1. jake says

    That was my first reaction when Pink and the dancer did some acrobatic moves, “looks like Shakira’s Did it again video” I like Shakira’s video better but the song is beautiful!!!

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    She’s a beefy gal too. Provocative use of soft core violence to make the point. What do we learn? Get to the gym and work out. The new motto: Look good naked.

  3. barryearle says

    I hated this video. At best it’s about abuse and at worst it’s about rape. If the idea is that you are suppose to get up and try to make an abusive relationship work, it’s even worse. That’s merely promoting the abuse cycle. The slick production values make it even more off-putting.

  4. Mikey says

    It’s modern dance, not an actual depiction of a relationship. It’s supposed to symbolize struggle. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything about rape or abuse.

  5. bob says

    Mikey, I see your point but I have to say that my initial reaction was the same as BarryEarle’s. Even modern dance is usually symbolic of something and the choreography was charged enough that I would not say it is the depiction of personal struggle. I think this video could easily be interpreted as symbolic of interrelationship violence and when coupled with the lyrics could give some the wrong idea about the response to that. It is visually stunning, agreed.

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