Activist and Author Brandon Lacy Campos Found Dead in NYC

CamposActivist, poet and author Brandon Lacy Campos was found dead in his apartment in NYC, Rod 2.0 reports:

Campos was the co-executive director of Queers for Economic Justice and a prominent figure within the nation's social activist and "artivist" communities. He was also a prolific blogger, social media personality, poet and author. Brandon Campos was the author of the poetry collection It Ain't Truth If It Doesn't Hurt. Campos was also a contributor to the critically-acclaimed 2011 anthology From Macho to Mariposa: New Gay Latino Fiction.

Campos also wrote candidly about living with HIV:

"I am living this life as lovingly as I can be as flawed as I am," Campos reportedly said in one of his last Facebook messages. "My saving grace is that the God in which I believe has sent me more love than I Could believe my due and that love I have been able to share to u. To u amor."

Campos also wrote for The Body, an HIV/AIDS resource. His last entry was a week ago, called Why Voting Matters: Barack Obama, I Got You. The website published a tribute to Campos on its site yesterday.

Campos' body was discovered by his father. He was just 35. More on Campos and his life, as well as reactions from people who knew him, at Rod 2.0.


  1. ratbastard says


    And another reminder of how mortal we all are. Everything will end in an instant for all of us. Stay true to the things that really matter in this life.

  2. FunMe says

    Who cares how died! He was a spirit/soul and did great things. Sorry he left this earth too early. Sounds like he left a great legacy and his friends, family and the GLBT community should be proud of that.

  3. JohnD says

    We have to care how he died because all too often they die from things that could have been avoided. If this death came as no fault of his own then I truly am sorry for him but people ask because it is helpful to understand why something like this happens. If the death was caused by things within his control (drugs, steroids, suicide) it doesn’t diminish the sadness involved it just makes it clearer the path his life took.

  4. Jeton Ademaj says

    David, the pic that fuels your innuendo shows a fit man well within the bounds of normal size…the shirt is intentionally tight. gossip may indeed emerge from a need to form social bonds, but some gossip does this via disingenuous malice. check yourself.

  5. says

    I must agree that, in the case of our amazing, talented departed soul Brandon, the cause of death is important to know and to share. He went to great lengths to share his life struggles with us, and was painfully honest about race, gay life, his HIV and his drug addiction. To wallpaper over the cause of death because it might somehow diminish his life seems to miss the point — his point — entirely.

    Those of us in recovery have a saying, “we are as sick as our secrets.” However Brandon died, it should be known, shared, and discussed openly, because Brandon was a great teacher and he might have one more important lesson for us all.


  6. Warren H says

    Poor Tonya, sad victim of inbreeding. Back to your father husband dear, time for your beating.
    But back to topic, curiosity about how this special man died isn’t just idle or prurient – if there’s someone victimising gay men the community needs to know…

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