1. Francis says

    Awful. Goes to show just because the marriage bills passed and DOMA could be repealed soon, it doesn’t mean homophobia isn’t still very much alive and well.

    I wonder if the two thugs (guess they’re brothers given the last names are the same) knew of Austin and his friend since he was seemingly immediately targeted once he left the bar. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two guys are on the DL and hate Austin because he’s so proud and open with his sexuality.

  2. Francis says

    Also, obviously, best wishes of a speedy recovery go out to Austin and his other friend, both physically and mentally.

  3. jakeinlove says

    I’m amazed by two things.
    A) Being a 13 year resident of Phoenix and not knowing who Austin Head is.
    B) That PHX PD took this seriously enough to track down and arrest the assailants.

    I hope Mr. Head and his friend speedy recoveries.

  4. John says

    I do not understand the inclusion of “Following an evening out at the popular LGBT nightspot Charlie’s” in this report without further details of how that information is related. At the closest point, Charlie’s is half of a mile from Central Avenue, and it is much further from Central Avenue in what is categorized as “Downtown Phoenix.”

    Charlie’s, Central Avenue and Downtown Phoenix are connected by Light Rail. Were the victims and perpetrators of this crime passengers on the same train? Were the victims followed after exiting a train?

    Linking Charlie’s to this event, without additional information about what part, if any, a previous destination of the victims on the same evening may have played in the attack seems irresponsible.

  5. Kenneth says

    As a gratefully former resident of Phoenix, there is little I can say positive about the city. However, the Phoenix PD, not the MCSO, has been very responsive to the needs of the LGBT community, including community outreach and an active recruiting program. I have seen Austin Head on Logo, and I know he has hosted/DJ’d at quite a few Phoenix LGBT events. I wish him a quick recovery.

  6. says

    This really sucks to hear… I was driving to work the other day and a white car with a breast cancer plate and license plate “MSWMSW” was driving next to me on 3rd Avenue south of Thomas… two guys were in the car and started rapping about “the two dudes, the fa&&ots” in the car next to them. I am so glad that the people who did this to Austin got caught, and Austin, we’re hoping that you’re doing well, recover quickly and come see me at The Clarendon soon! Hopefully they’ll be charged with attempted murder… how senseless this was!

  7. Icebloo says

    It’s Arizona so don’t expect justice to be done. The guys will get away with it and the cops will do their best to NOT call it a hate crime so the Feds don’t get involved. They know that if the Feds get involved the case is investigated properly. They don’t want that.

  8. Lauren says

    I really hope Phoenix Police will treat this with as much attention as was given to the shooting of the Senator down in Tucson. Hate is hate, violence is violence, regardless if the victim is gay or not. There are so many horrible views of this state, I hope this story, will start to be one that will be positive for the state, that the government took violence against someone seriously, just as seriously as anyone else. Sending love to his family and friends. How horrible.

  9. marilove says

    This just kills me. This happened less than 2 miles from my apartment. Central Phoenix has such a vibrant gay community, sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everyone that lives here is on our side.

  10. says

    I got a letter today from a prisoner who needs help getting protective segregation – he was just assaulted for being gay, like Austin. His nose was broken. He’s been turned down 11 times already for protective segregation, and is afraid they’ll turn him down again. I have a friend in there who was stabbed 13 times for the same reason – a guard was bribed $1000 to open his cell door and let the bad guys in. Anyone who cares about violence against queer people is invited to contact me to help me organize support for them (queer prisoners, not activists/ entertainers. they already have support). I can put you to work. You can also feel good sending me money, too, if you just don’t have time because you’re already saving the world. Your potential influence as a community member willing to stand up for these folks would mean more, though. Peggy Plews