Posts from November 15, 2012

BP To Pay $4 Billion For Deepwater Oil Spill


BP will pay a record-breaking fine for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill: $4 billion. They will also pay $525 million in additional security and exchange commission fines. Also, there are reports that two BP employees will face manslaughter charges for…

Is This Doritos Marriage Parody For Real? VIDEO


It’s unclear whether this “Doritos Marriage” video, produced by Atlanta-based production company Felton Interactive Group and found at Good As You, is actually meant for Doritos or is just an example of Felton’s aesthetic. And like Doritos themselves…

Add To The List Of LGBT Goals For President Obama


While appointing an LGBT person to the Cabinet or as an ambassador to a G-20 nation would be nice, Joe Sudbay and Paul Yandura have laid out a few other, more pressing goals for President Obama's second term, including an executive decision on wo…