1. Chris K says

    How ironic for Derino to be complaining about Jay-Z’s supposed “war on women” when she (I’m assuming) supports the Republican party – the people who’ve actively worked to prevent women from having even the basic rights.

  2. says

    “hey, we’re racist and unintelligent, and so are our viewers. let’s make stuff up about the Obama campaign, because the best our side has to offer is Meatloaf”

    we get springsteen and jay z. they get meatloaf and kid rock.

    we get bratt pitt and george clooney. they get kirk cameron and elisabeth hasselbeck.

    we get julia sugarbaker. they get dixie carter.

    *(that last one’s a joke. sorta)

  3. Eddie in OKC says

    This. THIS. Is our biggest problem in America. That mainstream media types can get away with openly making fun of, bullying, a sitting president and his supporters is disgraceful. School yard bullies. This is what we’ve become. Heaven help us.

  4. Sean in Dallas says

    Obama’s been anything but lousy as a president. I think the repubs hold the record in recent history for lousy presidents…beginning with Nixon, moving on to Alzheimer’s poster boy Reagan (just when did the dementia start, I wonder…), on through Dubya. We’ve seen bad presidents, and Obama is not one of them.

  5. newz4i says

    Greg Gutfeld, brainless celebrities?

    An Obama win: where shall we park the hearse to pick up Ted Nugent: “If Barack Obama becomes the President in November again, I will either be dead …”

  6. David says

    Most people know Fox News is irrelevant. It’s not news, news is an unbiased reporting of the facts. All Fox news is right leaning, fact-less and quite opinionated. If you are going to offer opinions then don’t do it in a news segment, it just makes you look idiotic. But as I said, no one who wants substance in their news would watch Fox. Bitter and twisted.

  7. NwYrkr says

    Didn’t Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris and Jon Voight all come out for or campaign on behalf of Romney ? Talk about over the hill losers desparate to stay relevant those three have Springsteen and Jay-Z beat by a landslide in that category

  8. BETTY says

    I’m sorry Dana, didn’t Kid Rock campaign with Mitt yesterday? Oh, and speaking of brain dead…I think you meant your former boss. Anyone who worked in that administration really shouldn’t throw stones.

  9. Dan says

    Let’s be sure to note. Fox is NOT mainstream media. They have the largest audience of all the news channels by far but they aren’t mainstream. It is 24 hours of rallying for the republicans and their agenda and at the same time slamming anything that does not fit that agenda. Fox is damn good at what they do and don’t forget it. They are the media arm of the Republican party and Fox is the best thing they have going for the party. Without Fox, Romney and all of these scumbag republicans would lose by double digits.

  10. says

    Small, bitter, angry people. By the way Dana,, wasn’t it the Republican Bob Dole who made Viagara commercials?

    Please – your pathetic group of asshats can keep Ted Nugent, Meatloaf and Chuck Norris.

    We got Springsteen.

  11. DeeVee says

    Consider the source — remember, she had no idea what the Cuban Missile Crisis was while she was White House Press Secretary, talking head, future Fox News blonde reader, whatever for Dubya.

  12. BETTY says

    OMG,tThe FOX News website today is literally 90% stories about Democratic voter irregularities (none from the Repubs of course – they are angelic), and that all the media bias is against Romney, etc. It was one thing when they leaned GOP, but now it is just so silly that they have their tongues so far up the Repub butt.

    They are obviously setting up the conspiracy theories that will start tomorrow if Romeny loses. That wil be the talking points Markus starts spewing, so wait for it.

  13. brett says

    They must be pretty scared over at Fox News that their love child is going to lose. There probably also jealous that Obama has been attracting major celebrity endorsement while Romney’s celebrity endorsements have been slim. Dem’s get Bruce, Rep. get Trump. Burn.

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