Serbia Bans Gay Pride Parade, Citing Security Risk

Serbia's Gay Pride parade planned for this weekend in Belgrade has been canceled as have all activities related to it, B92 reports:

SerbiaPreviously, Dačić said that the parade would be banned if security services found the risk of violence associated with it was too high.

Goran Miletić, one of the organizers, told B92 that they had received an explanation from the MUP "which said absolutely nothing except to quote a legal article which stated that it had been appraised that security could be jeopardized during the gathering".

Serbian Patriarch Irinej had urged Prime Minister Ivica Dačić to ban the parade as well as an art exhibition by Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, which depicted Jesus Christ dressed in women's clothing:

In a release submitted to Tanjug, the patriarch says the "tragicomic
parade of shame" casts a heavy moral shadow on Belgrade, on Serbia's
longstanding Christian culture and the dignity of the family, as the
basic unit of humanity.

Commenting on the exhibit, which has stirred a lot of debate in the public, the patriarch said it was "deeply insulting."

"I had not expected that this year I would again be forced to turn to
you on behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Church, its members, who are the
dominant majority in Serbia, and on behalf of numerous members of other
religions, with the plea and demand that, by your authority as prime
minister, you prevent the scandalous exhibit of photographs by Swedish
artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin," Irinej wrote.


  1. ratbastard says

    See how decades of Communist totalitarianism, and an oppressive institution like the Orthodox Church can phuk people up.

    Savages. Beast from the East indeed.


    My reference to ‘savages’ wasn’t directed at the many decent Serbs. I’m sure some will accuse me of some form of ‘ism’, so I had to make this disclaimer.

  2. Bob says

    It is time for LGBT people to start their own security groups for protection from anti-gay criminals who try to harm LGBT people, like the Guardian Angels only they would protect LGBT people from the attacks and threats of attacks from any and all anti-gay people. We need to start protecting ourselves because this news sends a message that we need to defend our own LGBT people when the ones who are suppose to be in control and protect all people can or will not, even when they are paid by LGBT people who pay their taxes the same as straight people to protect them.

  3. MaddM@ says

    too bad they don’t address the problem that a number of the police force would be complacent if there were antigay violence, or that the real problem is there are serbians that can;t control themselves

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