1. ByTheBay says

    Taking the GOP back from its base of religious nut-jobs, racists and illiterate white trash (i.e. the Tea Party Patriots) and returning to Barry Goldwater’s core values is essential. The party cannot survive if it continues to pander to those who truly OUGHT to be disenfranchised.

    A true republican views SSM as a live and let live and less government issue.

  2. endo says

    Ms. Girl’s a fan of Kelly! You just know she likes to run around her apartment in a pair of yellow-stained tightie-whities singing “Since You’ve Been Gone” at the top of her lungs.

  3. Kucklehead says

    Jimmy LaSalvia is a sad individual for supporting a political party that doesn’t want him as a member!

  4. Caliban says

    Ugh. What a craven, lying POS. I’m no fan of Republican policies but at *least* the Log Cabin Republicans have a spine and will criticize the GOP and its candidates for their homophobia. They withhold endorsements or give qualified endorsements like they gave Romney- if gay rights are important to you you might want to vote for someone else.

    GOProud, on the other hand, would endorse Brian Brown of NOM or Tony Perkins of the AFA if they ran for office as Republicans. GOPround is just pink-washing for the worst homophobic excesses of the Republican party.

  5. says

    ” Attract gay voters to the GOP…..”

    Ha ha ha………what do you think we are, turkeys ?
    The Republicans have nailed their colours to the mast……..we don’t want or respect more of these traitors…….they supported a candidate who sought to deny us civil rights………I for one will never forgive the Republicans, never.

  6. Disgusted American says

    I wouldnt have voted Romney If Romney offered me a Million bucks…my integrity and self-respect are MORE Important.

  7. Tom in long beach says

    You know I am sure a lot of gays voted for the President not only because he is gay friendly but also because they believe in health care, safety nets for the poor, education, caring for the elderly, etc. A lot of, but not all gay people have compassion. I think some of this comes from knowing first hand the sting of discrimination.

  8. says

    translation: “Our own families don’t care about us enough to vote for candidates or policies that treat us as equal human beings, and we dont’ like being reminded of it, so we pretend it isn’t an issue. We don’t want what we haven’t got.”

    piss off, you racist sack of s**t.

    or, like some troll-y posters on here, continue to make up stories about how “blacks attacked you”

  9. Javier says

    What??? Just What? GoProud is delusional. (They are suffering from Romnesia.)

    GOProud’s position was that gay rights are a “distraction” during the last election. Furthermore, they made a decision to endorse Romney who would have gladly turned back the progress made during the Obama administration on LGBT rights.

    At the very least, to hold an ounce of credibility within the LGBT community, GOProud needs to first establish not only why they held their previous “distraction” position. Then they need to follow up regarding the truth behind their recent epiphany.

    Finally they need to make an sincere heartfelt apology to the millions in the LGBT community that they have hurt by siding with bigoted, hateful, and ignorant SOB’s.

    They have serious credibility issues for one because they are liars, manipulators, and deceivers. Unfortunately, they can do nothing but embrace the coattails of those who would not even give them the time of day … unless of course they needed their vote.

  10. says

    “we’re republican, we’re queer, we have no balls, we exist only in anonymous form on internet messageboards because we don’t have the balls to actually stand up to be counted”

    there. corrected it for ya, “Mitt”

  11. says

    @ JAMAL49 :

    Snap ! I was actually going to mention Melman……who thinks he can throw a party and we’ll all forget his treachery and betrayal of our community.

    It’s not long ago that people like this would not eat near us in case they’d catch something;
    it’s not long ago that people like this wanted to round us up and put us in quarantine as a threat to society;
    it’s not long ago since they jailed us, beat us up or like Romney and his bully thugs held us down to cut our “faggot” hair.

    Hell will reign before I ever compromise with a Republican.

  12. Mark says

    Can we just say that this jerk and the rest of the GOProud crowd are worse than any Uncle Tom? They’re just pure evil. They didn’t give a crap about the discrimination and hate that the average gay person experiences. They only care about themselves. This pivot to the importance of gay civil rights is just some pathetic attempt at relevance.

    Like the rest of the GOP thugs, they should be shunned.

  13. says

    GOProud doesn’t do any work at all, even on a State level, to advance LGBT Equality.

    check out this nonsense from one of their wimps from CPAC:

    so. he shows up to represent The Gays to fellow republicans, and he…. decides to talk about how much he hates gay people? and that he loves Sarah Palin because she reminds him of his mom?

    wow. his mom, then, is just like other GOProud parents – resentful of having a gay kid.

    then he talks about hating “stereotypical gay people” – but watch the video. what, pray tell, does he think a “stereotypical gay” person is?

    this is the pot calling the kettle sparkling pink in a tutu.

  14. KC says

    Yeah, here’s the snarky “congratulations” they posted on their web site. They need to just go away.

    “(Washington, D.C.) –Tonight, President Barack Obama won re-election as President of the United States. In response, GOProud – the only national gay group to fully endorse Mitt Romney – issued the following statement:

    “We congratulate Barack Obama on his win. The President performed a spectacular political sleight of hand in this election,” said Jimmy LaSalvia, GOProud Executive Director and Co-Founder. “Instead of this election being a referendum on his failed record on jobs and the economy, Obama and his campaign successfully made this about side-show issues and the culture wars.”

  15. Diogenes Arktos says

    @KC – OMG!!

    LaSalvia sounds like he’s having a deathbed conversion. Yes, it’s the WSJ, but interviewing him to discuss LGBT issues is as bad as interviewing Bryan Fischer.

  16. TonyJazz says

    Isn’t obvious that the WSJ has lost any semblance of professional integrity since Murdoch’s purchase?

    Why in any world would they seek out this loudmouth’s opinion about anything?

    (uncle tom, please stay home and shut up)