are white/rich and not smart!

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    I’ve always contended that it does matter who publically supports you. In this case, I definitely believe that the FB views of someone featured in your commercial do matter.

    Quite some years ago, politicians would not accept money from and plead not to be recommended by gay organizations, because they thereby would loose the eletion. I, of course, am very glad that has changed.

  12. millerbeach says

    Something is wrong with that guy’s lip. The left side of his upper lip does not move. It looks like he may have had cleft palate or cleft lip surgery. Probably teased like crazy while he was growing up…that may explain his unexplainable bitterness toward others. Pity. Tortured as a child with physical deformities, haunted as an adult with mental deformities. Must be God’s punishment for being so hateful.

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