Towleroad Talking Points: Romney Losing Momentum?

MissionaryPositions_W_06PHOTO OF THE DAY: Mormon Missionaries take all sorts of positions 


A look back at today's big stories


President Obama swung by The Tonight Show last night and talked about a great many things including the stupidity of Richard Mourdock and his soccer rivalry with Donald Trump. Obama wasn't the only one who laughed off Trump's embarrassment of an "October Surprise". Stephen Colbert enjoyed it so much that he is taking the mogul's lead and offering him $1 million dollars if he will allow Colbert to tea-bag him. Well if that visual doesn't put you off your dinner I don't know what will. 

Good news today for the Obama campaign from the New York Times' Nate Silver who believes that Obama has halted Romney's uptick in momentum. Also Former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell came out today in support of President Obama's re-election

Despite the Log Cabin Republicans' recent support of Mitt Romney, Ben Adler of The Nation tell us all to not kid ourselves about Romney's stance on LGBT rights. Case in point, a recent report from The Boston Globe about Romney's rejection of birth certificates for same-sex parents



Yesterday in Minnesota gays were likened to Hitler, today in Maryland a pastor claimed that gay rights supporters are worthy of death. Just class and human decency all around. 

Also yesterday we reported on kissing lesbians making a stand at an anti-gay protest in France. Well now we bring you an interpretative dance in the form of an anti-gay activist in a lycra spandex bird suit from that same protest. Point made. 


  1. says

    this attack on mormons is just repulsive. I guess if you stood for anything or had an ideal, someone could crap all over that for you. But since nothing means anything to you there is no point. Enjoy your banality.

  2. sparks says

    Attack on mormons? How dare anyone attack a church which has stood for institutionalized homophobia; turning thousands of families against their gay young people some of whom have committed suicide as a result; and crossing the line between church and state to toss millions of dollars pushing and supporting anti-gay legislation in states that don’t even have significant mormon populations.

    As far as I’m concerned, the mormon church has a LOT of blood on its hands. You can’t demonize something that is already corrupt and evil at its very core. Ideally the whole organization would be shut down and banished from civilized society. Barring that, TAXED.

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