1. Icebloo says

    Will this so-called Christian be giving away all of the money has made from this filthy TV show ? I thought not.

    These “celebs” have so much free time that they become totally self absorbed and bored. They have to find something to fill their time so they usually go for the alcohol or drugs or new religions quest.

    They need to get a real job to occupy their time. The rest of us are so busy earning a living we don’t have time for all of this stupidity that “celebs” do !

  2. Tom says

    The funny part is the Christian religion he joined hates Catholics who give millions to stop gay marriage and “the gay agenda”. Look at the loony videos they put out and you will see it.

  3. badlydrawnbear says

    While I agree that the kid is being a hypocrite (he has been the highest paid child actor on TV for years and will likely earn residuals for the rest of his life based on this ‘filth’) I do wonder what all those years watching Charlie Sheen up close would do to you.

    Not only did he have a front row seat to one of the most notorious partiers in Hollywood he also got to see how the whole Hollywood system enabled Charlie.

    No one fired Charlie for being a drugged up sex addict, in fact he earned millions for doing it.

    Not only, that but the show reveled in Charlies lifestyle as well creating a character that was basically a refection of Charlies personal life.

    I also have to wonder what being so rich so young, almost by accident, does to you. It is not uncommon to see highly successful people question if they are worthy of the money they have paid and looking for something deeper in life, especially once it becomes clear that success, fame, and money doesn’t necessarily make one feel fulfilled and/or happy.

  4. ratbastard says

    $350,000 per episode? And yet we as a society are being constantly programed to accept ‘austerity’ … LOL

    He’s of course correct, the show like most TV shows is crap.

    But I wouldn’t mind occasionally checking it out just to see him 😉

  5. BETTY says

    If his convictions are so strong, will he be returning all that money he made and any future residuals? The religious folk like to try the “recruiting” card on us all the time. They are no better.

  6. jjose712 says

    Oh, i don’t think he is another Kirk Cameron. Kirk was very popular back them, and he has some kind of charisma. I don’t know why people watch Two and a half men, but the character of this guy is probably the most annoying and boring teen in the history of tv.
    They can kill his character tomorrow and i doubt noone complaints

  7. says

    He doesn’t want people to watch his “dirty, filthy show”, but he has no problem staying on the “dirty, filthy show” and cashing their “dirty, filthy” checks.

    Typical religious hypocrite: The Almighty God takes a backseat to The Almighty Dollar.

  8. Gianpiero says

    Jones should be careful about the game he’s playing. It would be very easy to write a new “half-man” into the show by having a previously unknown spawn of the late Charlie character show up on the doorstep.

  9. Chaz says

    I don’t think it’s accurate to call him an Evangelical. He’s a Seventh-Day Adventist, a denomination many Evangelicals see as a cult (the pot calling the kettle black)

  10. Bob says

    A…. That preacher is screwing him

    B…. If he wants to blame somebody he should blame his parents for putting him on the show which is raunchy and repeats an early hour when kids can see it . The show is also very funny

  11. Iban4yesu says

    This comment on another blog explains well why the show is actually a crap!:

    “Producer Chuck Lorre brand; call it “50 percent sweet
    and 50
    percent vulgar, plus or minus 30 percent depending on the show,” or
    possibly “the comedy that the plurality of Americans like, whether you
    personally think it’s clever or not,” or possibly “comedy for people who
    hate critics.” (In fairness, both the leads on Mike & Molly and the
    cast of The Big Bang Theory are often spoken of kindly even in critical
    circles, even when the shows they’re on are less so.) But in another
    Lorre executes a kind of comedy that can vary enormously in both tone
    and quality – in part because he created these shows with different

    Two And A Half Men is a product largely of Lorre’s
    with Lee Aronsohn, who was behind the “enough ladyjokes!” controversy
    that happened this spring. Aronsohn displayed at that time (and
    essentially acknowledged) a distrust of women that comes through loud
    and clear on the show, which he agreed during that controversy is about
    men and the women responsible. Men remains a pretty nasty,
    angry show, and by far the one with the most consistently juvenile

    Anyhoo, anything associated w/ Sheen creeps me out anyway!

  12. Alexx says

    Actions over words. If he truly believe what he preached who would stop contributing to a show he claims is trash (which I kinda agree, but only because I don;t like that kind of humor).

  13. Brad says

    If he was really serious he would quit the show and donate his entire fortune that he made while on it to charity. HYPOCRITE, just like 99% of Christianists out there who want to dictate to everyone else how they should live.

  14. andrew says

    This ignorant little pissant Angus has been making $350,000.00 per episode. If they make 30 episodes a year that is $10,500,000.00. You know that Black/African American Bible thumper sitting next to him sees $$$ signs when he looks at Angus. What is Angus going to do to repent for all the “evil” he fostered in appearing on that dog and pony show? Listen to what Angus said and you will see that belief in the Bible is the root cause of so much ignorance in the world. On another note: can you imagine that this kid was making around 10 million a year when the POTUS makes in salary and expense accounts less than 3/4 of one million dollars a year. Working and middle class Americans should stop supporting these excessively overpaid actors, rock stars and athletes.

  15. andrew says

    Oh yea, Angus should tell his “Black” church friends who don’t call themselves African Americans because they were not born in Africa that they are uninformed. I call myself an Irish American. I wasn’t born in Ireland, my grandparents were. Ireland is where my roots are. Where my ancestors lived. Same is true of African Americans or Italian Americans or Polish Americans etc etc etc.

