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George Takei Teams Up With Old Navy For 'Cheermageddon': VIDEO


Again proving himself to be awesome on an out-of-this-world scale, George Takei sings, dances and is very generous with his gifts in this ad for Old Navy's Black Friday "Cheermageddon" sale. The ad will air during the American Music Awards airing this Sunday.

The track Takei is belting, by the way, is called "I Don't Want To Miss A Sale" -- not even when he's dreaming of shoes.

Watch the exceptionally entertaining advert AFTER THE JUMP.

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'Out' Unveils All Four Out100 Covers

Out1 Out2

Out magazine has finally given it up and released all four covers for its annual Out100 edition.

Jane Lynch, Boy George, Sharon Needles and Andrew Rannells are the stars this year, providing the round-up with more than pretty faces but tenacity, courage and talent. The magazine has also revealed more of its honorees, including MSNBC host Thomas Roberts and husband Patrick Abner, an HIV liaison for Merck, and actor Matthew Wilkas.

Click HERE to check peruse the magazine's Out100.

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Matt Barber Says Marriage Equality A 'Weapon' Meant To Destroy Free Speech: VIDEO


According to Matt Barber from the anti-gay Liberty Counsel, marriage equality advocates and their allies aren't really interested in giving same-sex couples the same rights as their straight counterparts. We just want to use gay marriage to destroy free speech, free religion and society at large because we want to tear down the archetypal white picket fence.

All the legislative and judicial battles, all the tears, all the money and time poured into achieving equality - that's all in the name of the biggest renovation in history.

Watch the Right Wing Watch video, via Joe.My.God, AFTER THE JUMP.

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LGBT Voters Gave Obama Edge In 2012 Election

ObamareelectionPrior to the election, Gallup predicted that LGBT voters, overwhelmingly pro-Obama, had the potential to tip the election decisively in the president's favor.

Well, a new analysis of election data appears to validate that theory.

From a New York Times article called "Gay Voters Seen As Crucial In Obama's Victory" UPDATE: the article is now called "Gay Support Buoyed Obama":

Mr. Obama’s more than three-to-one edge in exit polls among the 5 percent of voters who identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual was more than enough to give him the ultimate advantage, according to the study, by Gary J. Gates of the Williams Institute at the U.C.L.A. School of Law, in conjunction with Gallup. The results are consistent with earlier research on the size and political beliefs of gay voters.


As with Latinos and Asian-Americans, the number of voters who identify as gay appears to be growing. Only 1.9 percent of Americans over 65 identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual, according to the Gallup survey, while 3.2 percent of those between 30 and 49 and 6.4 percent of those between 18 and 29 do.

Despite all evidence and reality, J. Hogan Gidley, a communications director for failed presidential candidate Rick Santorum, told the Times that the Republican Party can't move to the center on marriage because they'll lose die-hard conservatives.

"I think it would be a mistake for the party to abandon its moral values,” he said. He later reduced the debate to a battle of "buzzwords:" "We’ve lost the buzzword battle... that marriage is a 'right.'"

R. Clarke Cooper from the Log Cabin Republicans told the paper the GOP's platform is "a good plan," but is too often drowned out by "the cacophony and the noise that is perceived as anti-immigrant, or anti-L.G.B.T., or anti-women." So, basically the platform itself. [Correction: Cooper wrote in to say that he supports the GOP's small-government agenda, not the platform.]

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Meghan McCain Joining Pro-Equality Conservative Group

Meghan-mccain-no-h8-proposition-8You can add another line to Meghan McCain's resume. McCain, author of Dirty Sexy Politics, MSNBC commentator, equality advocate and, of course, the daughter of Senator John, is now joining Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, one of Freedom to Marry's spin-off groups.

"I'm thrilled to join the Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, who believe, as I do, that we don’t have to choose between conservatism and marriage for all committed couples," McCain said in the group's press release.

"I look forward to spreading the message that the tenets of family, personal freedom and responsibility point the way toward a GOP that fully embraces the freedom to marry."

The group's advocacy on behalf of same-sex marriages, like that full-page ad lambasting notable homophobe Tony Perkins and his Family Research Council, can only help move conservatives and the Republican Party in the right direction on marriage equality, and hopefully their work is more efficient than a party-wide proctology exam.

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MN. Church Denies Entire Family Communion Over Son's Gay Marriage Support


The Assumption Church, a Catholic congregation in Barnesville, Minnesota, does not mess around when it comes to fighting followers who support marriage equality.

The church's priest, Rev. Gary LaMoine, told the family of 17-year old Lennon Cihak that he cannot participate in his scheduled confirmation because Cihak shared his opposition to the recently defeated amendment that would define marriage as one man and one woman.

Not only that, LaMoine is now denying Communion to the entire family, including Cihak's parents, who have attended the church for decades.

From The Forum Of Fargo-Moorhead:

The Facebook post in question was a photo of Lennon in front of an altered political sign. Originally reading “Vote Yes” on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment... Lennon scribbled out the “yes” and replaced it with “NO"

Lennon said fellow students in his confirmation class “liked” the photo on Facebook, but they were still allowed to be confirmed.

“I just thought it was wrong to single him out,” [mother] Shana said.

Her husband, Doug Cihak, agreed.

“(LaMoine) was talking about ‘God doesn’t believe in this.’ Well, God created Lennon,” said Doug, adding that he was baptized and raised in the same church.

But now the family is not allowed to participate in Communion there, Doug said, and he’s worried as to how far the sanctions will go, expressing concern about being able to be buried alongside his parents.

Mrs. Cihak says she'll never return to the church, but Mr. Cihak is more forgiving, calling LaMoine a "messenger of the church." And even more forgiving, young Lennon told the The Forum he doesn't want this story to besmirch the entire church, "I don’t want the Catholic religion to be put down. It’s just the way the priest has things running. He’s so strict. He won’t loosen up about things."

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