1. Beau says

    I actually find that quite tame, personally. His syntax might be a little off, but I don’t find it damning. I think we’re getting a little oversensitive in our old age.

  2. Icebloo says

    He DESPERATELY needs some gay people in his life to help him with that HIDEOUS hair. YUCK. No gay man would touch that fugly dumbass.

  3. Billy says

    The guy is like 25. I know he’s in the spotlight in New England I guess, but we shouldn’t get too worked up over his comments. Young people say dumb things, and don’t fully know who they are. Let see how he feels in 5 or 10 years.

  4. says

    Maybe I’m just missing the whole concept here. I actually found his comment to be pro-gay. He would scream if he found a homosexual in his bathtub. I would too if I didn’t expect them to be there.
    It’s what he would do after the scream that would or would not make him homophobic or arachnophobic. If he would kill both after the scream, then he’s homophobic.

  5. ElCid says

    I do not find that comment insulting at all. It sounds like a lame joke to me. Are we that untouchable/sensitive that we won’t take a stupid joke for what it is?

  6. Ricco says

    Personally . . . I find it kind of funny. I cannot really tell from the joke if he is a homophobe. Worse things have been said.

  7. Rich in DC says

    Oh, come on. It’s kind of funny! And pokes fun at how stupid it is to call it “homophobia”… Like the internet meme says “you’re not afraid of gay people, you’re just an ass hole”

  8. NeverEclipsed81 says

    What kind of comedians are these people watching? This is absolutely not a joke, and someone who makes millions being in the public eye should be accountable for this.

  9. Steve says

    I have to admit, I laughed over this. We have so much worse things to get angry over, this isn’t even an annoyance. It’s a joke. That’s all. Hell, I’D scream if I found a random homosexual in my bath tub. What KIND of scream would depend on said random homosexual. 😉

  10. Markus says

    I would scream too to find you anywhere let alone in my bathtub and If only spiders could speak….
    Btw do you guys really think he needs a bathtub? Doesn’t look like he bathes.

  11. belo says

    Hmm, let me try that joke formula: “I’m blackophobic like I’m arachnophobic. I don’t have anything against blacks or spiders, but I’d still scream if I found one in my classroom.” For those who don’t think his tweet is offensive, I guess you don’t find this offensive either.

  12. Sam says

    Belichick will put a gag on him and beat him up. He gagged ochocinco last year which is unheard of. Even trash talking other players is not tolerated. Very unpatroitic.

  13. says

    Please change your name Brandon…….I live there and it is an honourable name,(after the god Bran,) which you only besmirch with your ignorant musings.

    Not every dumb thought has to come out your hole.

  14. cdubois says

    Why do gays so often not like blacks? It makes me sad. It is difficult because as a black person I am dumbfounded by the fact that so many minorities who have been wrongly judged for the color of their skin can then turn around and be homophobic. But the opposite side is that the gay community is becoming more and more discriminitory itself… idk…. It seems that as a minirity you haven’t fully assimilated until you can start discriminating against another group. If true, i think it is safe to say we gays are well on our way to becoming an accepted part of american society.

  15. Yupp says

    I’m not defending him, but there is some truth in what Billy (above) says. I’m pretty sure I said stupid (unrecorded) things until age 25.

  16. Markt says

    You can’t replace the word gay with black in this joke. Part of the joke is that he says he’ll scream – get it? So he’s indicating that the speaker (him) is at least kinda gay. Also, bathtub has circumstantial meaning here.
    There are limits to analogizing race and sexual orientation. The idea that they can be replaced modularly is ridiculous.
    Finally, I think it may have been a pro-gay statement although it is ambiguous.

  17. Yupp says

    CDuBois : Because many gays think blacks are more homophobic than other races, both violently and non-violently. Therefore, they’d be a threat to our well-being. (Whether all that is true or not is a whole other debate).

  18. cdubois says

    @yup. I get that perception (because that’s what it is when it isn’t backed by data) but It seems counterproductive and a touch bit hypocritical. Further, I think it is an idea that is rather off base. The funny thing is the same people who make assertations about the gay lifestyle to blacks to mobilize them against us are the SAME people who propogate stereotypes of black people to us to insight fear. It’s a vicous circle of hate and eventually someone needs to be an adult and turn the other cheek. I’m not going to hate someone for hating me, I will pity them for being consumed by negativity…

  19. mikie dennis says

    What a bunch of dumb ass comments.

