Obama Appears on ‘The Daily Show’, Gets Big Ovation for Support for LGBT Rights: VIDEO


Link HERE and HERE for those of you on mobile.


  1. Jay says

    This is the most classy, intelligent, sincere, thoughtful, and caring man we have ever had as president. America would be a fool to kick him out of office.

  2. PAUL B. says

    I’m sure it kills “them” that he’s smarter, funnier & more eloquent than even their best & brightest. And compared to the average “regressive republican”…i.e. tea party…he’s like a genius! So, of course they feel stupid…and rightfully so.

  3. GLAW2014 says

    I agree with all of the above…we would definitely be at a lost for all the progress that has been made for the LGBT community. I mean…it is not like we can count on GOProud or the Log Cabin Republicans.

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