1. Caliban says

    Nice video, and great parents, but those boys look like they hate being on camera!

    FYI, there’s kind of interesting story about the Alenier adoption. The FAR-Right “Christian” group Florida Family Policy Council sent out a flyer about what a threat to traditional families the ruling was, and they included a photo. But the photo they used was NOT of the two actual women, who look like they could be in a J Crew catalog, but of two kind of tough-looking women with mullets, stereotypical looking “scary d*kes.”

    Without getting into the classism or “looksism” of it all, this religious group (with ties to the Family Research Council) misrepresented who the actual plaintiffs were. When they were called on it, they claimed it was a “mistake” that they used the wrong photo. Yeah, right! I guess that commandment about not bearing false witness doesn’t mean much to them.

  2. says

    My husband & I lived in NorthWest Florida near Pensacola. As soon as the law was overturned in 12/2010, we signed up to adopt. We took the required MAPP classes Starting in January 2011 and received our completed home study in the middle of 2011. We had great social workers that were very supportive, but every child that we were put up for (against a group of other adoptive parents) were picked for another family.

    We really believe that even though our direct contacts were very gay friendly, the other people sitting at that table weren’t.

    So for us, it was a frustrating and disappointing process.

    Due to a job change, we moved to New Mexico in August of 2012, so we’re having to start over. But, we’re looking forward to it! We can’t wait to be dads!

  3. GAry says

    The phrase “loving homes” makes me want to run away fast. What little mind is doing the editing? I’m one delete over the line, but is this what you’d refer to as a “loving” web site? It’s a frustrated queens 2007 relevancy. Hasn’t made the jump to interesting.

  4. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Caliban: I’m reminded of the post several weeks ago where Andy (?) found a hate campaign ad that was made up exclusively of stock photos. I wonder if there was any follow up of that.

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