Hurricane Relief Fundraiser for NYC’s Ali Forney Center


As we reported shortly after Hurricane Sandy, NYC's Ali Forney Center, the shelter and drop-in center for homeless LGBTQ youth, was devastated by the storm.

Only a few days ago, the Ali Forney Center suffered a devastating setback: Hurricane Sandy caused irreparable damage to their  Drop-in Center in Chelsea, flooding the venue with 4 feet of water. This facility previously served up to 1,000 homeless LGBTQ youth a year, providing comprehensive health care services, thousands of meals, counseling services, showers, and more.

This facility is now uninhabitable – an unthinkable loss for the AFC and for our community.

AFC Board Member Bill Shea and his Husband Frank Selvaggi have announced they are matching up to $50,000 of all revenue raised for the center at a fundraiser this Sunday at Industry Bar in Hell's Kitchen from 4-7 pm. Tickets are a $20 donation at the door. More details on the fundraiser HERE.

You can also make online donations at this page. Please help if you can.


  1. ratbastard says

    Why are there two white females up front in that pic, while the black folks hover in the background? What’s up with that? White females to the rescue. Thank God, where would oppressed minority folk be without those brave white females to run everything. Couldn’t they stick at least a token white, Asian guy in that pic? Don’t they celebrate diversity?

    I’m quite serious, am not being sarcastic.

    And my experience with the homeless is the clear majority young and old alike are male. Our society both legally and from a cultural standpoint [and this includes ‘Progressive’ subculture] treats males of all ages more harshly, sometimes much more harshly, than females. Government social services and most private charities generally favor and treat females better than males. It’s tacitly expected that males of all ages [and ‘Race’, ethnicity] are expected to fend for themselves.

    Males [boys and men] are falling behind females in educational attainment, our prisons are full of them, the majority [vast majority] of homeless living on the street are males, yet far left ‘Progressives’ including much of the leadership within the LGBT community are more obsessed with female ’empowerment’ and having special rights for females as if there’s a serious issue with oppressed females in this country and other advanced western nations, when of course there isn’t, and statistics clearly show the opposite is the case, and far more needs to be done to ’empower’ boys and help men who’re in need.

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