News: Rogue Planet, Courtney Stodden, Google Fiber, Pepsi

Road"Fat-blocking" Pepsi released in Japan.

RoadFlorida man angry at election writes "f**k Obama" in note before taking his own life.

MackeRoadOhio news anchor who called Rachel Maddow an "angry young man" returns to air after two day suspension.

RoadYou won't forget this man's name.

RoadCourtney Stodden to make live singing debut at The Abbey in West Hollywood: "Oh, my goodness, the Abbey is the biggest gay nightclub in the world!" Stodden gushed. "I love, adore and respect the gay community so much and can't wait to meet everyone. I can't think of anywhere else to spend Thanksgiving!"

RoadJ. Crew style guru Jenna Lyons comes out publicly.

RoadGoogle Fiber goes live in Kansas City, delivers 1Gbps connection speeds: "We just got it today and I’ve been stuck in front of my laptop for the last few hours," Mike Demarais, founder of Threedee, told Ars. "It’s unbelievable. I’m probably not going to leave the house."

RoadBecause the paparazzi needed that "Neil Patrick Harris carrying a bag" shot.

RoadVIDEO: Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera "Make The World Move" on The Voice.

Rogue_planetRoadOrphan planet is closest ever: "It is not the first time that a 'free-floating' planet has been found, but this one is the closest that has ever been spotted, at over 100 light years from Earth."

RoadShake-to-charge cellphones a real possibility.

RoadNo charges filed against director David O. Russell over allegations he groped his transgender niece: "A rep for the Sheriff's Office tells TMZ, the investigation has been concluded and the case has been closed. According to the rep, cops will not be referring the case to the State's Attorney 'because it's an allegation of simple battery that was not witnessed by law enforcement.'"

RoadRihanna gets undressed for GQ.

RoadThe NYT Pete Wells' gives Guy Fieri's Times Square restaurant a terrible review, but the review's awesome.

VmagRoadV Magazine gender bends in new editorial: "Finally, a 'gender-bender'-themed editorial that doesn't just look like models cross-dressing."

RoadFormer Australian Speaker Peter Slipper denies drunken incident at Sydney gay bar Oxford Hotel: "Bar staff at the Oxford Hotel claim night manager Stuart Cairns was involved in an incident with the former speaker, when he asked him to leave the pub. Soon after he claimed to have ejected Mr Slipper, Mr Cairns took to Facebook where he posted about asking a 'drunken Peter Slipper' to leave the premises. Bar owner Jay Mooney later denied anyone was asked to leave the premises on Tuesday night."

RoadJohn McCain says he'll do everything in his power to block Susan Rice if Obama nominates her as Secretary of State.

RoadBritish man apologizes for homophobic rant on train posted to YouTube: I don’t know where it came from. I’ve seen that video once and once was enough. It was an argument that got completely out of hand. I felt the two lads were goading me a bit and I lost my temper. But that doesn’t excuse it – the language was vile. It was bang out of order. I don’t understand because I’ve got gay friends and I often go out around the Gay Village. I’m not a prejudiced person – that was just not me."


  1. jason says

    Rihanna has publicly supported Beenie Man, a singer who has called for the killing of gays and lesbians. Rihanna also fraternizes with the apparently homophobic Chris Brown. Andy of towleroad gives Rihanna a lot of positive publicity.

  2. jason says

    Another thing that irritates me is Courtney Stodden. She sounds as if she thinks the gay community is something to sing in front of. How pathetic. I honestly don’t know why the Abbey is giving her a platform. The Abbey is pathetic.

  3. jason says

    The Jason who said he hates women in the post directly above mine is not the Jason that is controversial. He’s a Jason who doesn’t seem to like the fact that I point out the homophobia and patronizing attitudes of women towards gay men.

  4. Greg says

    Johnny Garlic’s is no better, apparently, than Guy’s place in Time’s Square. I’ve had microwave dinners that were better than the food I had the one and only time I ate there.

  5. John says

    Multi-jasonverses aside, it isn’t just Beenie, it’s also Sizzla and Rhianna has never addressed the issue. In addition she comes from a deeply homophobic country. None of which makes her anti-LGBT. I just don’t get the slack she receives for her silence.

  6. Opinionated says

    The Guy Fieri review was pretty hilarious and almost makes me want to go try out the place just to see how much of a disaster it is. It always saddens me that tourist go in such droves to eat at these places in the first place. I mean you are pretty much guaranteed mediocre food and HORRIBLE service because no server wants to work in that area.

    Best line in this review, “And when we hear the words Donkey Sauce, which part of the donkey are we supposed to think about?” had me rolling laughing for minutes.

  7. jason says


    You make a good point about Rihanna’s silence in relation to the shocking treatment of gay men in her home country of Barbados. She certainly does not appear keen to stand up for them.

    However, hers is not just a position of silence. Rihanna actively supported Beenie Man even after he had been exposed by the gay media as having extremely violent and homophobic lyrics. The controversy was already out there and yet she still attended and appeared on stage with him.

    She’s being given a pass by the gay media and the media in general, including Ellen De Generes.

  8. Luke says

    @Jason, I (shudder) sorta agree with you about Rihanna. Most gays love her because she’s a hot female pop star. I think her music sucks and she has never done a thing for the gay community. However, she also hasn’t really done anything against us personally.. So, I don’t hate her, but I don’t get her popularity. Her music is boring and generic.

  9. Joe De Hoyos says

    Guy Fieri is a hack. This review is HILARIOUS! Glad someone else can see that this guy has a big mouth but no talent to back it up.