1. Tim NC says

    I think it is just as odd that he referred to a men’s shirt or jacket as a “top”. Here in the US a “top” is a piece of women’s clothing, not men’s.

  2. jason says

    Keep in mind that it was the homosexual community which took the word “gay” and turned it into a substitute for “homosexual”. Therefore, if the homosexual community can do it then others can do it. It thus stands to reason that others have taken the gay word and turned it into a substitute for “stupid”.

    Personally, I think “gay” has run its course and is now functionless in the sense of ordinary intelligent discourse. The only purpose it serves – and this is not a dignified purpose by any means – is to prop up the commercial marketing slogans of those who wish to make money from the “gay” community.

    I would like to see an end to this gay word. The sooner it disappears into the vapors of history, the better.

  3. Tim NC says

    @Jason…. No one turned “gay” into a substitute for “stupid” in a vacuum. They did it by first equating homosexuality with stupid, then going the next step to therefore gay = stupid.

  4. Francis says

    I almost have the urge to throw something at the computer and pretend it’s John Key.

    “Gay means weird and it’s not meant to be homophobic.”

    Um, hello, unenlightened fools. The reason why gay in social commentary has been connected to “weirdness” or something bad and wrong, is homophobia. The fact a PM of a country would use the word gay in this way is really, really a bad representation of the country they lead.

    What’s worse is, he’s really not sorry at all, and he really doesn’t understand why people are offended. He truly does not get it. Hence the excuses “young people use it all the time” and “I didn’t mean it that way”.

    Shut up and grow up, John Key.

  5. DrMikey says

    His use of the word as a perjorative is the same as when we older men were kids and the word ‘homo’ was thrown around the schoolyard. He could have apologized and that would have been that. But instead, he blames his own kids. Since when does a Prime Minister take his cues on language from children? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  6. Randy says

    You may recognize that in much or perhaps most of the world, red is associated with the left side of the political spectrum, not the right. So it’s reasonable to say “You parade yourself as some sort of centre-right interested community leader and you’re in the red”. Of course, the other comment is out of line (which I didn’t hear in the whole second clip… did I miss it?)

  7. Dan says

    Key is an embarrassment to NZ. Such a foolish man. He routinely turns up to glad-hand with drag queens at community events, but does VERY little to advance LGBT rights in NZ. The only reason he now ‘supports’ marriage equality is because public opinion is going that way, and he wants to remain in power. Spineless cretin.

  8. Chris says

    This seems sort of like a non-story. I have no idea what idiomatic English is like in New Zealand and perhaps he’s correct that just as in the States “gay” has come to mean “stupid,” there it has come to mean “weird.” Sounds more like a slip of the tongue anyway, and certainly isn’t an international news story for any meaningful interpretation of the word “news.”

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Randy: For God Knows What reason a few years ago, the traditional color scheme for the US parties flipped. The (conservative) Republians are now red and the (liberal) Democrats are blue. Go figure.

    An odd item: A former colleague of mine from Macedonia turned down a great deal on a car in the US because the car was red = homosexual.

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