1. donny with a "D" says

    She’s important to listen to because she is a Republican who lives in the real world and is consequently loathed by the far right wingers. If the GOP wants to to stay relevant AT ALL, it needs to acknowledge it’s intolerance and lack of diversity and acceptance. Meghan McCain is a socially liberal and fiscally conservative Republican and the GOP should (BUT WON’T) take her views seriously if they don’t want to fade away like a bad rash.

  2. BABH says

    “Meghan McCain is a socially liberal and fiscally conservative Republican”

    So… a centrist Democrat, then? The bulk of the Republican party is NOT fiscally conservative. House Republicans have been holding the economy hostage so recklessly that it even led to a downgrading of U.S. bonds.

  3. Paul R says

    She counts because she has more balls than the Romney robot boys and speaks her mind, despite her father’s views. I doubt that she sways much opinion, but I respect her.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Every time I see her, I think of the song from Gypsy, “You Gotta Have a Gimmick”. Her whole “pundit” career is her bumpin’ it with a trumpet.

  5. Michael says

    BABH, this is what I hate about the structure of our government: all the “…but does she play for red or blue” nonsense. I think what Donny was trying to say is that she is relevant as an example of somebody who bridges the gap between dems. and reps. (Lord knows its a big gap.) Not to mention an example of somebody who is willing to defend her beliefs despite backlash from BOTH parties. There is something admirable about that, even if you don’t agree with her.

  6. Icebloo says

    Just another loser wanting to be famous. Let it go Meghan – your 15 minutes is long gone. We rejected you then and we reject you now. Be gone.

    Today is a great day ! It’s sunny and the dark cloud of evil has been banished. Celebrate America ! You saw through the lies and you fought off the millions of dollars thrown into the race to help the Republicans by big business. People power & sanity won !

  7. Cander says

    Romney was a social moderate and foolishly his campaign courted the tea party and pushed him to the far right… suddenly he saw that wasn’t working and in the final couple of weeks he went back to his original moderate social views, but with Sandy reinforcing how strong a leader Obama is, Romney didn’t have time to rebrand again. If his campaign had listened to fresh new Republicans like Meagan, he could have won. Too bad! The GOP needs to wake up or it will lose again and again as it becomes more and more out of touch with the real world.

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