1. Mark says

    OK, I’m confused. You state the ice may be under “a dark layer of carbon rich organic material….” All organic material is derived from LIVING organisms. If there is organic matter on Mercury, then there was life on Mercury. But then you say “this doesn’t mean we have life on Mercury.” Please stop making my head hurt.

  2. LiamB says

    Not quite, Mark. Organic materials are merely hydrocarbons. No need to originate from living organisms.

  3. Will says

    @ mark organic compounds don’t necessarily come from something alive they just contain carbon. For example methane is an organic compound and isn’t alive and it an be found throughout the solar system. That’s all I know about the subject

  4. Icebloo says

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  5. Bill says

    The reason the organic matter is interesting is that some of the chemical processes needed to create life occurred before the earth was formed or at least cooled. We may have obtained these organic compounds along with water as comets and/or asteroids hit the earth. For some time, we’ve known that you can find amino acids in meteor/asteroid fragments. More recently, glycine, an amino acid, has been found in dust clouds in interstellar space. Being able to determine the mix of organic compounds available before life emerged on earth would be quite useful in understanding how life got started. If some of the compounds were created over long periods of time before the solar system was even formed, that helps explain how life emerged so quickly.

  6. Mark says

    Still confused guys. This is from the University of Minnesota’s Soil Science Department. Is ORGANIC MATTER different from ORGANIC MATERIAL? Are we talking about specific compounds that make up organic matter being found on Mercury but not every element that would define the term? Or am I just using a layman’s definition (and if so sorry I learned it in college!) Sorry, I’m just a curious kind of guy. Thanks for the interest!

    “Organic matter is the vast array of carbon compounds in soil. Originally created by plants, microbes, and other organisms, these compounds play a variety of roles in nutrient, water, and biological cycles. For simplicity, organic matter can be divided into two major categories: stabilized organic matter which is highly decomposed and stable, and the active fraction which is being actively used and transformed by living plants, animals, and microbes. Two other categories of organic compounds are living organisms and fresh organic residue. These may or may not be included in some definitions of soil organic matter.”