    So what is wrong with a straight man screaming if he found a gay man in his tub?

    When one finds something that means it was not invited to be there.

    I would scream or yell if I found anyone other than my mate in our home and tub.

    And sreaming at a spider does not make one gay, having sex with the same sex as you makes one gay.

    I thought what he tweeted was on the silly funny side of life.

  20. Beau says

    I personally, as a 25-year-old white boy, have an affinity for black men. You put Frank Ocean in front of me, and it’s all over.

  21. cdubois says

    @BEAU HAHA Thats so funny! Not 5 minutes ago I saw a picture of Frank O and wondered how I never noticed how hot he is!!! He’s not bad musically either…

  22. Francis says

    I honestly don’t see this as homophobic in the truest sense but it’s still wrong because he’s making homosexuality the butt of a joke. So it’s still effectively making fun of us, poking fun at us. So I consider this more stupid, insensitive and immature. Intent wasn’t hateful but at the end of the day, it was an unnecessary tweet. The thought of it makes me think just……WHY?

  23. truthteller says

    Men usually break into people’s houses to steal, kill or rape.

    Isn’t the subtext of his tweet that the gay man would be there to f**k him?

    And, would he scream or try to beat up the intruder if the intruder were heterosexual.

    Are gay men that horrifying to him that he would feel so indefensible and it would send him screaming in fear?

  24. gb says

    I believe it was a no harm intended joke alone the line as if a gay male found a naked female in his bathtub.

  25. ophu says

    I’d scream if I found a perfect stranger in my bathtub who shouldn’t be there. I have feeling, therefore, that Spikes doesn’t know many gay people.

  26. Rick says

    @CDUBOIS It is partly what Yupp said, but to be totally, brutally honest, it is also because the value that most gay men place on other men has mostly to do with how physically attractive they are…..and many non-black people (and most gays are, of course, non-black) simply do not find the physical characteristics of black people appealing–skin color, hair texture, facial features, etc……

    Of course, I am probably not telling you something you don’t already know…..and I think it accounts for a lot of the anger black gays feel towards non-black gays.

    Of course, there are some non-black gay men who find black men attractive and some who even have a “fetish” for them, but they are probably a small minority, from what I have observed.

    Just being candid.

  27. gomez says

    i love spiders and homos, just not together

    the whole “i have nothing against homosexuals but…” thing is ridiculous. yes, you have something against them, stop fronting like you don’t.

  28. Brandon H says

    I’d scream if I found a homosexual in my bathtub too. Whether it was a scream of joy or fear would depend on how hot he was.

  29. says

    I think it was just a lame joke that unintentionally came off as homophobic. I’ll give this guy the benefit of the doubt, since he hasn’t made any previous anti-gay statements (that i’m aware of, anyway).

  30. redball says

    srsly, guys? some of you need help with reading comprehension. this was NOT gay-friendly. nor was it ‘veiled’ or ‘unintentional’.

    he likened homophobia to arachnophobia meaning HE HATES BOTH spiders and gays.

  31. redball says

    RICK: “simply” is not so simple.

    there’s been a vast history of systematically depicting in language, political and other cartoons, etc., the beauty of non-white races as LESS THAN.

    it’s not so objective as you make it out to be. it’s 100% socially constructed.

  32. danswon says

    Clearly a joke. I’m not offended. Lighten up guys! If anything, it just serves to highlight how silly and irrational homophobia is.

  33. Randy says

    Out of context, it’s funny. And so is the flip side that Tessie Tura mentioned.

    But he might need to explain his true views.

  34. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL@me. I waited all day long to read the comments here because I thought the racists might have a field day. I didn’t feel like trading racial slurs. Well, it wasn’t that bad. There were a couple of ignorant b.tches that blamed ALL BLACKS for the stupid comment of one homophobe….but it wasn’t that bad.

    But, of course, who would get me to laughing with his foolish-azz remarks? Why, Rick, of course:

    “Of course, I am probably not telling you something you don’t already know…..and I think it accounts for a lot of the anger black gays feel towards non-black gays.”

