1. Jay says

    Only one problem with the story…
    While Jackson was hired by SNL to be “a funny person” … I never saw her be funny!

    I think they hired her because she did vapid so well…until they realized she wasn’t DOING vapid.

  2. says

    Oh lord, I loved Miss Julie since “Earth Girls Are Easy”. Her parody of Madonna’s “Truth Or Dare” movie, “Medusa: Dare To Tell The Truth” is f*cking hilarious. I wish her early 90’s Fox skit show “The Edge” was available on DVD!

  3. Jeff says

    I’ve loved her ever since hearing “Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun”, she was funnier than Jackson then, and funnier today. I’m just waiting for the Jackson headline stating she’s in rehab for “exhaustion” ie; meth.

  4. Dan Cobb says

    Very accurate impersonation except I think you have to be genuinely moronic to get that totally clueless, vacuous look in the eyes that Jackson has. That’s tough to replicate unless you are a true moron.

  5. DallasJ says

    Julie is too classy to pull off a true VJ impersonation but funny enough to make it work. I still quote a line from her pop drink commercial. “You don’t get a body like this in a bottle, unless you push real hard.” maybe we could push hard enough to get Victoria in a bottle. It would have to be a big bottle to accommodate all that stupid.

  6. Cliff says

    I love the Shales book ‘Live From New York’ where the truth is told (by the cast & crew thenselves) well – by Jan Hooks & Nora Dunn – how much they really hated this woman.

  7. Rrhain says

    Now, Victoria Jackson had her moments on SNL:

    She was a lot like Dennis Miller: All character and no substance. With a staff of writers at your disposal, it makes it easier.

    It’s interesting to compare Jackson to the previous queen of the dumb blond comediennes: Goldie Hawn. If you watch her on _Laugh In,_ you can see her character evolve. Early in the series, she was just an innocent, bright-eyed ingenue. But as the series progresed, they started changing her persona to be “dumb.”

    The fact that she’s one of the few to make it out of _Laugh In_ (and won an Oscar during her run) shows that she it was all an act.

    I don’t think such is the case with Jackson.

  8. Scar2 says

    I love her. I used to tape Just Say Julie on MTV all the time. I also agree how talentless Jackson was on SNL. Yes, she did have her moments but there’s a reason why she wasn’t invited to the Women of SNL special a couple years ago.

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