1. nick says

    Franklin Graham is a complete fraud and didn’t mind pimping out his father’s image with newspaper ad-buys the last 3 weeks of the campaign, authoring the message that accompanied a photo of the original fraud in the family-Billy. He is despicable and dishonest -not to mention a bigot, anti-Semitic and worse. Why America still listens to this family at all is beyond me.

    Go away Franklin- your version of America is slowly going away…..leaving a horrible legacy of deceit, bigotry, and hate.

  2. Rob says

    LGBT people can have children or they can adopt. Why these anti-gay Christian haters keep using this lie over and over is proof they are crazy. What with the tens of thousands of children starving to death every day in the world who need somebody to feed them and love them there is no shortage of children who need help and a family, be it straight or gay. The Christians have failed to care for these children so it is the LGBT who will adopt and help them. The anti-gay Christians are too busy hating gays and spending their millions of dollars to stop gay marriage to feed the children. These Christians are no longer the religious leaders today, they have lost their was and failed to help. If more gays were allowed to marry they would want to adopt more of these children who starve to death every day and so save the lives of these children who the Christians have failed to help because they are possessed by Satan who is using them to destroy minorities who the Christians do not like because they are caught in the grip of evil.

  3. Bernie says

    I had to read this article a few times to try and understand what Mr. Graham was spoutinng as it made no sense and still doesn’t make any sense…I thought people make up a family, not what their body parts are or are not

  4. Sargon Bighorn says

    So the first clip shows his outrage is paying more in taxes! And the cost, the real world cost of Americans enjoying the cheap inexpensive gadgets we can buy! THAT is his outrage? Not the poverty, not the crime, not the corruption in DC.

    His comments about “family” is so off base and out of touch. Religious communities of Monks and Nuns think of themselves as families. That is just one example.

  5. says

    What a pathetic little bigot.
    He spouts puerile jaded bigot-lines…….
    “Our plumbing is different”……..seriously ?

    As for us having families, as I’ve posted before, ask Terence, the kid singing in this vid

  6. UFFDA says

    You’re right BERNIE, it is “people who make up a family” (of humans). How we do it is how we each choose to do it based on our own impulses and instincts, not how someone else, or tradition, tells us it should be done.

    The evangelical thinks a Biblical God is in charge and that they know what He wants based on their view of an ancient text. This cannot be argued sensibly because their ears are stopped up with their convictions. They can only be ignored in the hope that enough others will also ignore them so that we may procede with a human evolution that gives more of us more choices. Our job is to convince as many as we can and nothing is more persuasive than a good example.

  7. says

    every time these idiots start to talk about “basic plumbing” my jaw drops.

    is it because they’re utterly, UTTERLY, obsessed with thinking about same-sex sex acts?

    or is it because they’re don’t actually understand how millions of modern families are created?

    plumbing? for real? gurl, please.

  8. simon says

    He is thinking about only his missionary position with his wife and never heard of something called “artificial insemination”. Typical ignorant religious nut.

  9. says

    Having listened to these creeps for years I’ve come to conclude the obvious:

    they are all simply neurotic with sex hangups….
    Whether it’s “plumbing” or Rekkers covering with his Rent Boy, or Melman covering with his self important crusade against us before he was for us, or Bachman with her inflatable husband or even the Fred Phelps Drag Show, all seem to have one track neuroses on the f*cking side of sex.

    Maybe they are embarrassed with thinking about sex acts all the time that they try so hard to cover up their obsessions……but essentially they all have in common that one characteristic……sex fixation.

  10. Gast says

    Okay so let me get this “straight”. First the right whines of no longer being the majority and then they insist in the suppression and division of their own. Evangelicals reject science and then turn to biology to explain how biological beings aren’t biological? May God have mercy on them.

  11. woodroad34d says

    I am closer to my “gay family” than I will ever be to the family I was born into. So on that level this Sarah Palin of the evangelical world is wrong and on the level of “plumbing”–seriously? Maybe two guys can’t have babies (although there is scientific evidence a baby could possibly be implanted in a male and it could grow full term), we can still adopt/surrogate/actually do the deed with a woman. He needs to get out more and read real world publications instead of just an antiquated book of fairy tales. His morals are carnival mirror reflections of a sane person’s.

  12. jason says

    Well, I don’t see anything incorrect with Graham’s assertion that you need two people of the opposite sex to make a baby. Don’t deny it – you know it’s true. None of you came into this life without fusion of sperm and eggs.

    Where I do take exception with Graham is the notion that somehow we are assaulting the concept of family. No we aren’t. We ARE family. We came from families.

    By the way, I wonder how much money Graham has made by selling God.

  13. simon says

    “fusion of sperm and egg” is not the only way to get baby. Most scientists believe that it is possible to clone a human being by injecting the DNA of any body cell (not necessarily a sperm cell) into an egg.

  14. says

    Religious people are nuts.

    I’m sorry…I can beat around it in PC delicate terms. But hang around long enough with conservatives religious peeps and believe you me…you will want to shorten it and sum it up with….they just crazy! plain and simple.

  15. anon says

    The Grahams were the first family of religion-for-profit in the post-war period. They were not the first proselytizers to seek mainly earthly profits, but their organizational skills and Billy’s political connections made them numero uno. After them were all the copycats, the familiar and very long list of evangelicals parading around TV and the halls of congress throughout the seventies, eighties and even up to today. However, their influence here in the US has been on the wane somewhat, and they’ve been focusing more attention overseas. It’s not clear if Franklin can do anything to fully capitalize on his father’s name, though he’s making an effort out of it.

  16. andrew says

    The guy believes or says he believes that the thoroughly human and flawed collection of books called the “Holy Bible” was written/inspired by the creator of the billion gallaxies universe, so how smart can he be.

  17. religion for $$$$$ says

    This form of public religion is just a subset of the entertainment industry. Unfortunately for Franklin the target audience is shrinking.

    It was interesting to see the Grahams scurrying around before the election trying to curry favor. Now they will have to come up with a new marketing plan.

  18. Rob Zeleniak says

    Graham’s arguments against marriage equality are rather puerile. His childish concept of marriage and family are rather 18th century. Slowly, more and more his followers will dwindle away from draconian, archaic views.

  19. says

    If same-sex marriage is a threat to family, then why is divorce allowed? Why is porn legal? Why are parents not banned from drinking, gambling, and smoking?

    How will marriage between a couple of the same sex will threat the family of heterosexual? Will the heterosexual family have a nasty divorce or unhappy life because of that?

    An alcoholic father prone to drunken rage is a threat to a family life. A smoker mother might cause health problems to her children. A gambler might jeopardize his family’s future.

    Someone else’s marriage to the same sex is not.

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