  16. Mary says

    Mr. Jones is no “hypocrite.” He is someone who changed his beliefs. People do this all the time. Hasn’t he said that he wants to be released from his contract? A hypocrite would be someone who continues to earn money off “filth” when he is legally free to avoid doing so. We dont’ have to like this young man’s beliefs, but he has a right to his life choices. And he is only advising people not to watch the show, not calling for the FCC to pull it from the airwaves. I respect his decisions and am glad he’s speaking out. The Left needs to remember that tolerance goes both ways.

  17. EchtKultig says

    I saw this on one of the Hollywood news shows. He seems like a pernicious little closet case, like Kirk or Caiden Gowger. (sp?) Just wait: I bet they drop him from the show (which is a unwatchable POS btw) because someone this young doesn’t get to bite the hand that feeds them. He’ll end up in the Kirk Cameron doldrums of only doing insignificant right-wing propaganda films.

  18. EchtKultig says

    Mary, sweetie dahling…if he had real convictions he’d instantly quit his “evil” show and kiss his millions a year goodbye. Believe me, they would be HAPPY to release him from his contract. Look at how quickly they released Charlie Sheen. Please, why try to defend scum like this? Tolerance does go BOTH ways…I’m not saying this vile little closet case can’t go marry a beard, or can’t attend the wackadoodle church of his choice. I am perfectly _tolerant_ in calling him a hypocritical POS, which is what he is.

  19. Mary says

    Echtkultig, why are you so sure they’d be happy to release him from his contract? I don’t know the situation (i.e. how they feel about him, how his departure would affect the show,etc..) but I assume that if being released from contract were as easy as you say he’d have just asked them. He must know that it looks hypocritical to stay on the show while preaching against the show. Jones certainly can’t need the money. Why would he open himself up to hypocrisy charges like this?

  20. Markt says

    Mary – He’s already broken his contract. Contracts include a reasonable requirement not to do things that diminish the other party’s ability to profit. In any event, he’s completely unchristian and therefore a hypocrite as well. He’s just being a sanctimonious holier than thou. Christ demanded that his followers DO things. Specifically in the Gospel according to John he states that when you see a man who needs clothes or food you must give him those things if you can. Christ does not judge and says that even if you don’t believe in him you can get to heaven if you FOLLOW his teachings and example. Angus could feed a lot of LA homeless probably for a year with even one of those checks.

  21. acevdo says

    If the show is so ungodly to him, he should:
    1) Definitely quit when his contract is up
    2) Take all of the “blood money” he received from the show and donate it to the poor.

  22. Francis says

    The kid already “apologized” for this “misunderstanding” that has transpired and said how much he loves working on the show, the fellow castmates and the production team. He’s in damage control mode, because he doesn’t want to give up money. This guy is complete scum all-around. Ignore him and do not watch 2 and 1/2 Men until he’s no longer on air.

  23. Rich says

    When Jones started on the show, he was a classic “cute but dumb” kid. He’s outgrown the “cute.” The show’s premise (and title) require a real child in that role.

  24. andrew says

    Angus is now saying that being on that show has been a a “blessing”. He is calling the cast and crew “wonderful people” and his “extended family”. Is it possible that some bible thumpers have gotten into this, probably not well educated, 19 year olds head and are f*cking him up, in the way religious zealots do best?

  25. DC Arnold says

    “Jake the Flake” after becoming rich wants us to not watch something that no longer mattered once Charley Sheen? No problem there. Like the fact those 7th day people are right there for when he gets his trust fund. Nice touch to have the boyfriend join him.

  26. Mikey says

    Hypocritical little prick doesn’t mind taking the filthy money. If he had any true convictions, he would refuse to “act” (if you can call it that) in the show. God’s gonna get him for that!

  27. Joy says

    I think it’s great that Angus has accepted Christ and is taking a stand. He’s just a new believer…not a hypocrite. Where did all the anti-Christian stuff come from in the past decade or so?? Who knows what the future holds for Angus…only God knows. He has tried to get out of his contract, but thus far has been unable to. You people should cut him a break. A lot of child actors have gotten on drugs and messed up their lives. This young man has seen Charlie Sheen screw up his life very publicly, and has decided he wants to go a different direction. GOOD FOR YOU, Angus!!! God bless!!!

  28. Joy says

    Oh, and short comment on Kirk Cameron – I say – GOOD FOR HIM too!!! You people need to stop putting down others for their beliefs. Liberals are supposed to be open-minded?? What a joke! If people aren’t “just like you”, you criticize them. I guess you’d prefer to see Kirk Cameron and Angus Jones in rehab for drug addiction. Try to figure out this crazy world!

  29. andy says

    “Awesome Sermons”, “good learning and stuff”? Did this kid skip school? Two and a Half Men should terminate this kid as soon as possible. I am a long time watcher of the show, not because I am a simpleton or because I like to watch “filth”, it is because I work hard, take great care of my kids and when I watch TV, I want light and silly comedy. The show was and is funny. Unfortunately, Angus’ role is played out, tired, just plain boring and now that I hear this guy also can’t stand his show just makes me and all fans irritated that this young punk can’t appreciate what he is part of. PLEASE FIRE THIS KID SO HE HAS MORE TIME TO learn english and explore his new found church.

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