News: Archie, Alpha Centauri, Alanis Morrissette, Abercrombie

RoadThe Romney tax plan.

RoadPetition launched against NYC mass transit fare hikes.

Archie_gleeRoadArchie meets Glee. "Announced in July, the crossover is penned by comics writer and Glee co-producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and illustrated by Parent, and arrives on the heels of publisher’s much-publicized '“Archie meets KISS' storyline."

RoadNIKE and Livestrong unceremoniously dump Lance Armstrong.

RoadUgandan 'eat da poo poo' pastor Martin Ssempa begins serving sentence for falsely accusing a rival pastor of having sexual relationships with male members of his congregation.

RoadMakers of Axe body spray claim their new product will make lesbians go straight, and use the Gigi Chao story to sell it.

RoadFlorida man assaulted live-in boyfriend because he listened to too much Alanis Morrissette: "'That's all the mother f**ker listens to,' Allen Casey, 24, told sheriff's deputies Sunday night in the Jacksonville home he shares with Todd Fletcher, 33. Fletcher told investigators that Casey hit him in the face with a plate. Bleeding from a large cut, Fletcher 'stated that he was listening to Alanis Morissette and his boyfriend didn't like it, so the suspect hit the victim in the face,' according to a Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report."

RoadReport: Justin Timberlake to marry in an olive garden this weekend.

AlphacentauriRoadEarth-size planet found in Alpha Centauri, nearest star system to ours: “This is the first planet with a mass similar to Earth ever found around a star like the Sun. Its orbit is very close to its star and it must be much too hot for life as we know it, but it may well be just one planet in a system of several. Our other HARPS results, and new findings from Kepler, both show clearly that the majority of low-mass planets are found in such systems.”

RoadLee Daniels in talks to direct Amy Adams in Janis Joplin biopic.

RoadOne of those shirtless Abercrombie models did an AMA on Reddit.

RoadWelsh teen jailed for killing man he met on a gay website: "Bleddyn King, 19, was told that he may never be released from prison for the pre-meditated killing of David Evans, in Pentyrch, near Cardiff, in January of this year. King planned to rob Mr Evans and stabbed him so ferociously that his knife blade bent, Cardiff Crown Court heard."

RoadRomney practiced sitting on a bar stool for debate cause he's never done that.

RoadDerek Hough parading around half dressed on the DWTS set.

RoadGangster Squad trailer debuts.

BrodkorbRoadStrategist admits goal of Minnesota anti-gay amendment ballot measure was voter turnout. "Michael Brodkorb was a powerful Republican insider within the Minnesota legislator until it came to light 10 months ago that he was having an affair with Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch (R). Koch resigned and Brodkorb was fired, but after keeping his silence in the interim, he’s now speaking out against the marriage inequality amendment."

RoadBrad Pitt for Chanel No5, Take Two.

RoadFreddie Mercury film moving forward: “The pieces are all falling into place, though we are now on a slightly later schedule — filming is now scheduled to start in the Spring, with Sacha Baron Cohen playing Freddie. The film should be ready for release early in 2014.”

RoadBritish ambassador to Chile mocks Argentina's Falklands war with homophobic tweet.

Road8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rules that Manchester, Missouri can limit protests at military funerals by the Westboro Baptist Church: "The Manchester ordinance allows for protest activities but with limitations. Among them: Protesters are not allowed within 300 feet of a funeral or burial service while it is occurring and for one hour before and one hour after."


  1. NaughtyLola says

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are getting married in an Olive Garden? WTF? Their breadsticks are so salty! I mean I know they’re unlimited but seriously, you totally OD on sodium.

  2. Gigi says

    @NAUGHTYLOLA You beat me to it! But I was thinking that he was going to marry Lance Bass. They’d make a wayyyy cuter couple.

  3. Randy says

    Let’s admit it, Alanis could have that effect on anyone. I avoid her music out of concern for my own personal safety.

  4. says

    Totally off topic :

    Andy, you have to highlight the current anti gay and anti migrant drift to the extreme right in Greece.
    The police are in total collaboration with Golden Dawn, which is simply a reincarnation of 1930’s Nazis……and they are virulently anti gay…….lately attacking a theatre where a gay themed play was being performed.

    We need to shout loud about this intimidation of gays and immigrants…..before it’s too late.

  5. gregory brown says

    I like the comments on the site for Mittsy’s “bar stool virgin” story. If it’s true, that should cost the man at least 5 points in any poll of ordinary people. Life on Kolob must be VERY odd.

  6. Lol says

    “One of those shirtless Abercrombie models did an AMA on Reddit.”

    Over a year ago. What the hell?

  7. OddBet says

    “What were the islands that they took, from whom and for what reason? Maybe I’ll get to know at the National Stadium this Tuesday? I’ve already got my ticket.”

    You consider that homophobic? It was a reference to a football chant, and while it was in poor taste, his comment isn’t homophobic simply because the chant is.

    Also, why is it considered totally ok to mock France for its military defeats, yet mocking Argentina is deemed offensive?

  8. Chris says

    The Earth sized planet around Alpha Centauri is interesting because Alpha Centauri is a binary and has been debate about whether stable orbits can exist in relatively close binaries. Alpha Centauri B, which this planet orbits, varies in distance from its primary from the orbit of Pluto to that of Saturn.

  9. ratbastard says

    Meth and Alanis Morriessette music DO NOT go well together. Even if I was sober I’d be inclined to smack the BF with dinner plate.

  10. Justin says

    The Lynx/Axe advertising is intentionally self-effacing humour. I doubt that most whom use their products actually believe that it’s instant-chick-magnetism in a can. If anything, their advertising strategy mocks the aspirations of their customers and lets them in on the joke. Totally inoffensive.

  11. says

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