    LOL…who the do you think would crave your 54 year old pale, pimpled azz? Not us n-words, and that’s for sure. And NOT 14 year old Arab boys! Not anymore, Miss Rick. (you monster). LOL :-)

    Silly ol’ cow.

  35. redball says

    @Derrick: tell me about it!

    RICK is an old, wrinkly, shriveled-up, SINGLE, white M-Fer who misses the glory days of the good ol’ (WHITE) boys club and can’t deal with the (increasingly socially recognized) beauty and worth and intelligence of black brown yellow men and women.

    he is also busy over at today’s “Paul Ryan Flexes Muscle…” TR post, getting down on his hands and knees and grovelling at the shrine of paul ryan b/c, you know, ryan is white so RICK has no further questions.

  36. cdubois says

    Now now fellas… Rick has a right to say what he feels. His reply to my comment put it down pretty sharply and made me rather sad but non the less he didn’t hurl insults or disparage anyone’s character. He just stated what he feels is his truth.. . Let’s hope he’s wrong, but let’s not call names.

  37. cdubois says

    … Also, I haven’t encountered many gay blacks who are angry about the racism within our community. It’s more about dissapointment in the blatant hipocrisy of it all. We have enough crap to deal with without getting more crap slung at us from our own gay brothers and sisterz

  38. DavyJones says

    Heh, I lol’d… Seriously, there are so many examples of actual homophobia, this should be a non-issue.

  39. redball says

    @CDUBOIS, welcome. have you been here long? if not, my guess is that after a while RICK’s racism will start to wear on you too. RATBASTARD’s as well (assuming they are different people, which some of us seem to be highly suspicious about).

  40. EchtKultig says

    Don’t worry sugar, I’d find you about as much of a turn on as the corpse of Phyllis Diller.

  41. EchtKultig says

    Btw – not because he’s black, but because he’s really unattractive to me – stupid attempt at joke and childish fear of spiders inclusive.

  42. Rick says


    I was just making an observation. I don’t think it is 100% social construction as Redball suggested before he went off the deep end with his later comments (Derrick is permanently off the deep end, so…..), but I am sure that there is SOME cultural element to what is considered attractive.

    On the other hand, physical and sexual attraction is, on some level, so visceral that I think there is a limit to how much cultural pressure can influence it……which is why, of course, it is almost impossible for any of us to deny our attraction to men rather than women, despite the enormous pressure society has placed on us to do so.

    It is a touchy, explosive topic–I understand that–I was just trying to answer you honestly.

    For what it is worth, I personally have had sex over the years with guys of all races, including black guys (although Derrick and Redball won’t believe it)…..they tend to think I am “racist” because of my candor about racial matters, as opposed to the dishonesty that so many others engage in.

    I guess maybe I got into that habit from having spent a lot of time in Africa, which is not nearly as race-obsessed as America is…..which, incidentally, is why I think Barack Obama was able to transcend race so easily in a way that I doubt many other African-Americans could….he just never absorbed the poisonous effects of American history, given his background, so it has never disabled him the way it does some others.


  43. cdubois says

    @redball Thanks for the welcome! I’ve frequented this website for years but rarely comment. I’m not familiar with Rick or Ratbastard but I don’t find him offensive (thus far lol) I actually appreciate his candor despite the fact that his views don’t seem to line up with my own. Only time will tell I guess

  44. redball says

    RICK, it’s at the very least MOSTLY socially constructed. i dont have time to parse it out any further than that with you.

  45. RJ says

    Some of y’all need to tone down the righteous indignation. Seriously, you’re coming off as ignorant at best, and way too delicate at worst.

  46. RJ says

    Some of y’all need to tone down the righteous indignation. Seriously, you’re coming off as ignorant at best, and way too delicate at worst.

  47. ratbastard says

    I’m going out on a limb, but I think what he actually was trying to convey is being misinterpreted. An interesting but clumsy comment on his part, and who doesn’t on occasion F up? Who?

    I’d cut the guy slack on this.

  48. Lee says

    If I found a random homosexual in my bathtub, I’d lock the door from the outside and call the police. If I find a spider, a gently take it outside.

    Now what does that make me?