News: Sandy, Frank Lloyd Wright, Rubio, Peek-A-Boo

1NewsIcon Is Bryce Chandler Joe Simpson’s secret gay lover?

WrightHouse1NewsIcon A couple in Phoenix, Arizona, are preparing to do battle with preservationists trying to grant landmark status to a Frank Lloyd Wright home they want to demolish for profit: “Just as Mr. Sells and Mr. Hoffman prepared to close on the deal,
preservationists involved in protecting Wright’s legacy reached out to
the city, asking that the house be considered for landmark status. Mr.
Sells, 50, a technology entrepreneur, said he had no idea of its
significance, or of the difference ‘between Frank Lloyd Wright and the
Wright brothers.'”

1NewsIcon Ellen DeGeneres gives Halle Berry a spidery scare.

1NewsIcon Hurricane Sandy is a’coming.

1NewsIcon The storm’s Caribbean death toll is 48.

Tremors1NewsIcon 1990s horror movies, a retrospective.

1NewsIcon Pennsylvania lawmakers don’t appear interested in the ongoing gay marriage debates swirling around them.

1NewsIcon Alicia Silverstone says her first boyfriend was gay: “I’ve had so many crushes
on gay boys. My first love was so gay, and I didn’t know. I used to
defend him because everyone would say he was gay, but he’d say he
wasn’t. Then, about six years later, he had the big talk with me.”

1NewsIcon Peek-a-boo explained.

1NewsIcon The Carrie Diaries, a “prequel” to Sex and the City, has released a season preview and cast a love interest, a love interest we all know won’t stand the test of time.

1NewsIcon Gay activists in Jamaica taking on colonial era “buggery laws”: “The legal challenge is being taken to the Inter-American Commission on
Human Rights, which is modelled on the European Court of Human Rights.
Jamaica is not a full member and any ruling would only be advisory and
not binding; it would, nonetheless, send out a strong signal of
international disapproval.”

Rubio1NewsIcon Good, sticky line from Romney supporter Marco Rubio about President Obama’s policies:
“They’re the ideas that have failed every time they’ve been tried.
They’re expensive ideas. They’re the ideas of countries that people come
here to get away from.”

1NewsIcon Gay men make great husbands, according to ladies interviewed by The Hindustan Times.

1NewsIcon Check out the new video for Nicki Minaj’s “Va-Va-Voom”.