1. Bill says

    Regarding John’s comment, “If you’re going to preach about increased law enforcement, how are you planning to pay for that.”

    Ryan wants to cut federal spending and let the states do their own thing, so he can claim that he is being self-consistent. The catch: just like under Reagan, the anti-tax rhetoric “trickles down” to the state level, and the states find that that for political reasons they can’t raise taxes to compensate for the drop in revenue they get from the federal government.

    It’s the same old scam. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

  2. i could go on, but I won't says

    The irony is that federal tax cuts causing states to lose revenue while increasing their expenditures will hurt red states a lot more than blue states. And yet the red state voters don’t seem to get that.

  3. i could go on, but I won't says

    Reading between the lines Ryan is saying that inner city problems need to be addressed by churches, volunteers and charity groups teaching those losers how to behave. Yeah, that’s going to happen.

    They don’t need more police, just more guns. Yeah, that should work out well too.

    And of course no access to birth control will really help.

    All I can say is those churches are going to be very busy.

  4. Alexx says

    When the very person who designed a governments proposed budget reacts like this to logistical questions about said plan; should throw up warning signs.

  5. andrew says

    That headline is a totally inacurate caption of what actually happened. Did the writer of the headline actually watch the clip? If yes, he/she should get a job working for Fox News. Thats the quality of journalism they appreciate.

  6. Jack M says

    Even if the journalist asked a stupid question, Ryan could have been more mature in his response, and that’s the real issue. He is a loose cannon.

  7. Patrick says

    I will not vote for Romney/Ryan for many, many good reasons. However, I do think this little story on Towleroad is a bit in the Fox News style, just from the other side. Never good, no matter the politics.

  8. RJP3 says

    All they have proposed is Tax Cuts – and no plans to help control the crime problem – you heard Ryan – that is not the role of Government (AGAIN). It was a legit question – and Ryan did not end the interview, his campaign handlers did. If Ryan was a man – he would have waived off the handler and answered the question.

    Spoiled. Self Impressed. And too much testosterone from all the working out. The ultimate bad personality combo — go to any gay nightclub with monied muscle queens.

  9. MarKus says

    I’m a gay white man who hates being gay because my right-wing parents hate me for being gay so I like to say anti-Left things in hopes they’ll be a little bit less ashamed of me.

    So far it hasn’t worked, but I’m going to keep trying!

  10. Christopher says

    I’m the last person to support Romney/Ryan, but I don’t think the headline “walks out of interview” is even close to accurate here. Stop trying to make news where none exists.

  11. Jack says

    “When federal taxes drop, state taxes increase.”

    Aaand so? Shouldn’t more taxes be localized rather than national? Why do people in State A have to pay for the federal grant that benefits State B? Doesn’t it make more sense to have the people in State A use the money to benefit their own state?

  12. andrew says

    Does anyone think that the last post attributed to “Markus” was really the conservative Markus who posts on this site? Of course not. It was posted by a Little person who doesn’t understand that democracy survives because of the free exchange of ideas. Extremists of the left and right don’t understand that. They have demogogic and authoritarian souls!

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