Jon Stewart Mocks Romney Plan to Follow Obama on Foreign Policy: VIDEO



  1. Anthony says

    Towleroad – You are my favorite website. I know it’s election season but the blog seems to have moved from gay news to politics. While I agree with your political leanings, I miss coming on here to escape to gay news. And it makes me sad.

  2. Alex Parrish says

    @Anthont — While I empathize with your feeling — I am burned-out on political warfare — the LGBT community needs to understand that politics IS gay news. These political discussions are going to decide what happens in our lives; whether we can live unfettered by government interference from right-wingnuts, and be treated equally as citizens. Yes, we all deserve a “fun” break, but this is important stuff. Take a deep breath, and then dive back in — and VOTE!!!

  3. Anthony says

    @Alex – I understand that and voted early yesterday. My point is that I get non-stop politics from CNN, HuffPo, etc. Towleroad should have serious news, as it so often does about the atrocities those in the LGBT community face. But at the same time, I don’t want to come here and read a gay Politico. Just my personal feelings. At least Queerty is still light during elections.

  4. RandySf says

    @Anthony: This isn’t a gay news blog anymore than videos of cute animals are gay news.

    I’m burnt out on this stuff, too, but I’m sick of seeing people act as if this blog never deviates from “gay” into “stuff that the blog writers just find entertaining or interesting.”